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Touta Konoe (Scenesys ID: 1143)
I don't care about getting stronger. I've got a dream that's a little bigger than that.
Full Name: Touta Konoe
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Theme: (FC) UQ Holder-1
Function: Eternal Dreamer
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Unaffiliated (N/A)
Groups: Gatecrashers Union
Other Information
Physical Age: 14 Actual Age: 6
Still Aging? No Voice Actor: N/A
Height: Short Weight: N/A
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark-Brown
Theme Song: N/A


A member of UQ Holder (a mutual aid organization for people beyond the human world comprised of non-humans and immortal-beings), Touta Konoe is tasked with responsibilities that most normal fourteen year olds would not be able to handle. But with an optimistic attitude and an immortal vampire body he's not too worried. Having only two years worth of memories, Touta makes an effort to learn everything he can whether it be singing, writing, mechanics, or cooking. While he tends to be a bit of a quick study, the one thing he picks up better than anything else is how to fight. In terms of combat Touta has plenty going for him beyond his immortality. An innate battle instinct, the ability to use Ki to strengthen his body, a magical sword, and the mysterious magical entities of the Black of Venus and the White of Mars that inhabit his body. Yet when he compares himself to his like he has a large pair of shoes to fill.



Magia Erebea:

Magia Erebea is one of two magical powers dwelling in Toutas body. This dark magic is the primary source of his immortality.

Immortality: Touta can survive fatal wounds due to his primary source of immortality. But if Toutas head is detached from his body for a prolonged period of time or a fatal wound occurs while Magia Erebea is negated, Touta will perish. Healing - Self: Regeneration allows him to heal in seconds. Unless completely destroyed, he wont regenerate a new limb because it is still intact and magically linked to his body. These limbs work while detached and can be reattached from a distance. Super-Humanity: Harnessing the magic of Magia Erebea, Toutas arms change into black gauntlets that allow him to fight at his peak, magnifying all his super-human capabilities beyond the extent that using Ki alone is able to provide him.

Circuli Absorptionis:

  • Power Copy - 2: Using Magia Erebea, Touta is able to take a magic/skill he has absorbed and merge the characteristics of it with his soul. Ex. By absorbing lightning, he could gain lightning fast flight and thought by becoming charged particles.


Ki User:

Through constant martial arts training and continuously bringing the body to its limits Touta is able to use Ki to perform superhuman feats.

Weapon Mastery: Hand to Hand (Super Humanity): Touta has a natural sense for martial arts that has surprised those who have fought for years. He was originally taught how to fight in order to train using his Ki which would later improve his physical capabilities to unnatural feats. Superior Strength: Toutas capable of casually swinging his sword at a weight comparable to a heavy utility truck. Yet, he is still able to maintain control of the blade when its even heavier than that without his arm ripping off from the weight. Extraordinary Senses: Toutas battle instinct lets him to react to attacks with killing intent, Allowing him to react to ambushes by trading blows or using a Ki shield to defend. It proves ineffective if an attack is non-lethal, or the intent isnt towards him.


An instant movement technique performed by placing Ki into his feet and using the least amount of footsteps necessary to travel from point A to point B.

Flash Movement: While not moving at speed of sound, Shundo allows for one to move beyond the extent normal eyes can keep up. Mobility: Through practice Touta has been able to use Shundo to run on water, wall run, and even perform Shundo in mid-air granting double jumps.

Gravity Blade:

A sword that was sealed within the depths of the earth below the UQ Holder base until Touta claimed it for his own. The blade is able of altering its weight from being that of a normal katana, to that of 500,000 times its original weight.
  • Incapacitation: Due to its ability to alter the weight of his blade, Toutas able to pin down enemies under the weight of the blade to force them into submission.

Weapon Mastery - Gravity Blade: Besides being proficient enough with Kurobo to block gunfire, Touta has developed a fighting style that alters the speed and power of his swings by adjusting the weight of the gravity blade.


Using a hula-hoop Touta can control the flow of his own blood and Ki, allowing him to separate the two magical powers in his body.
  • Anti-Magic: Through direct contact or a non-damaging beam from his fist, Touta can negate magic using the second magic power in his body, 'Magic Cancel'. The best way to stop this is trying to stop the Hula-Hoop needed to keep Revolution going.

