To Attempt the Impossible (Yuuki Konno)

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To Attempt the Impossible (Yuuki Konno)
Date of Cutscene: 02 October 2015
Location: Alfheim Online - Floating Castle Aincrad
Synopsis: The Sleeping Knights have a goal in mind, and for this they need one particular person. A warrior of great strength, skill and resolve. One person who completes the team.
Thanks to: Karian, Kirito, Tomoe, Annie Sandberg
Cast of Characters: 9, Yuuki Konno

Within Alfheim Online, floor 24 of Aincrad Tower, at the duelling grounds outside of town:

"I was looking for someone who seemed just right, and I finally found them!" said the duellist who has cut her way through the ranks of the top fighters in Alfheim Online. The 'just right' warrior in question was confused, but their duel had reawakened her pride, her fighting spirit. It had reaffirmed, in some way, who she wanted to be. In light of that, confusion wasn't such a big deal.

Both warriors are covered in red woundmarks. The duel hasn't technically ended, but both are content with the outcome. They clasp hands. Two girls, both apparently young, both skilled with the one-handed duelling blade style. They share a certain similarity in appearance, though an even larger one in spirit. In that moment, they're mirrors of one another.

The moment ends however. Yuuki draws Asuna up into the air, tugging her along, away from her friends. Confused but interested, Asuna allows this and flies up with the smaller girl, out of earshot and out of sight of the friends she'd arrived with. The two warriors' wounds fade as they fly, leaving the confines of the duel. Their outward badges of injury and pride may have vanished, but what's inside remains. Asuna readies herself, beginning to be concerned about how far they might travel, showing the first hint of reluctance...

Yuuki seems to sense this, and decides they've gone far enough. She stops, releasing Asuna's hand, turning to face the older girl. The two are alone now, floating in the air on wings of faerie magic. Suddenly serious, showing an expression of concern entirely different from her normally cheerful demeanour, Yuuki bows with eyes are lowered. In this, the two aren't equal. A bow between two warriors would normally mean meeting eyes; in this case, Yuuki is the supplicant, not an equal. "I beg of you. Please, help us!" she pleads fervently.


Floor 26 of Aincrad Tower, in a private dining room:

The group introduces themselves. Energetic Jun, shy Talken, teasing Nori, gentle Siune, and stoic Tecchi. Each of them bears a smile, trusting Yuuki's choice and eager to learn more about one that Yuuki would choose without needing to consult them. It was Yuuki's choice all along, as the literal heart of their team. Even though Yuuki had consulted with them about the others, she hadn't been SURE. Now she's sure.

".. And I'm Yuuki, the guild leader!" says the violet-tinged Imp directly to Asuna's face, with no apparent regard for her personal space as she clasps Asuna's hands between her own. Asuna seems a bit overwhelmed by it all, and of course she STILL hasn't been told what this guild, these Sleeping Knights, need her help for. She just knows it's big, and that these six apparently consider it the most important thing they've ever attempted... and possibly that they'll ever do.

"Asuna-san, listen..." Yuuki pleads, looking up at Asuna with big puppy-dog eyes and a solemn frown. "We want to defeat this floor's boss monster."

Not an impossible request, of course. This is the 27th floor of the new Aincrad tower. 26 floor bosses have been defeated already. Asuna herself has been on several of the raids. They're tough, but no problem for a skilled collection of players able to learn the patterns and willing to continue trying until they succeed.

"... With just these members!" she adds, breaking into a broad smile. Asuna seems confused, then she realizes. Six players plus herself. One full party. Then, "Haaaaaah?" she cries, utterly perplexed. Just these members? One party against a floor boss, when a raid is a group of seven full parties? Impossible! Or... or is it? Asuna peers around at the smiling group, then stares at Yuuki in disbelief, willing her to say she's joking. Yuuki just breaks into a huge teeth-gleaming grin, hands on hips, nodding.