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Player Info

Here is my profile page and I will list the logs of some of the previous characters I played either on MCM or on other MU*. I will also include other stuff that will be in here on myself and who knows whatelse. Maybe even some of the images for the character logs I list here from elseMU*.
I have been RPing on MU*es since about 1993 to 1994, my first was a place called Heroes & Villains or H&V. From there I went to Transformers 2005 MUSH in 1998 and was there first as Slingshot than Stratosphere and in in 1999 Compile. I was also the Wraith and was active there till around 2005/2006. I was at other places, some I cannot even remember any more and some that I care not to remember. For a time, I took some time off after I had gotten married and began with having kids and starting a family. Additionally, the RP was taking me away form my time with them, so I decided to quit with all RP, both online and tabletop, although I had not much of a tabletop RP life.
After having three kids and my wife close to graduating form college, I decided to get active again and to RP as a way to have fun and relax that does not involve the kids or wife. I love my wife and kids, but I do need a break and time to myself, which I do when I am able to do the hobby my wife introduced me to, American Civil War Re-enacting. Both of us, including our kids have been doing it for about 5 years, and last year was the first year that we were unable to make any event, both locally and nationally. Our last national event was the 150th Battle of Gettysburg and the other national event I went to was the 150th Battle of Shiloh in Shiloh, TN.
Before my return to the world of MCM, I began to get involved in the MMO Star Trek Online and I am regularly on that when family allows, and I also am active on on Thursdays at 2 pm CST when the Doctor Who Legacy starts with TheAdiposeTV and I have been a big fan of the game Doctor Who Legacy and enjoy it greatly.
Upon my return to MCM, I wanted to play a character I had fun with the last time, and that was either Duo Maxwell or Terry McGinnis. I decided on Terry McGinnis and I am the previous and current Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond) player from 2008 and I additionally played the following FCs/OFC/OCs:
Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing), Corgan (Septerra Core), Captain America (Marvel), Lee (OC Pokemon Trainer), Dorian Gray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Methos (Highlander TV Series), Yasutora Sado (Bleach), Soundwave (Transformers), Alpha Trion (Transformers), Compile (OC Transformer), Treize Maxen (OC Jedi), Goten (Dragonball Z) and Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond).
This was during my time at MCM before I took a break due to real life and burnt out.
When I was really active in RP on MUSHes, MUXs, MUDs, MOOS, et al, I played the following:
Compile@TF2k5, Richard Tan/Qui-Gon@SWIA, Goten/Methos/Duo Maxwell/Alpha Trion/Lee/Steve Rogers/Soundwave@Multiverse Crisis MUSH, Treize Manuialel@SWAoA, Ta'lor K'lin/Treize Manuialel@SWU, Lamont Cranston/Non@GoG, Captain America@H&V2, Tenshin Sato@BSSM, Mephiston Ezekiel/Del Indigo/Richard Tan/R6-K9/Ri Shcor@SWSE, Nham Nhuck/Paozik@SWIA, Teles Jalahafi/Farlander@SWRoS, Richard Tan@SWEE, Alejandro/Stringfellow@Protocultre, Stratosphere/Slingshot/Wraith@TF2k5, Psiren@SMX, Randy/Jay@Pokemux, ABK/Drachmas/Vector Trion@Transformers Universe, Compile@Transformers Crossroads, Angelus@Sluggy, Alpha Trion@TFLY, Twincast@VictoryII, Alt_Frenzy/Lightningtracer/Kaifire@Masterforce, Madcap@BWTF, Sandblast@BWTM, Kent Allard@LivingLegends, Vapor/Compile@TFAH, Maxwell Cranston@Heroes Dreams, J.C./Goten@MultiMUX, Ka'lin@SWBS, Psiren@MMX, Gaul@Pokemon All-Stars, Duncan Macleod/Two-Face/J.C./Psiren@H&V, John@Pokemon, Kent Allard/Shang Gien/Teles Jalahafi/Lore/Goten/Io/Duo Maxwell@Transformers Continuums, Manuialel@Elendor
I have included the logs from my time on 2k5 and found more logs of my time when I was first on MCM some 8 or so years ago. I might add those logs, but I might not, due to the characters that are now on MCM that have new players.

