The Mimiga Hero (Quote)

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The Mimiga Hero (Quote)
Date of Cutscene: 31 August 2014
Location: Mimiga Graveyard - Flying Island
Synopsis: Quote discovers a few things, but lacks the understanding to recognize them for what they are.
Cast of Characters: 403
Tinyplot: Cave Story

What makes a person a robot?

That's what he's been called after all. A robot. He doesn't feel any different from a living being, but then he has no idea what living beings feel like. It's fairly clear he's made of metal though, not flesh. And while he can appreciate that his own form is 'human' in the same sense that Roll and Staren's bodies were human-shaped, his memory only goes back a few short days. As far as he knows he hasn't actually met any humans. One being that's nearly human perhaps, but no actual humans.

Is it any wonder he's more comfortable within the caves that are all he remembers? More comfortable among Mimiga than the outside world?

It's probably also no surprise that he finds himself in the Mimiga's cemetery. Morbid curiosity perhaps, but he likes these Mimiga. He's heard about their great hero Arthur, the Mimiga who drove off an old enemy, who fought and wounded this Doctor a few days ago, but died from the wounds. The six remaining Mimiga of the village had given his grave a prominent spot high within their cemetery, one with an elaborate headstone rather than a simple marker. It must have taken them considerable effort, but then they appear to all owe their lives to their hero.

The robot feels something as he stares unblinking at the grave. He doesn't understand the feeling, since he has nothing to compare it to. He doesn't even have the memory that feeling ANYTHING should be beyond his nature. All he knows is that he feels a certain tugging, a sadness. Perhaps even a kinship. He doesn't know what it means, but he knows it means something.

He spends hours at the grave site, trying to understand the tugging that moves him. He doesn't physically move though, not beyond slow breathing and occasional eyeblinks. It's beyond his understanding however. Perhaps he'll ask the others, when and if they return.

Finally though, he rises to his feet. He'd promised to go fishing with Kanpachi once he'd returned from the cemetery. He'd been here to clear out the mushrooms for Jack, and that task had been fairly trivial and was long-since complete. He's spent enough time here, fruitlessly searching for the answer to a question he doesn't know how to ask. As he rises, a glitter catches his eye. A key. Sitting beside the grave, as if an offering.

The robot doesn't know how unspeakable it is to take offerings from the dead, of course. It just seems useful, so he pockets the key without thought. Later, he'll think about it. Arthur's key. Something that might unlock Arthur's home. The home where Sue Sakamoto had been staying. The reason King had confronted Toroko earlier, that set off the wild confrontation and search. Maybe that key would help find this human girl. That would be interesting. He really would like to meet a human sometime soon.