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An Unexpected Visitor
Date of Scene: 09 January 2020
Location: The Great Ocean
Synopsis: A Ta-class Abyssal Battleship comes to a frontier outpost. Elites meet her.

She wants to talk, and asks for help in finding her Princess, who has gone missing.

A plan has been tentatively forged.

Thanks to: Everyone for coming
Cast of Characters: Shigure, Kotone Yamakawa, Reiji Arisu, 7187, Shyra, Midway

Shigure has posed:
    A small backwater outpost. It used to be a naval base for the local government's tiny navy of one repurposed fishing trawler with a couple of machine guns strapped on... now it's a pretty bustling Warpgate border control center. Paladin Regulars and Local Militia mill around, visitors enter and exit the large circular Gate at the center. A large perimeter wall guards the land side of the outpost, and a sea-wall with a large gate controls the immediate harbour area. Small patrol craft exit and enter regularly, high speed pursuit craft for tackling pirates and smugglers, not heavy duty surface combatants.

    An alarm sounds from the main building, a whoahing klaxon echos across the water, and military personnel hurry to their assigned stations. Gun turrets emerge from the walls and a voice over the tannoy system speaks as the siren winds down. "All civilians and non-essential personnel, proceed immediately to the shelter. Follow the blue lines. Repeat---" this goes on while the radio operator frantically calls in to Paladin command. "Control, this is Outpost 2145412, New Oolandur. We've got reports of an Abyssal Navy vessel on a direct course to us. Repeat. Abyssal Navy heading for this outpost, please advise."

    Out at sea, a single alabaster-skinned woman skates across the water's surface, golden eyes fixed on the horizon. It's impossible to tell what she's doing from that distance, but she's already well within her gun range, and hasn't opened fire yet.

    That's when a short-burst coded signal comes over radio. It's one word, repeated in several languages. "Parlay."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa had picked up the report of an Abyssal and she was quick to deploy via the warp gate. The young cyborg was out of warp gate there was no time to fit any gear for operating on the water directly. So she'd have to make do with what she could find on-site or grab out of her home's arms locker. She's a bit of a blur as she exits the gate and heads right for the water, and skits to a halt digging twin pair of grooves in the ground from how fast she stops at the signal from the Abyssal.

Parlay?! That was unexpected but given Abyssals in the past they had been the odd one who had just wanted to be left the heck alone.

Kotone would contacts them back.

<<I'm Kotone Yamakawa of the Paladins and the Hikari fleet I am willing to Parlay.>>

Reiji Arisu has posed:
Reiji's history with the coinflip nature of the Kanmusus is almost as long as his time active in the Multiverse. For a very long time now, he's been aware that the Abyssals of the fleet are not all the berserk monsters that many believe them to be. For a time, he was decent friends with a certain Wo-class carrier, in fact. It should be no surprise, then, that he's made an appearance here.

Reiji stands atop the water as if he had somewhere learned how to walk across the waves. He hasn't, and in fact his outfit is a little different than it usually is. It's much more... traditional, like the kind of thing you might expect a Heian-era onmyoji to wear. If it weren't for the guns he's carrying around and the unusual footwear helping him stay buoyant, it'd be easy to mistake him for a historical actor.

But, no. He's just... borrowed a little something from Hikari seaport, is all.

"Abyssal vessel, I am Reiji Arisu, an agent with the Paladins organization. What brings you to our waters?"

Raphael Cousteau (7187) has posed:
Raphael Cousteau does not, strictly speaking, know what an Abyssal is.

But he has a dim idea this has something to do with 'boat ghosts', which he has *firmly* decided he is one of, in all the senses that matter. Therefore, it stands to reason he should come out there as well.

He does not have cool 'stand on water' powers. He does not have neat technology. He has a motorboat. A standard, small motorboat. The kind where you pull on the motorstring to make it go. He has also placed a boombox on it, and it is blasting slow, sad music. It's a cheap boombox. The sound quality isn't great. At the very least, he has the decency to turn it off once he's within 'parlay' distance.

