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Midway (Scenesys ID: 1122)
You claim this hurts you? Irrelevant. You are a machine of war. Your purpose is to destroy. Pain has no meaning to you.
Full Name: Midway
Gender: Female
Species: Shinkaisei-Kan
Theme: (FC) Kantai Collection-1
Function: Princess of Progress
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: --
Other Information
Physical Age: 30 Actual Age: 76
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: [Ayako]
Height: 200cm Weight: 59kg
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: [~ Arsenal]


In the abyssal navy, there are numerous motivations. Some members seek a semblance of belonging, others search for a forgotten past, and still more seek only to become the most efficient killers. This dark admiral is an abyssal scientist, unconcerned with concepts such as restraint which serves only to hinder the steady march of progress. Arising from the lingering hate of a vicious battle fought long ago, she embodies the technological superiority held by one side of that battle and seeks to constantly improve her abyssal underlings, whether they want it or not. Outwardly, she is a cold, calculating individual who beholds all before her with an air of lukewarm disdain; a scientific, observational veneer stretched over carefully restrained rage. While she does command a fleet of abyssal warships, including her own artificially ascended creations, her personal arsenal consists of large numbers of abyssal attack aircraft. Per her own augmentations, however, this is not the limit of her offensive power; scattered reports suggest she consumes other abyssal ships and mounts their weapons to herself.



Display Their Might:

  • An embodiment of grudges and hatred left over from violent battles in the past. Offensively and defensively, she has more in common with warships and front-line fortifications.
    • Damage Reduction: Her human appearance conceals a body that is armored like steel. Causing damage can be very difficult.
    • Superior Strength: She easily carries metal equipment larger than her own body, can lift large slabs of steel, and buckles armor plates with her bare hands.
    • Water Functionality: She can walk or skate on the water's surface. She can also submerge to any depth.

Tactics Are Crucial:

  • A wary strategist prioritizes intel and recon before committing to the attack.
    • Extraordinary Senses: Detecting people and objects through darkness, smoke, clouds, or bad weather via bouncing radio waves off them for radar, and sound waves for sonar underwater.
    • *Remote Viewing: Aircraft that Midway launches are capable of long recon patrols, and Midway may choose to see through their eyes.


Ordering Carriers:

  • Abyssal underlings artificially ascended from lesser forms, called Water Demons, are fielded as officers in command of basic abyssal forces.
    • NPCs: Each Water Demon is an exaggerated version of her prior self. They are delineated by a more human appearance and the ability to think and act on their own without direct orders.
    • Healing-Self: By consuming one of her minions, Midway can self-repair damage she has taken while also equipping that Abyssal's weapons in place of her standard equipment.

Admirals At War:

  • Weaponry developed from mid-century naval warfare. She favors attack aircraft in the form of fighters and bombers, but may change it by taking equipment from her subordinates.
    • Attack List-Ranged: Abyssal fighter planes, bombers, naval artillery, machine guns, torpedoes, and depth charges. Weapons developed by Midway, limited to conventional technology of the Second World War.
    • Attack List-Melee: Enormous gauntlets, sickle claws, spikes, jagged teeth, integrated blades, mounted to abyssal equipment for close combat.




A Pacific War <Trouble>: She is an avatar of the rage and madness of war. This equates to a very intense temper that could be described as 'volcanic', hidden beneath the surface until it suddenly explodes. When prodded by failure, loss, treachery, or something she perceives as imperfect, she becomes fixated on it. In her research, this drives her to focus on a single project until its completion to the complete halt of all other development. In battle, this has an effect similar to tunnel vision. Even when beset upon by multiple foes, when suitably provoked, Midway fixates all of her attention only on the one doing the provoking. This lasts so long as her attention is retained and her frustration is kept high and her temper is not directly provoked by others present.


Title Date Scene Summary
Operation Crowd Control E-3: Interdiction May 2nd, 2021 The Hikari Fleet, and their allies assault a Shadow Fleet installation.
The Mirror Sea Pt1 February 19th, 2021 After some time in tense peace, the Princess of Progress has shown herself in a section of the Great Ocean patrolled by a united seagoing peacekeeping force known as the Azur Lane, and their ideological rivals, the Crimson Axis. It is neither of these factions that draw Midway, but rather, rumors of a facility operated by the mysterious Sirens, concealed within a dangerous patch of ocean: the Mirror Sea.
An Unexpected Visitor January 9th, 2020 A Ta-class Abyssal Battleship comes to a frontier outpost. Elites meet her.

She wants to talk, and asks for help in finding her Princess, who has gone missing.

A plan has been tentatively forged.

