The Man and the Mission

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The Man and the Mission (Plotsys ID: 22)
Lost Logia: An ancient magical artifact created by a long since destroyed civilisation. While many of these things were not originally made to destroy, over countless years of degradation and tampering, they have become highly dangerous.

The Artifacts of Black Rain are a set of five that are particularly dangerous, but only when brought together. The first has been located on the planet of March, where the others are, is unknown.

Base Info
TP Scale: Major
TP Runner(s): 162
Attached Theme: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha-1
Other Contacts: None
Target Audience: Everyone/Anyone
Genre & Tone: Magical girl/Sci-fi

Events So Far

The Crown of Winds has been captured and sealed, nothing else was found at the site, leaving the trail currently cold.

The Sword of Storms has been sealed, but no further information was found, leaving the trail cold once more

The Cape of Parity has been located, and sealed. The wearer knew nothing further of the artifact set.

The Scepter of the Typhoon has been acquired and sealed, after a heated battle with a local of Ainsley's world. He knew nothing of the other items in the set, only wanting the power of the Scepter to augment his magic.

Other Information



Title Date Scene Summary
A Quiet Storm June 30th, 2015 Royce Artega and Zephyr Windstar lead a group of Elites on a dangerous hunt for a Lost Logia. The artifact is found, cornered and sealed... but it only leaves more questions. Where to next?
Mercury Curiosity July 14th, 2015 Royce leads a group of Elites to Project MORDRED's world. They are greeted with open arms, but before they can secure the Sword of Storms, one of MORDRED's servitor robots grabs the artifact, activating it.

The Elites stop the robot, secure the artifact, but the trail, once again, has gone cold.

TMatM: Cape Carnival July 20th, 2015 A carnival came to town. A Lost Logia there was within the Big Top. Elites came to claim it, and found a useless man throwing his newfound power around for no real benefit.
TMatM: Freefall August 3rd, 2015 Ainsley's world is full of magic, and none wield it more potently than the Metahumans.

One particular man, going by the name of Red Oil, has found the Scepter of the Typhoon, and has used it to take over vast swaths of the Greater Los Angeles area of the world.

With aid from Union Elites, the Scepter has been contained before it could cause a Dimensional Quake and cause further damage to the area.

TMatM: Gyroscope August 19th, 2015 What happens when you give not!Zombies a device that lets them teleport at will?

Bad Things. That's what.

TMatM: Tale of a Clay Man October 5th, 2015 The Mask of Falling Rain has fallen into the hands of a revolutionary.

Lancer finds a ghost of his own past in the town of Doncaster.

TMatM: Artifacts of Black Rain PT1 November 12th, 2015 The Ganemede is wrecked, the Lost Logia it was carrying, though once escaped, are now contained, but the Five that were most dangerous are missing, along with the archaeologist that hunted them down.

Strange things are happening. what, you ask?


TMatM:Artifacts of Black PT2, Come Clarity November 19th, 2015 The Artifacts of Black Rain have taken over Royce and are doing something to the weather system of the planet.

Elite response is swift, and the threat neutralized, only for another to rear its head.

HK-47 manages to kill Royce, and take three of the five artifacts with him as he escapes.


Title Date Scene Summary
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