It looks like everyone else is handling the initial meeting. That's probably for the best. He needs time to scope this out. Get a real feel for the *vibe* here.

He's also got the most obnoxious grinning *Expression* on his face, but that's nothing new.

Shyra has posed:
After meeting the guardian spirit, Shyra has been interested in learning more about them. This MIGHT not be the best time, but who knows? Hope springs eternal. She joins the group heading to the outpost, shimmying about behind them as she works her way along to the location. She doesn't swim on the water, however. She flies. Hanging in the sky is nearly triangular craft with a large, unwieldy tower assembly on top. Below, it is more ship-shaped, with a propeller on front and two large webbed wings that sweep through the air like oars. There appears to be no weapons whatsoever on the thing but the design is so ungainly who knows what might actually be one.

    Shyra is busily piloting it along, providing transportation to anyone who wants to go along with her.

    She peeks over the side, waving down from above with a cheery expression thanks to her complete ignorance of the deadly potential threat in the Abyssal's presence. Hello! She exclaims, her words popping up in the customary pink textbox. Welcome! What would you like to talk about?

Midway has posed:
    Metal striking metal rings out deep below the waves. Brief sparks of light from each impact highlight a silhouette clad in billowing white. The hammering suddenly stops. Slowly, the figure turns glowing crimson eyes to the surface.


    A single Abyssal fighter has been something of a regular sight around this outpost. On radar, it's a single plane. In person, it's a bone-white sphere with fins and far more teeth than anything should have. Each time it's spotted and tracked, but loiters just outside of effective range of the defensive emplacements. Usually it's there for a few hours, then just leaves in a random direction. The approaching Battleship is by far the higher priority, but the Abyssal plane's sudden change in course is still noted by the guy keeping an eye on it. Reported when it starts clearly circling and observing the Ta-class. Does it belong to her? Battleships carrying seaplanes isn't unknown, after all. It does suddenly veer away as Shyra's airship approaches, keeping its distance.

    However the fortress' subsurface observational equipment probably won't miss the approaching contact entering their observation radius.

Shigure has posed:
    As the outpost goes into full lockdown, and the last few civilians are secured below a titanium reinforce concrete bunker, the outpost commander steps out onto the perimeter wall. He looks out at the Abyssal, and the Elites moving to intercept/greet it. His radio crackles and he orders all operators to secure their weapons until ordered otherwise. The entire outpost has an air of rising tension.

    The patrol craft all give the area a wide berth, some diverting to other ports nearby, while others turn out to sea again, going to direct inbound traffic away from the area.

    The Ta-class, once it's closer to Reiji especially, comes to a stop, lifting one hand in a salute. A decidedly Japanese salute. Reiji would be able to see that the tentacles she uses as rigging have their barrels capped and mouths strapped shut, all four of them looking decidedly grumpy with the 'Peace Knot' assembly. "Parlay... Davao, is missing. Don't know where... she is... asking for help..." the tall, slender woman's speech is stilted, likely reminding Reiji of his Wo-class acquaintance.

    The Hellcat's appearance gets the Battleship on edge a little, eyes lifting to track it. "That... is bad..."

Raphael Cousteau (7187) has posed:
Raphael Cousteau squints. There is definitely something deeper going on here, that's without question. He consults his usual crew for advice, falling deeply into his accustomed introspection.
ENCYCLOPEDIA: Your faith is touching. But no.
SUGGESTION: I'm tentatively pretty sure this is legitimate, but maybe just..open yourself up a bit while I try to make sure.
HALF LIGHT: It's an ambush. Turn this boat around while you still can. There are threats out there and she's leading you right into them.
AUTHORITY: Listen, just establish you're in charge, and that'll buy all the time you need.

He reaches outwards, fruitlessly. He's not nearly close enough to touch, but right now he's just..trying to get a feel for things.
"Who is 'Davao'?" He asks, though he's only dimly paying attention to the answer. He's trying to just..do his psychic sensitivity thing, see what comes up. Is this one for real? What's her angle?

