The Great Work

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The Great Work (Plotsys ID: -1)
Love makes you do the craziest of things, even things that defy the natural order. A heartbroken and desperate man approaches those who will aid him after his world unifies, and he’s given the opportunity to set things straight.
Base Info
TP Scale: Major
TP Runner(s): 741
Attached Theme: Original
Other Contacts: None
Target Audience: Everyone
Genre & Tone: Mixed

Events So Far


In reality it all started when Medusa Gorgon was seemingly killed by D in the icy north of her own world in January. It was all quiet until...


The world of Danbur has unified some months ago, and a distress signal is sent out from the outskirts of a village in the countryside. Those who responded met with Pius Athanor, a master alchemist who was at odds with the villagers due to him neglecting his work due to being consumed with a special project of his; his Magnum Opus.

Pius did not mind sharing the details around this great work of his when asked. A project he has to focus on to bring a dead person back to life. It is complicated work however, and the ingredients and reagents that are vital to this alchemical process are rare and hard to get a hold of. The State which appoints alcemists is also not too happy about matters that dwell into death. In order to restore life he mainly needs help with creating a new body for the essence of the dead person to live in. And the essence he has safely secured and keeps on his person at all times.

The Elites agreed to aid him with his task as long as he promised to uphold his duties to the village, which Pius happily agreed to. There was also the demand that Pius be honest and let those involved know the full nature of his Magnum Opus.

Stage Calcination

At a later meeting he called Elites to him to discuss the reagents he will need for his Magnum Opus. In order to create a body that is strong enough to house the essence of a departed person, he needs strong reagents.

The Reagents

A tooth from a magical creature that does not eat meat

Gotten from a unicorn filly in Equestria with the help of Rarity, Twilight Sparkle and Staren. A magical heist with sparkles and pretty dresses.

Five gallons of dragon blood

This was taken from a dangerous dragon that had burnt down several villages in Danbur. Several Elites faced off against the beast in a bloody battle that luckily went in their favor.

Essence of Lightning

Diane led a small group consisting of Mandy Rose, Rory White, Lyria Mason and Hiei to the coastal city of Emis, where an unnatural storm had been raging for days. Upon arriving there they learned that the storm was sentient, and it took the form of an elemental that they chased around before they were able to gather lightning from it.

A pure mineral that does not melt

After a long trek to an abandoned village and its old mine Diane and the adventurers find traces of metal, as well as a large reptilian beast that was none too pleased at the company. Regina of Borg managed to kill it however with the help of Hiei, Rory and Lyria, and the mineral was recovered with minor injuries inflicted upon the Elites.

A venom that can corrode platinum

Hana led a party consisting of Pius, Diane, Kagenash, Hiei, Rory White, Staren, Lyria Mason and Mandy to a forest where they met a moth monster who had some strong venom that he would only share with them if they helped him gather food for his family. Thanks to Kagenashi and Lyria this was easily accompished.

Stage Congelation

Staren and Pius discuss the Magnum Opus and just who Pius seeks to revive. In addition Staren reveals his own immortality and makes an interesting offer to the Athanor siblings.

Stage Fermentation

The time came for the next part of the construction of the human body for the Magnum Opus. Many of the components were finished, but it had to all be placed together in a timely fashion. Sadly an interruption came in the form of a villager, and the Elites had to rush to relocate a whole workshop full of human parts and alchemic materials.

Luckily they were successful, and they managed to assist Pius and Diane in combining the parts. Now what remains is only to wait.

Stage Multiplication

Pius wishes to extend his gratitude to those who have helped him so far with his Magnum Opus. How? By hosting a feast at the Athanor Mansion!

Stage Projection

       Her body is destroyed
       But what nature has neglected the fruit of modern science shall provide
       And I've broken every code of practice
       But for my love I'd shift the planet's axis
       She'll return to me when she's been repaired
       She'll live again
       And I swear I can see the gleam
       In her eyes amidst the new machines
       And at night I can hear her whisper...
       (The Clockwork Quartet - The Doctor's Wife ~

After much work it was time to let the essence of Pius's youngest sister join with the body he had prepared, yet nobody were expecting the results that happened as Medusa Gorgon was brought back to life. In the struggle that ensued Pius was heavily injured and taken away, while the Confederates ensured Medusa's escape by taking her back to the Citadel.

Other Information

Pius's state is still uncertain...


Title Date Scene Summary
The Cold Dark January 9th, 2015 Medusa and another witch do their very best to awaken an ancient evil, with the Union doing their best to prevent eternal winter from rising again. D however, has another focus as well...
Catalyst April 8th, 2015 Elites find their way to the Athanor manor, where they are met by an angry mob and an eccentric alchemist.
Stage Calcination April 15th, 2015 Pius discusses the reagents he will need in order to carry out his Magnum Opus.
Bite May 7th, 2015 It's time to gather a tooth from a magical creature that does not eat meat. Pius and Diane get help from Twilight, Rarity and Staren (as well as Spike) in a complicated plan that involves lots and lots of glitter. And a pretty dress.
Cold Blood May 19th, 2015 The second reagent for the Magnum Opus is gathered from a fierce fire breathing dragon that has terrorised the country side.
A Touch of Magic May 21st, 2015 Diane brings Lyria, Rory, Mandy and Hiei with her to the storm struck city of Emis to hunt down a stray tempest. All in hopes of getting an essence of lightning.
A Glimmering Surface May 27th, 2015 The fourth reagent must be found! Diane leads a group to some mines where they find more than just minerals.
Monstrous Venom June 1st, 2015 Hana leads an expedition to gather monster venom, and the party gets a task to fulfil.
Stage Congelation June 2nd, 2015 Staren and Pius have a talk, both gaining insight in their own way.
Stage Fermentation June 4th, 2015 Staren, Rory and Lyria literally get their hands full when the Magnum Opus is in sudden peril!
Stage Multiplication June 5th, 2015 After some hard work it's time to celebrate.
FINALE: Stage Projection June 10th, 2015 The time has come for the Magnum Opus to be completed.
Medical Care for the Nurse June 11th, 2015 Hiei is dead set on visiting Medusa in medical, and Sanary does her best to work amidst his demands. Which evokes a response from Medusa herself.


Title Date Scene Summary
Diane's Diary April 8th (Pius Athanor) April 8th, 2015 Diane become hopeful when the Elites arrive and promise to help Pius.
Diane's Diary May 20th (Pius Athanor) May 20th, 2015 Nights are no longer quiet in the Athanor mansion as Pius becomes more focused.
Diane's Diary May 22nd (Pius Athanor) May 22nd, 2015 Pius begins having one sided conversations with the amphora.
Diane's Diary May 31st (Pius Athanor) May 31st, 2015 Diane witnesses how Pius becomes more and more obsessed with his work.
Diane's Diary June 2nd (Pius Athanor) June 2nd, 2015 The topics of ethics and immortality weigh heavily on Diane's mind as she prepares to assist her brother for the final stages.
Diane's Diary June 6th (Pius Athanor) June 6th, 2015 The Magnum Opus is in the final stages, but Diane can't stop thinking.
Diane's Diary June 9th (Pius Athanor) June 9th, 2015 A younger sister never stops worrying even if there's light ahead.
Escape (Medusa Gorgon) June 11th, 2015 Death is no pleasant experience.