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Gilgamesh (Scenesys ID: 1099)
"You break the law and I punish you. There is no room for discussion, mongrel."
Full Name: Gilgamesh
Gender: Male
Species: Demigod
Theme: (OFC) Fate/Metastasis-1
Function: Young King Of Uruk
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Paladins (4-Chevaliers)
Groups: {{{Groups}}}
Other Information
Physical Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Tomokazu Seki
Height: 178cm Weight: 66kg
Hair Color: Gold Eye Color: Red
Theme Song:


The teenage god-king of the land of Uruk, Gilgamesh is often known as the King of Heroes. His treasury, the mystical Gate of Babylon, is a weapon unto itself, from which Gilgamesh can launch a volley of magical artifacts or simply draw forth tools and weapons to suit his needs, provided he remembers they exist. Though still young enough to be a great king, the arrogance that will form his legend is just beginning to grow, and signs of his epic conceit are already beginning to manifest. He is a boy who, never knowing greed, has now been exposed to a world he does not personally own, and seeks to experience and enjoy all the pleasures, sights, and treasures it has to offer.




An interdimensional treasury of legendary artifacts and ancient magical prototypes so vast even Gilgamesh has forgotten most of them.

Copy-2: When an ability sparks Gilgamesh's memory, he can recall a tool or weapon with a similar function to that phenomenon, and can draw it forth from the Gate.


Gilgamesh possesses an unmatched arsenal launched from his extradimensional vault the Gate of Babylon, the body of a demigod, and quite literally all the wealth in the world.

Attack List - Ranged: Gilgamesh can launch a stream of mundane and magical weapons, which home in on any target he chooses. Projectiles can appear from anywhere around him, and can have elemental affinities like fire, light, wind, water, and lightning. Superhumanity: Gilgamesh is categorically superhuman, being substantially stronger, faster, tougher, and generally all-around more than a regular human. Wealth: The treasury of Babylon is at Gilgamesh's whim, a functionally-unending stream of gold, jewels, valuable goods, and fine art built up over his adventures.



Gilgamesh is two-thirds divine and one-third human, with mystical powers related to his status as a king and his magical blood. 
  • Analysis: Gilgamesh can rapidly identify wealth distribution in societies, areas, people, and businesses with very little effort, allowing him to quickly find unusual disparities and unravel them.

Mobility: Gilgamesh's divinity endows him with superior motive ability, allowing him to maintain perfect balance even atop extremely small or unusual perches and leap extremely high into the air. Healing - Self: Gilgamesh's divine blood reassembles him rapidly from heavy injuries.


Gilgamesh's massive arsenal of magical weapons, culminating in his pride and joy, the unique weapon called Ea.

Attack List - Melee: Gilgamesh can wield the Treasures from his legendary vaults as melee weapons, in lieu of using them as projectiles. Many are endowed with elemental magics, or have a legendary special attack. Debilitation: Gilgamesh can pin people to the ground with an onslaught of weapons, or inflict poison or debilitating statuses based on his mythical elemental weapons.

  • Destruction: Ea unmakes false realities, pocket dimensions, and extradimensional spaces with the power of the truth of the universe.


The bottomless extradimensional treasury of the King of Heroes holds countless useful artifacts.

Hammerspace: Gilgamesh can store anything in the Gate of Babylon that catches his attention, simply by opening the Gate and catching or placing whatever it is that grabs his interest within it. Stored things are later disgorged or forgotten. Field Shaping: Various artifacts can biblically reshape the world, like axes that split the earth, bowls that fill the area with water, or a stone that emits endless obscuring smoke. Convenience: Gilgamesh's many artifacts can go beyond modern conveniences despite otherwise serving their functions, such as food processors that purify mythical meat, tablecloths that generate feasts, and handkerchiefs that do the wiping themselves.


The King of Heroes represents the monomyth, the ideal from which Heroes spring, and as such, is a larger-than-life entity with supernatural charisma and the ego to match.
  • Mind Manipulation: When Gilgamesh gives commands, people acknowledge him as their King and scramble to fulfill his wish under his supernatural authority and divine right.

Oration: Gilgamesh is possessed of divine beauty married to a talent for public speaking, leadership, and persuasion. Resistance - Mental Attack: Gilgamesh's overwhelming ego protects him from corrosive mental attacks, mind control, and effects that target his identity or personality.