The Sea and sky... are beautiful October 19th, 2019 Davao is in some kind of a trance, moving slowly with seemingly no destination.
Under the Sea January 3rd, 2019 Two avatars of violence and hate encounter one another in the depths of the sea.
A Pacific War December 15th, 2018 Orchid's tracking devices have located Midway. Converge, and teach that Princess the error of her ways!
Far From Shore December 8th, 2018 Parting somewhat peacefully previously, the Raider Demon returns in an inexplicable rage. Who could be responsible for this?
It's the Naval Way December 1st, 2018 Foiled by a clash of personalities and powers beyond her understanding, and sated of her need for oil by the magic of Aoko Aozaki, the Raider Demon now turns her sights on more resource acquisition. The ore refinery down the coast from Cape Town is her target. Her goal: Steel.
A Tanker Out Of Time November 30th, 2018 In which Aoko makes a peace offering to the Demon Raider, along with some company.
A Blood-Red Sun on the Rise November 24th, 2018 Due to Abyssal presence in the Red Sea, and the princess Suez's stranglehold on the Mediterranean, shipping companies have resorted to rounding Cape Horn at the south end of Africa to keep worldwide trade in motion.

The increased shipping has drawn the presence of a new Abyssal, tentatively called the Raider Demon.

AOH: Dark Sky Atoll October 1st, 2017 The location of the Black Fleet's headquarters and leader has been discovered. The Hikari Defense Force and allies mobilize to bring an end to the Black Fleet's cruel leader, the Abyssal Princess of Progress, Midway.
AOH: The Dreadnought September 24th, 2017 Nagato, Shigure, and Yuna question the Dreadnought Water Demon
Sub-Operation: Abyssal Transport Fleet September 9th, 2017 A standard attack on a transport fleet goes awry.
AOH: Operation Hercules - Pursue the Enemy Fleet! August 19th, 2017 Operation Hercules proceeds out of Pearl Harbor to pursue the Black Fleet's retreat.
AOH: Operation Hercules - Secure Pearl Harbor! August 13th, 2017 Operation Hercules proceeds, pushing into Pearl directly. The Dreadnought Water Demon awaits within.
AOH: Operation Hercules - Harbor Defense Breakthrough Force! August 12th, 2017 The allied operation to re-take Oahu begins!
AOH: Operation Hercules preamble August 9th, 2017 A briefing from Admiral Nathan Bridger, OIC of Operation Hercules, in preparation for the upcoming operation to re-take Oahu from the Abyssal Navy.
AoH: Intersection August 2nd, 2017 After the tense encounter at Shirokodai was defused, Hikari Fleet Admiral Nagato wants answers.

If she can defeat the Abyssal Re-class battleship in a duel, the promise is that she'll get them.

AOH: Every Rivet, Every Weld July 22nd, 2017 Agents of the Black Fleet turn up in Shirokodai, specifically seeking revenge.
AOH: Fan the Flames July 1st, 2017 The Black Fleet's next target is a shoreline oil refinery in the Great Ocean.
AOH: Behind Enemy Lines June 25th, 2017 First scene for characters sent to investigate the Abyssal base at Pearl Harbor. Tactical Espionage Action.
AOH: Purify This Hate June 17th, 2017 The Black Fleet makes its first move. Their target: The Asherah mobile water purification plant in Scorched Earth.


Title Date Scene Summary
In the Dark (Midway) December 2nd, 2018 The Raider Demon's sanctum is host to an unwanted and unwelcome visitor
The Answer (Abyssal Operation Hydra) October 7th, 2017 After the final battle against Midway...
Noble (Abyssal Operation Hydra) September 30th, 2017 Dreadnought meets with what has become of the Jellyfish Princess
Shizume (Abyssal Operation Hydra) September 1st, 2017 Destroyer and Cruiser Water Demons report the outcome of Operation Hercules to their leader.
Hawaii & Aftermath (Abyssal Operation Hydra) September 1st, 2017 American news broadcast in the aftermath of Operation Hercules
Operation Volcano: Failure (Abyssal Operation Hydra) July 26th, 2017 The US Navy attempted to re-take Hawaii from the Abyssal Fleet on their own.
Scuttlebutt (Abyssal Operation Hydra) July 26th, 2017 A pair of pilots discuss their experiences during Operation Volcano
Motivation (Abyssal Operation Hydra) July 14th, 2017 Modernization complete, the Destroyer Water Demon evaluates her priorities
Enhancement (Abyssal Operation Hydra) July 8th, 2017 The Destroyer and Heavy Cruiser Water Demons report their latest, modest success
Tolerance (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 25th, 2017 The forces behind Operation Hydra have a meeting to discuss the operation's status
Operation Hydra (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 10th, 2017 A dark meeting of equally dark figures, to discuss the state of the Abyssal war on the surface-dwellers
One Foggy Morning (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 10th, 2017 Unknown contacts appear on the scope of a Hawaiian radar station.
Awake (Abyssal Operation Hydra) June 4th, 2017 Dark clouds gather in the ocean's depths, foreshadowing a coming storm.