Midway has posed:
    The fighter suddenly veers back, passing over the battleship and scooting out to sea in one of its random departure directions. In that vector, the sea's surface erupts in a pillar of foam and spray. Two crimson points shine from within, a figure becoming distinct as the water crashes back down around it until the ghostly white visage of the Princess of Progress stands upon the waves.

    She reaches out, catching the retreating Abyssal scout and then lowering it to cradle the aircraft in one arm. The other hand rests upon it, blackened metal glistening across the backs of her knuckles.

    "Disappeared, you say?" Midway's head inclines, merriment dancing amidst the... 'contained' hatred that glows within her eyes. The faintest uptick at the corners belies an unseen smile behind the brace of metal spikes surrounding her throat.

    "Now you have my attention."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Reiji is here, which is good he's got a lot of experience. Shyra whose proven herself so far from what she's aware of and Raphael. A very new operative, there should be nothing to worry about right? He's a cop and thus a professional right there's nothing to worry about here. She makes note of the blip, she also takes note of the Ta-Class's Rigging has been peace bonded. The Abyssals response to the contact gets her concerned this can't be good.

"So Davao is missing then and you want help...What or of bad?"

Then Midway comes and Kotone just freezes up for half a second as Midway makes herself known. This just got a lot tenser.

"Midway, how unexpected to see you. What does the Princess of Progress want with this?"

Shyra has posed:
     The sight of the little flying skull almost causes Shyra to panic, but curiosity and wonder seem to stop her from immediately fleeing the tiny thing. She points at it, emitting a squeak of shock at the flying thing. She might have attempted to pursue it but things move apace.

    Shyra brings the airship down, the craft eventually settling onto the ocean. It appears it can float just as easily as fly, and it brings her closer to the others. This is a good thing in her mind. Someone is missing! Oh no! Where was the last place that you saw them?

    The arrival of the Princess of Progress causes Shyra to emit a loud EEP! and she almost falls right over on the deck, peeking up over the railing to stare at Midway. Oh, there's another new person! She's beautiful! Like a Princess! But also scary too. A pause. Like some kind of... Evil... Princess...? Can Princesses be evil?

Reiji Arisu has posed:
The exorcist replies with a crisp salute of his own. The Abyssal's weapons are peacebound-- intentionally putting herself at a disadvantage means that this is a little more serious than it at first seemed. "Davao is one of the Abyssal flagships," Reiji explains, glancing briefly toward Inspector Cousteau. "From around the Philippine Islands. She had a brief engagement with Shigure and the others, but I don't think she was... /malicious./ Just bored? But if she's gone missing, that's--"

Seafoam and misty spray explode out of the sea. That sonar ping wasn't just a coincidence, then. Someone else is here. Someone distinctly more troubling than a peacebound Ta-class. "You..." Reiji is-- actually unfamiliar with this one. Personally unfamiliar, at least. He's certainly read the files. "State your business here. Know that we will not brook an attack in the midst of parlay, nor shall we aggress unless forced to do so."

Shigure has posed:
    The Ta-class is a mix of Sorrow, Despair, a little Anger, but also some other conflicting emotions. It's like there's two 'souls' vying for control of the body, or something like that. Her words are sincere, she is worried about 'Davao'. "Davao is... friend... little sister..." the Battleship replies toward Raphael. She's cut off from further discussion as Midway emerges like a kaiju nearby. "You..." Ta-class is clearly aggitated by the arrival and scoots toward the sea-wall and the Elites, almost as if she were afraid... Raphael would be able to tell that she /is/ afraid.

    The sea-wall gunners all turn their weapons toward Midway, but don't open fire. The Commander is quick to snap into his radio to hold, reinforcing the orders.

    Ta-class grits her teeth as Midway shows interst in Davao's disappearance. "If you had... anything to do with... it..."

Raphael Cousteau (7187) has posed:
Raphael listens intently. The effect is ruined by the fact he's literally still grinning like an idiot the entire time. It'd look really cool and mystical otherwise, be certain.