HEROIC ARCHETYPE <Trouble>: Gilgamesh is a burgeoning heroic archetype, in the mythic sense. He is arrogant and self-assured, though not yet to the point of cruelty; rather, he is the type to accept all challenges, to fervently contest anyone calling him a coward or a weakling, and to strive to prove himself as the figure of greatness he knows himself to be. Gilgamesh cannot resist showing his daring, courage, and prowess, regardless of how foolhardy or dangerous the task may be, and it is extremely easy to tempt him into doing very stupid things like fighting without access to his weapons or chasing down a dangerous opponent bare-handed.

IT'S ALL MINE <Significant>: A man who has never known greed has been exposed to a wider world than even he could have imagined. Gilgamesh seeks out treasures, glories, beauties, and pleasures with almost hedonistic abandon, often prioritizing those treasures, glories, and pleasures over more important things. The promise of a unique new artifact to acquire or some fascinating new pleasure to enjoy can frequently distract Gilgamesh from actual, more important duties. He is extremely protective of people, places, and things he has claimed or grown attached to, and can be pushed into an unthinking rage when such things are threatened.

MY WORD IS LAW <Minor>: Gilgamesh is a firm believer in the rule of law because the concept of rule of law comes from Gilgamesh's word. He is particularly harsh against lawbreakers, and has little in the way of mercy for thieves, traitors, and terrorists. This extremism can get him into some serious trouble, as he doesn't hesitate to dole out punishment, even when he probably should.

CULTURE SHOCK <Minor>: Gilgamesh is still young, and has not been summoned into the world as a Heroic Spirit but rather entered the world as a living being. As such, he does not know all the wonders, nor social norms, of the worlds he has been thrust into, and frequently behaves as if he is still the king of all creation. This can cause trouble, but it is rarely significant - Gilgamesh accepts the new world with fascination and eagerness.


Title Date Scene Summary
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Gaiden Ch.1 March 28th, 2020 The dig begins in the Fertile Crescent, but, two unexpected visitors put an end to the progress. What's the purpose of the Golden Rhinoceros Beetle? And just who is it that sent the deadly forecast duo out to collect it?
The Citadel of the Vile King January 24th, 2019 The citadel of the dragon tyrant, Caer Gwrtheyrn, invites King Arthur and comrades within to confront Vortigern over the future of Britain.
Glass Cannon vs Berserker! January 19th, 2019 Yang and Sarracenia face off in front of Gilgamesh!
Royal Rivalry! January 12th, 2019 Gilgamesh visits the Sundew Kingdom and ends up fighting the princess!
Rebellion in Londinium January 11th, 2019 The streets of Londonium run red as people attempt to bring an end to the new movement in the most direct and violent way possible, empowered by darkness.
Divinity of Camelot December 26th, 2018 Gilgamesh meets Rhongomyniad face to face.
FATE: It's Not Lupus December 6th, 2018 The Heroes obliterate a poor FATE Boss, and then kibitz over crabmeat and shipwreck tossing. Raha returns to the Multiverse, too.
RIFTS: The Garnet Town Gambit (Part 2) October 24th, 2018 Having tracked down the brodkil camp, our heroes slay the demons, save the prisoners, encounter a human collaborator, and learn who was truly behind the attacks.
A Grand Tour September 10th, 2018 Gilgamesh comes to Remnant to get a motorcycle or fifty.

Yang is there to give him some guidance.

Dinnertime at the Apartment September 6th, 2018 As thanks for saving Roy, Solty invites her new friends to dinner!
Payback is a *bleep*! September 5th, 2018 Solty Revant's intro scene! Roy is in trouble and needs help, and several Multiversals show up to help him!
Wheat and Weapons February 17th, 2017 A King totally doesn't get lost. Farmlands are the best places to have philosphical talks about law, treasure and opulence.
System Tower, Floor 55 - Bodybuilder Parade February 16th, 2017 The Tower has returned to Britannica, sapping system resources and generally being a nuisance.
Operation: Secret Father February 12th, 2017 General Peter Van Doorn, a high profile member of the UN and a key contributor of vital resources to the XCOM Project is under fire.

Both XCOMs and Elite presence move to assist.


Title Date Scene Summary
Requiescet In Aurum (Gilgamesh) July 15th, 2019 Gilgamesh has a sit-down conversation with a dead man and a roman cosplay enthusiast.
Shutur Eli Sharri (Gilgamesh) October 22nd, 2018 Gilgamesh continues his path through the Epic that is his past and his future as he enacts it in the modern world.
Sha Naqba Imuru (Gilgamesh) September 26th, 2018 Gilgamesh reads the Epic of Gilgamesh.