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Cave Story (Plotsys ID: 6)
The world of Pixel is one of science and technology, a world containing robots wielding laser weaponry. Nonetheless it has one ancient remnant of ancient magic: a flying island. The surface world requests the aid of a group of heroes, seeking to learn the fate of a team of scientists researching the island's mysteries. Before they find the answers, the heroes will have to delve deep into the mysteries of the island; deep into the Cave Story.
Base Info
TP Scale: Minor
TP Runner(s): 403
Attached Theme: Cave Story-1
Other Contacts:
Target Audience: Open, primarily for heroes and adventurers/mercenaries
Genre & Tone: Mixed

Events So Far

Responding to Sue's distress, our heroes confronted the Mimiga leader, King. Tensions were high but cooler heads prevailed, and the heroes convinced King to free Sue Sakamoto.

They then rushed into the Bushlands, rescuing Kazuma Sakamoto from his own dire situation, only to find a third member of the research team as well. Professor Booster had just escaped from the Doctor, and came bearing dire news.

It seems the Doctor has known all along that there was something to find in these caves, and had more than research in mind. He's looking to enslave the Mimiga and turn them into weapons of death. Our heroes now turn to the Sand Zone, hoping to stop his plans.

Other Information

Contrast and juxtaposition. The story is about caves that are high in the air. The theme is modern science amidst ancient magic. NPCs are comedic and in many cases cute, but their fates and prospects are grim.

We're looking for a few good men, women, and other. The plot will continue for several sessions and there will be opportunity for players to switch in and out based on real life needs and conflicting scenes. While I'd love to see a recurring core group, I'll try to allow for as many participants as are interested - if not in the first scenes, then as the scenes continue.

There is an IC radio set up to cover the Caves. It is frequency 442.2


Title Date Scene Summary
Spelunking 101 August 25th, 2014 HUZZAH! Our adventurers arrive and meet some of the odd denizens of the Flying Island
Cave Story 2: Seeking Sue September 1st, 2014 Our adventurers learn where Sue Sakamoto might have gone, and advance into the unknown in search of her.
CS3. A Walk in the Park September 23rd, 2014 Our adventurers convince King to release Sue, then find Kazuma within the Bushlands. As they learn more about the Mimiga and what has happened in recent history, they begin to realize that there's a lot more involved than just a missing research team.
Chasing the Dream September 25th, 2014 Having learned the Doctor is looking for malevolent red flowers to turn Mimiga into his personal weapons of death, our heroes rush to the sand zone hoping to get there first and put an end to his evil scheme.


Title Date Scene Summary
Toroko (Marrik) September 26th, 2004 Marrik dealing with aftermath from failing to stop the Doctor from stealing seeds to grow Red Flowers that will mutate the Mimiga into monsters
The Mimiga Hero (Quote) August 31st, 2014 Quote discovers a few things, but lacks the understanding to recognize them for what they are.
Of Death... and of Birth (Quote) September 1st, 2014 After defeating Igor and rescuing Sue, our adventurers find things aren't exactly as they'd expected.
Irreversible, or Two Hours (Staren) September 25th, 2014 When all else fails to prevent death in the first place, Staren has a way to reverse it. But the truth is, that his tools are far more limited than he would like.
Crimson Flower (Quote) September 25th, 2014 The Doctor finds what he is looking for, bare minutes ahead of the heroes trying to stop him. He decides to test out his new-found source of power.