His concentration is shattered by the new fellow Boat Ghost, and he turns to face her.
ENCYCLOPEDIA: *cough, ahem* Did we forget something?
SUGGESTION: ...That aside, there's no need to shoot. She's angry, but not at us. Or at the little ship. She wants to hear from...people who create things. Like art.
CONCEPTUALIZATION: Oh, that's great. Do we *know* anyone like that?

Raphael shakes his head. This is getting nowhere useful, but that's just sometimes how it goes. It's time to do what it is he's good at.
"She didn't. Listen to me." He says to the Ta-Class. "I'm a police officer. We're really good at finding missing people, and I'm sure that extends to finding missing ship..people. Where did you see Davao last? Did she say she was going anywhere?" His tone is warm, and comforting.

Midway has posed:
    "Please," Midway's eyes close when the Ta-Class makes her insinuation, "Had I gotten my hands on that little upstart, our conversation would be very different." In response to Reiji, her free hand lifts and gestures to the side, "As you can see, I have not brought my parasite. Am I really so intimidating even unarmed?" Then again there's no guarantee it's not just lurking just below the surface. She's done that before. That hand is brought back in, resting atop the Hellcat. When she strokes it, those metal nails drag across its hull with a distinctive scraping noise.

    Her brow furrows pensively, "I am more curious what the Air Defense Princess has gotten herself into." Her face relaxes. When she deigns to open one eye again, it fixates on the Ta-Class, "Perhaps it shall be something amusing enough to offset the insult she paid to me in our last meeting. Go on. Answer them."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa looks to Midway for a moment as she drops the name Air Defense Princess and some more of the mystery comes into place for her. "So Air Defense Princess is missing." She thinks for a moment as she looks over Ta now thinking for a moment "So Midway is not behind this then who or what could do this to a Princess class?"

She semes troubled as she tries to think over the possibilities.

"What do you know about what happened to the Princess?"

Reiji Arisu has posed:
    Reflex sees Reiji position himself between the new Abyssal and the base-- and the Ta-class by extension. It's a symbolic gesture more than anything else, a sort of silent way of indicating that they're all under his protection.

    "I would never have survived in this business if a pretty face was all that it took to drop my guard," Reiji says with the kind of hollowness that conjures to mind a man with a history of being bamboozled by just exactly that kind of thing. "In any event, I will hold to my word if you hold to yours. Though I must admit being somewhat suspicious of what sort of goodwill that a scorned spirit might hold toward the one responsible for a perceived slight."

Spirits in general tend to hold rather lengthy grudges.

"Ta-class," Reiji says over his shoulder, "Please, speak freely. What made you seek us out to help with your search?"

Shyra has posed:
    Shyra cringes as the screeching noise of Midway's nails drag across the Hellcat. Y... yes. You are. she says, apparently willing to admit to Midway that her presence cows the pink healer girl. However, she is not well versed in the politics of boat ghosts, so she mostly watches the back and forth. She... came to us for help, right? Shouldn't we help her? She says... Which probably might have been more of a thing were she conscious of how much spite the two camps had for each other, but to just come out and say it?

Shigure has posed:
    Ta-class is very on edge around Midway. Golden eyes remain locked on the Princess of Progress for a few very long moments, before they flick toward Reiji. "Davao... spoke of a sister... she remembered... sister..." she says. "Ta-class then remembered... sister, other sister... remember little destroyers, little cruiser, slow battleship. Others. They talk to Davao, ask stop shooting flying things."

    The Ta-class is clearly struggling to explain. "Davao said... wanted good fight. Wandered off without us... found Midway, ran away. We found Davao, now Davao gone again." The Battleship then pulls something from within her rigging, and hands it to Reiji. It's a map with coordinate markers. "Is where last see..."

Raphael Cousteau (7187) has posed:
There's a breath. The amnesiac, grinning idiot cop extends his arms.
EMPATHY: Okay. You reassure her, right now. I don't care if you think you can do this. You reassure her, RIGHT NOW.

