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Yuuki Konno (Scenesys ID: 874)
There are some things you can only share with someone by fighting. For instance, how serious you are.
Full Name: Yuuki Konno
Gender: Female
Species: Imp
Theme: (FC) Sword Art Online-1
Function: Absolute Blade
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: Gatecrashers
Other Information
Physical Age: 16 Actual Age: 16
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor:
Height: {{{Height}}} Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Hair Color: Purple Eye Color: Red
Theme Song: {{{Song}}}


Yuuki is known as Zekken, the seemingly unbeatable Absolute Blade who came out of nowhere in Alfheim Online to challenge and defeat many of the game's top duellists. Speed is her strongest asset; the kind of speed that only comes from someone who essentially lives within the VR world. Essentially that's the literal truth. For years now, Konno Yuuki has lived within a prototype medical device. While she undergoes treatment to preserve her life, her consciousness roams a limitless number of VR worlds. She's free to glory in the movement and the freedom the VR worlds give her; the freedom her own flesh and blood body is denied. Never one to dwell on bleak fate, she remains bubbly and cheerful as long as she possibly can, being both warm and honest in everything but her real-life situation, determined only to have her and her friends leave their mark upon the virtual worlds in some unmistakable way.








The Flesh Is Weak: Yuuki has an incurable disease which has destroyed her immune system. She has spent over three years in a medicuboid, a device which can radiate signals directly into her nervous system to override the pain of her disease without medication. It also allows her to access her world's VRMMOs as an alternative therapy, since she can't leave a sterile room without lethal consequences. She has no effective way of interacting without using a VR avatar. No Game No Life: Yuuki's never had a chance to complete grade school let alone high school, and has never had any significant life experience due to spending the last few years in hospitals. Though she's done some self-study on typical school subjects, she has little experience in dealing with anything that can't be beaten with a sword or that otherwise exists outside the sort of solutions found in RPGs. Distant: While Yuuki has come to terms with her pending death and with the deaths of others close to her, she doesn't like letting others know about her condition. She has a great deal of trouble dealing with how others might react, and pity is one thing that can break through her acceptance of her fate. She finds it easier to face death than to face the pity of others.

Swordmarm: While Yuuki has played dozens of VRMMOs, she's a sword wielder above all else. She has no experience with magic and no desire to spend time or effort learning the skill, instead glorying in movement in all her fighting abilities. While her wings and speed make up for quite a bit, when it comes right down to it she has no options for dealing with anything outside of lunge or charge range.


Title Date Scene Summary
Red Talon Reprisal July 31st, 2018 Red Talon attack a town. Elites stop them and then Grimm show up.
Dark Lady: To Catch A Thief June 2nd, 2018 Yuuki tries to defeat a foe without actually fighting!
The Dark Lady: Wavering Heroes May 10th, 2018 Tomoe and her party confront some more of the heroes who have started to question their own existence and just what is actually going on.
Dark Lady: Hunt 2 April 13th, 2018 Pending
The Dark Lady PT 2: Little Trouble In a Little Villiage December 12th, 2017 Tomoe and company go to confronting the 'heroes' for the first time and accidentally end up kidnapping the local barmaid who looks a hell of a lot like she's Tomoe's sister.
The Dark Lady December 6th, 2017 Tomoe gets a strange quest where she has to play the villain and she needs to recruit some generals to help her out.
System Tower: Floor 88 November 15th, 2017 The Tower returns to Locus, once more sporting one of the strange 'equipment artifacts'. The group meet an old 'friend', and fight his 'sister'.
Welcome to Our World April 28th, 2017 A monstrous giant comes from the sea and attacks Tokyo.
Acts of Aggression March 11th, 2017 The Gatecrashers Union go on a dungeon run, but are ambushed by PKers.
To Find a Home December 28th, 2016 The GU heads out to clean out an castle in the quilt in the hopes of turning it into a home.
System Tower, Floor 40 November 17th, 2016 The tower dungeon returns to Britannica.
Leve: Fry Me A River ft. N'raha and Yuuki October 10th, 2016 Yuuki has an unexpected guest in ALO, as Mr. N'raha crashes in to do some Fishing and conversing with a fellow adventurer.
The Flying Dutchman (CCO) August 20th, 2016 Final confrontation with the Flying Dutchman, a supposedly-unbeatable encounter within the VR game.
A Song of Wolves and Ursa August 8th, 2016 Grimm are attacking en masse. The outer perimeter cannot hold them all back while keeping the majority at bay.

So the B-Team is being called in to pick up the slack.

Island's Got Booty! July 1st, 2016 To lure the Ghost Ship, our players have learned they need a certain item found only in Raid-level islands. Their heart and skill is put to the test as they fight through some of the toughest content available in Cutlasses and Cannons Online.
IMPossible Sword Skills June 13th, 2016 Why must Original Skills be so hard?!
Red Dust June 12th, 2016 Red Union comes to town.

Red Union take things from big company.

Red Union... working with White Fang?

