The Grand Play's Final Act (Alice Margatroid)

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The Grand Play's Final Act (Alice Margatroid)
Date of Cutscene: 02 November 2015
Location: The Realm of Gensokyo
Synopsis: Alice reflects in the dark with Shinki and a sunflower is given.
Cast of Characters: 807
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

Mood BGM:

Makai - Alice's Wonderland

Wonderland is dark. No light. No sound. Just a lonely figure sitting in the midst of pitch black, blue eyes glowing. "Mother. Be prepared. Afterus is a strange land with an even stranger ruler. Boisterous, loud and capable of everything imaginable. Be careful." Alice's eyes blink, the momentary pitch black of Wonderland and the deafening silence only broken as another figure's eyes come into view, another pair of blue eyes set higher, moving lower.

"My dear Alice, do you not trust your mother so? You've done well and they were bound to find out sooner or later we're behind this. Marisa's a smart girl, Konoe's getting there..." a soft laugh from the demon mother, "I'll test the Afterus waters and we'll retreat to Gensokyo if it proves too much, isn't that the plan? Of course it is!" a pause, "And a gift, from mother to daughter." the world brightens up and a sunflower is placed upon Alice's lap.

"At least this means I do not have to confront HER..." Shinki gives a bit of a laugh before Alice continues, "Let's get the final act of this play. My strings are in place and they're being tugged right along to this finale like my puppets." Alice hesitates a bit, "I feel bad for doing this but... maybe with the Multiverse being so large, you can still achieve your goal, Mom." Alice turns around and looks up, Shinki moving down to give the girl a hug, wrapped in crimson wings.

"Of course, we'll be there... and waiting... just keep pulling your strings and you'll have the grandest stage set here in Wonderland if they choose to come this far." a pause, "Knowing Marisa, she will." Shinki's smile borders on crazy, "There's just one last thing we need to do. We haven't heard from Yuki, Mai or Yumeko, haven't we?" Alice shakes her head, "It's too late to prepare Makai for entrance, so we'll have to do with Louise and Sara's best."

"Will that be enough to slow them down?"

"Be ready to have the full Deck come out, Alice. Wonderland will be lit up like a tree!"

The light cuts in Wonderland, dumping the two ladies back into the darkness.

"Mom... I don't think one of them will play by our rules. Good night, though."

"Good night, Alice."