"Listen. We're going to go find your friend, alright? All of us, together."
AUTHORITY: Assert. This is the time for leadership. Everyone here needs to pull together. There is no room for dissent in these ranks!

"Isn't that right, *everyone*?" He clicks his tongue, straightening up. "We're all going to go, *together*, and find this poor lost soul for the sake of her friend." He's suddenly seeming much firmer. You'd think he was actually in charge of this expedition.

Midway gets an especially firm look. It appears Inspector Raphael Ambrosius Cousteau, of the 41st Precinct of Jamrock, Revachol, is also voluntelling her.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa takes a moment to put together Ta-Class story. She takes note of the map that's been passed to Reiji. She nods guessing at what it might is. Likely a map from what Ta said. "We should not delay in going to recon the region then maybe we can find some sort of clue. To where the Princess is or what happened to her."

Then Raphaele barks and order at Midway and she has no idea what's going to happen from that. She tenses up for a moment so much she looks like a doll as all-natural movement /stops/.

Reiji Arisu has posed:
Reiji takes the map and unfurls it. "I see, that's a little troubling. If she's off looking for a good fight, then that could mean any number of things..." But maybe the map itself might be able to provide some insight as to where the missing Princess might have gotten off to...

And then Raphael does a thing that makes Reiji double-take. The first look is one of simple disbelief. The second one is one that suggests that the detective might have just grown a second head and isn't quite aware of the fact yet. He looks towards Midway, then, and wonders briefly how a vengeful spirit of naval warfare might feel about someone presuming to be her Admiral without her permission.

Reiji carefully scoots just a little bit more directly between the Ta-class and Midway.

Midway has posed:
    The angle of rest for Midway's eyes almost suggest a bored expression as she hears out Ta-Class' story. Internally, she places various events in their rightful places amidst the known timeline. It's remarkably simple; so Davao simply wandered off some time after biting off more than she could chew by picking a fight with a fellow Princess.

    The map offered to Reiji is eyed with more interest. At last the Princess speaks up, "I should like to compare that to my own ch--"

    Raphael meaningfully, sternly issues her an order. The faint scraping of her metal nails across the Hellcat's fuselage terminates in an awful metallic shriek, leaving silver lines of exposed metal across its white exterior. Instantly, her eyes are on him, the faint twitch of barely-restrained rage all too apparent. She turns in place, exhuding raw malice in a smokey red aura as she approaches the officer's speedboat, resting her free hand on the side, then drawing it down the gunwale.

    One might be forgiven if they expect her to tell him off. Up until she sinks her fingers into that fiberglas hull, it very well seems like shouting is all she planned to do.

    Instead, she simply lifts the boat by its internal frame, threatening to capsize it. There are no words. Only the boiling anger behind those glowing crimson eyes.

    But hey she didn't pull out her equipment and she's not using guns. That's got to count for something.

Raphael Cousteau (7187) has posed:
    Raphael does not seem strong of heart, and hidden behind this facade..

Is a man whose heart is physically actively trying to get off this mortal coil.
HALF LIGHT: Abandon ship! Abandon ship!
VOLITION: Wow! Okay! Bad move! Let's dial it back a little, and...

The ship is lifted. The boombox bounces, skidding off into the water. There's a moment as the man slips, nearly falling into the water, but..
PHYSICAL INSTRUMENT: Grab! Grab onto anything! You have muscle! You can do this!

One hand grips onto the side of the boat. His stance steadies. And then, suddenly, a pain in his chest. His eyes widen. Irises move to pinpoints.
*Ba-dum. Ba-dum. Ba-dumbadumBADUMBADUMBADUMBADUM* Pain radiates through his chest. His free hand moves to grip onto his heart, the man sputtering. He coughs. He doubles over, nearly capsizing the boat himself, before...

PAIN THRESHOLD: Fuck that. You're fine. You know what this is? This is the same heart attack you've had like eight times now. You are a trooper, and you are going to get through this. This is like some spicy chili. Calm down.