Skull and Crossbones June 11th, 2016 Preparation and planning for a fight against the ghost ship.
This Will Be The Day June 6th, 2016 Vale will be hosting the Vytl Festival this time around. But before the event can begin, there are some missions that need doing, preparations to be made, and new Multiversal Huntsmen and Huntresses to inaugurate.
Party Like It's 2028! May 23rd, 2016 The Sleeping Knights throw Yuuki a small party for her 16th birthday. Without telling her, they invite her new friends as a surprise!
Imp and Impish May 18th, 2016 The greatest Earthbender meets the greatest VR duellist.
Black Descent (CCO) May 14th, 2016 The players witness a scene of terror, where a top-tier pirate vessel is wiped out by a rogue encounter
A three hour tour, an uncharted isle April 30th, 2016 Monsters give loot. They also hurt people... a lot.
Set Sail for Adventure! April 8th, 2016 Our adventurers learn more of the game when they run into pirates! The pirates learn the difference between stats and skill.
Cutlasses 'n Cannons Online April 3rd, 2016 A group of VR players enter a new MMO to track down some interesting rumors.
Circus Of The Damned March 27th, 2016 Madcap's premiere circus show in the Multiverse, free admission for this special occasion!
Of the past. March 25th, 2016 Mistral tells Zekken the reason she was so shaky.

Why her fighting spirit was so weak.

Sylphs and Skills. March 22nd, 2016 Zephyr's working on something. Her own Original Sword Skill, and not just the one either.

Yuuki and Nagato show up to help out, but some old 'war wounds' show themselves in Zephyr's heart.

Nagato helps to soothe these wounds through combat.

A Sylph in time. March 18th, 2016 Zephyr's playing ALO, and gets herself in a spot of trouble while trying to solo a mid-level quest.

Staren, Talken(Yuuki's NPC) and Tomoe step in to help her out!

Seriously, The Absolute Blade VS. The Northern Deva! March 12th, 2016 Challenged by The Absolute Blade, 'Zekken', Momoyo finally falls from her position as the strongest... but only by a hair's breadth. The vicious natural disaster of a woman was finally taken down and handed her first official defeat.
Sleepy kitty, Happy kitty February 16th, 2016 Team RWBY seek their wayward member. What will they discover if/when they /do/ find her?
Fangs for the Memories February 10th, 2016 A seemingly normal bookstore, owned by a human and staffed by Faunus. What could the White Fang want here?
Teams and Ceremonies January 13th, 2016 The Teams are set, the stage is ready.

The players have their pieces.

Time for the curtain to rise.

= Sparring Gold January 1st, 2016 Yang's trying for the school record in the training system.

Xiao Li Yu challenges Yang to a sparring match.

Then Yuuki and Ruby spar.

Academy Life December 19th, 2015 Fayt pays a visit to Beacon, and promptly regrets the decision.
Beacon Academy Initiation December 2nd, 2015 Or: That thing where teenagers are tossed off the side of a cliff and told to find 'relics' so they can learn at the school proper.
A Brave New World November 10th, 2015 A field trip to Forever Fall takes a turn for the obvious.

Multiversal Elites show and get shown how fighting monsters is done.

Special Guest Star: Glynda Goodwitch, and Team BOCC (Pronounced Boss)

Getting Stuff November 8th, 2015 The Stuffgetter has a mission to drop off supplies for a frozen village. There, old friends and new friends meet.
Not Just a Game October 22nd, 2015 Asuna can't find Yuuki anywhere in the virtual world, so tracks her down in real life, determined to learn the truth.
Killstealing Jerks! October 20th, 2015 The Sleeping Knights are ready to take on their third boss battle. Twice before, a guild raidgroup got there and finished the boss before the Knights could do so. The guild's about to do it again unless someone's willing to teach them a lesson... or at least stop them.
White Flash vs. Zekken October 2nd, 2015 Yuuki vs. Yuuki! After many duels, Zekken finds the ideal warrior she's been seeking.
Who Wants to Sword September 23rd, 2015 Two challengers, two very different challenges. Zekken faces two SAO legends; Kirito and Tomoe.
The Absolute Blade, Zekken arrives! September 21st, 2015 Zekken takes on the Iron Wolf, stronger and tougher than anyone she's ever faced before. It's a battle of power vs. speed!


Title Date Scene Summary
Of the Inexpressable Future (Yuuki) October 21st, 2015 In celebration, the Sleeping Knights and Asuna journey to see the proof of their victory. What's revealed there however makes it clear... this was never just about a video game fight.
To Attempt the Impossible (Yuuki Konno) October 2nd, 2015 The Sleeping Knights have a goal in mind, and for this they need one particular person. A warrior of great strength, skill and resolve. One person who completes the team.


Beacon Academy  
Yuuki's a full-time student at Beacon - yeah, the RWBY theme. She loves going to school since it's something she hasn't been able to do for a long time, and the purposes of Beacon appeal to her. She likes the idea of defending people from monsters, much like she does in VRMMOs. Of course Yuuki's attending in avatar form rather than in the flesh, and so she stands out a little in her classes. She's also a little young - roughly Ruby's age - and so stands out in that way as well.

While it's well-known that Beacon has multiversal attendees, there's a rumor going around that Yuuki's actually a bat-faunus. The rumor's fuelled by her slightly inhuman appearance, her batlike wings she occasionally uses, her covering her ears (with a headband), and her general approval of other Faunus students. Most students surely know the rumor's false, and that Yuuki's an offworlder. She doesn't confirm or deny the rumor. When asked, she simply laughs.

Yuuki got in a public fight with Cardin Winchester once, and actually had to be physically pulled off him. This amused plenty of people since she's about half his size and no real harm was done. She has a bit of a reputation for a temper though, even if it's not precisely earned. Most students believe the cause of the attack was because Cardin believed that Yuuki was a Faunus and insulted her over it. Yuuki's not saying, and neither is Cardin. Truth is though that it was because Cardin was bullying Velvet Scarlatina, and due to certain incidents in her past Yuuki can't stand bullies or bullying. She also has absolutely no problem standing up for those who won't stand up for themselves, and never caring about the consequences or about what others think of it.