Current MCM Characters


Previous MCM Characters

Mairead Sandilands - OC - Infinite Stratos (IS)


Compile's Transformers 2005 Mush Logs

Year listed below are MUSH IC Years.


  • Medical Bay RP - Random RP in Trypticon's Medical Bay that ends with people in the brig.


  • Invasion of Quintessa - A joint operation that takes the battle to take out Quintessa and its masters, the Quintessons.


  • Decepticon Space Station - A space station is needed to be built so that the Decepticons can keep a better eye on the Autobots and all traffic that comes and goes from Cybertron, and will be able to listen in on all radio traffic as well. The constructions takes place at Decepticon Spaceport on Cybertron.
  • 2019 Monacus Olympics - Tape Cage Match - The 2019 Monacus Olympics involving Compile, Rumble, Hack and Steeljaw. Chaos occurs until the last tape is standing, or not being carted off to jail.
  • Horde of Horny Sharkticons and Energon Cache - A scene on Cybertron, where a hode of sharkticons have found and hold a cache of Energon. The Decepticons arrive to free the cache, and the Autobots arrive to stop it.


  • NCC Poker Game - A friendly game of poker between some Decepticons at NCC.


  • Showdown - Guiltor continues his reign of terror with his next victim - Arachnae. Can Onslaught, Compile and Dredclaw fend the fiend off in time?
  • Guilt - The Sweeps track down Guiltor's resurrection ship, and a massive battle ensues as the Decepticons and Autobots try to destroy it. Will they succeed, or do the Quintessons have one more surprise in store for them?


  • 1 - Compile vs Americon - Full Lightweight - The first round of the Full Lightweight match, between Compile and Americon with Powerglide being used as a weapon during the fight, while Rumble, Bandit and Slag watch from the side of the Milk Bar.
  • Olympics: Fairway VS Compile (Full Combat) - A second round match of the Full Lightweight between Compile and Fairway. The match lasted four hours and came down to both combatants taking damage to the extreme at the Cheyne Ig-Yac Ranch.

Stratosphere's Transformers 2005 Mush Logs


Duo Maxwell's Multiverse Crisis MUSH Logs


  • Valentine's Ball - Part 1 - Usagi's Valentine's Ball in New Washington. Duo's date is Amelia.
  • Valentine's Ball - Part 2 - Usagi's Valentine's Ball in New Washington. Duo's date is Amelia.
  • Usagi vs. Usagi Tsukino - The two Usagi's, one good, one evil have the final battle to see who will survive and who will not.
  • Assault on World of Ruin
  • [|Duo Maxwell and Minerva Date]
  • [|Prometheus Squadron Beach Party]
  • [|Night of the Sentinels]
  • [|Bowen Training Duo – Part 1]
  • [|Envy meeting Duo]
  • [|Gatii Saon Gundam TP - Part 1]
  • [|Gatii Saon Gundam TP - Part 2]
  • [|Gatii Saon Gundam TP - Part 3]
  • [|Gatii Saon Gundam TP - Part 4]
  • [|Gatii Saon Gundam TP - Part 5]
  • [|Gatii Saon Gundam TP - Part 6]
  • [|Fremont X-Mas Ball]
  • [|Duo Meeting Guile]
  • [|Seris-Quatre-Rachel RP]
  • [|Simulation Log]
  • [|Lina Inverse RP]



  • Marine City Attack - Devestator attacks Marine City during the Turnip festival. The union and Confederation come to stop the jolly green giant.

Goten's Multiverse Crisis MUSH Logs

Corgan's Multiverse Crisis MUSH Logs

Terry McGinnis Multiverse Crisis MUSH Logs