He ...gingerly raises his head. That grin, despite everything, hasn't left his face. (It can't.)

"...Well, if you're in charge of the expedition, that's fine too."

Midway has posed:
    There's a few terrifying moments in which the Princess lifts the boat seemingly effortlessly. She even gives it a good shake or two. The madness only ceases when the officer inside capitulates. Her fingers release, dropping the speedboat back into the water and leaving it to bob and stabilize itself.

    "I will not presume to command yours. But you may not presume to command /me/ either."

Reiji Arisu has posed:
"Well," Reiji concludes as the situation seems to defuse. "I for one am glad that we've all managed to come mid-way on this."


"Now, you were saying something about charts?"

Shigure has posed:
    There's a spike in tension as Midway grabs Raphael's boat. ALl those gun turrets are trained on the Abyssal Princess... you could cut the air with a knife it's so thick around those gun control crews.

    a-class grits her teeth hard enough a dribble of black ichor runs from the corner of her mouth, her tentacles writhing, trying to break their straps, but only managing to impotently hiss at the Princess.

    And then the moment passes, that rage is recontained and the calculating horror of the Princess of Progress returns. A thin facade over the boiling madness.

    "Will not work... with her." states the Battleship, as she wipes her mouth off, smearing that black liquid across her alabaster skin. "Do not... trust."

Raphael Cousteau (7187) has posed:
The noise that comes from Raphael is a pained squeak. On the upside for him, since his *Expression* still hasn't changed, maybe it's not so obvious.
"Weeelll, if you don't want on the party train, that's fine by me." The cop tilts his head. "...so. I guess it sounds like everyone else is going." Finger guns are shot. He doesn't have his real ones. These are going to have to do. He clicks his tongue again.

This is possibly the most aggravating man in the Multiverse, but by no means is there even the slightest gasp of glory to be had in destroying him.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa just stares for a moment she starts moving again and then it all ends in moments. She relaxes slightly at this once the boat is put down, it also hits her she could try a stunt like that if she ever had to. She edges closer to Raphael in the event something else goes wrong and she might have to tank one for the man. She looks back to Ta now thinking fast. "Then it might be best if we work separately then?"

She looks to Reiji for a moment then back to ta Shyra.

"If we can work out something out. I intend to aid Ta-Class."

Reiji Arisu has posed:
Orrrr maybe /not./ The Ta-class being distraught at the thought of working with Midway is not entirely unsurprising, given her prior reaction to the greater ghost's presence. It seems the methods of the Princess of Progress are not universally beloved among her sisters. Reiji scratches thoughtfully at his chin as Raphael is unceremoniously dropped back into the waves. "Well," he says with a sigh, "I suppose that's that. I won't turn away someone who came honestly to us asking for aid, and if she's unwilling to work with a third party, I can't force her to do so."

"Ta-class," Reiji asks, turning toward the first abyssal, "You understand that she may have intelligence that could help us find your missing Princess? If you're sure, then we'll try to make do on our own as best we can."

Shyra has posed:
    The Ta-class explains herself, and Shyra nods. the Healer seems to be immediately engaged by the quiet, nervous attempts to explain herself and the situation at hand. The healer begins pulling a little closer. That's really interesting... We need to help her! She exclaims, apparently immediately prepared to offer her services on the words of a boat ghost she's never met.

    However, there's some conflict afoot. Raphael attempts to take charge, and Midway objects. Directly. Immediately, Shyra is ducking behind the railing again. EEK! She exclaims... But the sight of Raphael clutching her chest causes the healer to rally. Someone needs healing! Shyra stands up, her staff waving in Raphael's direction as she casts a healing spell. Green sparkles rush over him, soothing his body and maybe forestalling cardiac arrest. Are you okay! Please be okay!

Midway has posed:
    "Then I shall act as a third party," Midway's eyes close again. She turns her back to the procession, taking several long, slow steps away from the bobbing speedboat. The pace is ponderous, meaningful, and intentional.

    "The Air Defense Princess despises aircraft. She finds pleasure in destroying them. It is why she sought to challenge me-- and why she fled when I opted for different weapons. I refused to play her game. It ceased to be entertaining."

    She pauses, turning just enough to glower over her shoulder with one glowing, crimson eye on Reiji, "Confer the coordinate information. Aerial recon will cover the most area, the most quickly, and act as bait besides." That eye shifts to Ta-Class, "Unless you wish to be remodelled into an aircraft carrier, which I can oblige, you would be hard-pressed to do so yourself. I imagine a squadron serving the Air Defense Princess who so despises aircraft likely has few if any aircraft carriers in its composition."

    Midway looks away, lifting her arm to stroke the fighter wedged in the crook of her arm once more, "Am I incorrect? It is only an assumption, after all."

Shigure has posed:
    Ta-class doesn't have a response for Midway's assertion. She does scoot a little more behind Reiji at the 'offer' of a remodelling. "Have heard of... your methods... will not submit for... remodel."

    To Reiji she shakes her head. "Will not work with... but if can help without... being there..." she lets that one hang, while one of her four outriggers coils around to 'look' at her with its capped barrels. The Ta-class pets it lightly.

Raphael Cousteau (7187) has posed:
Raphael, for his part, seems to have decided to be the responsible one. Reality shudders in protest, surely.

At any rate, he pulls the string on his motorboat.
INTERFACING: ..Dolores DEI, pull more evenly.
He does, this time, and the engine starts up. He takes a suitably swaggerly, Captain-esque stance on his boat, and starts to plow off.

He pulls out a map from his pocket, unfurling it and resting it on his knee. It is, somehow, identical to the map that Reiji has in his possession.

You see, it was inside the motorboat when he started it. It just hadn't occurred to him to check it until now. He's kind of an idiot, like that.

Reiji Arisu has posed:
Reiji watches the Ta-class' expression carefully, his own face soft with concern. "Alright," he says, once she makes up her mind, "If you're sure." Reiji unfurls the map for a moment more and fishes into one of his many pockets. He takes a moment to snap a quick photo of the map with a sleek personal smartphone, then--

Then... Raphael produces a nigh-identical chart?



"Are you... Do you think that 'missing boat' of yours is the same one we're looking for, then? Hm. Well, never-the-less--"

Reiji looks to Midway and offers over the chart. Is this a good idea? No, probably not. Probably... not.

But maybe he has his reasons.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
It seems that things have relaxed slightly. With the danger of a fight with Midway having passed? Kotone keeps her eyes on Ta-class as she says no to Reiji's offer and she'll just leave it at that.

At the moment Kotone is about to go take a look at the map to save the video footage of it when Raphael finds a nigh-identical map, on his boat.

"Well that sorts things out doesn't it?"

She does look questioningly at Reiji as he hands the map over, she also fires off a message to the Paladins medical staff that they should take Raphael in for a full checkup. Nothing bad could come of this, right?

Midway has posed:
    The chart is offered. Midway turns enough to accept it in one hand, eyeing the geomancer for a moment. Right there, she unfurls the map and gives it a glance over, eyes lingering only on the actual noted coordinates.

    It takes her maybe thirty seconds, all told.

    The map is rolled back up and tossed back to Reiji when she's done with it, "I will commit my squadrons accordingly." Without further words, the Princess of Progress simply sinks into the water, rapidly disappearing into the depths.

Shigure has posed:
    As Midway sinks and leaves, the tension on the wall evaporates, and a collective release of held breath echos across the water... the klaxon starts up again, this time as an 'all clear'. The sound is different, and the guncrews disengage. The shelter opens, but noone exits just yet. They want to be fully certain the other Abyssal isn't about to turn hostile... but the base, small as it is, largely seems to be standing down from brown alert. Some of the gun crews make their way to the barracks... likely for a change of underwear.

    Ta-class, for her part, remains oddly subdued, just petting her rigging heads. There;'s something odd about how she's doing it... it's like she's imagining something else. Probably not important.