Damage Reduction: Touta can absorb magic and skills by using Revolution. It also allows for better control of his Ki, allowing him to form Ki Shields that can block bladed attacks at pin-point locations of his body. Attack Redirection: Instead of assimilating skills/ magic that Touta absorbs, he can choose to redirect the attack instead. Though if the hoop stops while he has something stored it will either leak out of his body or explode.


Sable Sidestick:NPC:

Toutas sword, Kurobo is not only magical in that it is able to alter its weight, but is also capable of speaking. While not capable of independent combat the blade is capable of returning to Touta should he need his trusty Sable Sidestick.

Like a Hurricane: Remote Manipulation:

Touta is capable of rotating objects/people in close proximity to him into the air around him. There is no combat application that he has specifically applied to it, and hence is more of a novelty trick/ training routine at this point.

Black of Venus:

Magia Erebea while granting Touta Immortality seems redundant considering hes a vampire, it has granted him assets that strangely benefit his vampire physiology.
  • Anti-Intangible/Spirit: A passive effect of Magia Erebeas power is to imbue Toutas strikes whether with his fists or weapon to strike most spiritual entities that would attempt to become intangible.

Low Intake: Toutas body is completely fueled by the two magical powers inside him. While he is able to eat and breathe, he does not need to. It has also relinquished any vampiric desire for him to drink blood. He is not aware of this however.

Vampire Physiology:

By drinking the blood of a vampire, Toutas acquired several benefits of immortality.

Agelessness: Due to Toutas vampire physiology, hes no longer capable of aging so he will retain the appearance of a junior high student eternally. Environmental Protection: Due to Toutas lack of necessity for oxygen he has no issues sustaining himself in the vacuum of space or the depths of the ocean. Remote Manipulation: Because of how Toutas immortality works, even if a limb is cut off it is still able to function. Even while detached it can still feel pain, move on its own, or be called back to reattach from a distance.

Intuitive Genius:

Due to Toutas memory loss, Touta takes it upon himself to learn many different sorts of tasks which he can usually pick up by watching once.

Skills - Domestic Skills: Touta is capable of performing domestic tasks such as cooking, paperwork, finances, etc. on a professional after having the task explained to him once.

Skills - Hobbyist: By watching others Toutas able to pick up on hobbies such as singing, musical instruments, creative writing, painting, and gaming then perform them at a proficient level by watching someone of a professional level.

Skills - Handyman: Through observing those around him, Touta has been able to adopt proficient skills in regards to tasks such as vehicle repair, home repair, and other such chores of a handymen simply by watching them in action.


No One Deserves To Die <Trouble>: One would think that obtaining immortality would diminish one's own value of life, but in Touta's case it was the opposite. Once Touta had become a vampire one of the first things to come to his mind was how his abilities could help people. While that can mean just playing with the orphaned children at the UQ Holder base, usually it means fighting to protect those who can't protect themselves. Touta goes out of his way to make sure that casualties are at zero. While that's good in regards to protecting innocent civilians, this ends up extending to people he is fighting against too. Even when dealing with murderous individuals, he refuses to kill. Instead Touta would try to see them locked away in hopes that they may contemplate on their actions and have a change of heart. It is to such an extent that even if he were to go berserk using Magia Erebea, he would rather rebel against the powers that grant him his immortality, leaving him incapable of healing than to potentially kill someone.

Soft Spot for the Dreamers <Significant>: Due to Touta's memory loss he feels as though he has less than others, this is especially true when it comes to ambitious goals. Where many people have detailed desires they want, Touta's goal is merely to "Make it big." For that reason he finds people who have large ambitions and goals that seem challenging as admirable people. It is for this same reason he dislikes it when others would think it is okay to ridicule them for those dreams. Depending on the severity of the taunting he may just give the person a discouraging look to persuade them to back off, to completely butting into the conversation and threatening the individual. If the person was to do something that went beyond simply teasing, and more towards the disruption or sabotage of an individual's dream, Touta is more likely to go beyond just simply throwing threats around taking actions to help the person whose dream is being squandered or taking down the person who is trying to ruin it.

Beast Within <Significant>: While Magia Erebea is a powerful magic, it is considered a Black Magic, a form of magic that relies on negative emotions and feelings. While Touta tends to be an upbeat guy should something traumatic happen to him such as watching a friend being tortured or killed in front of his eyes it can force the activation of Magia Erebea putting Touta into a berserk like rage that while strengthening him almost completely removes his consciousness. Because of this he becomes incapable of making rational decisions only acting on instinct which prevents him from utilizing other advantages besides the ones provided by Magia Erebea and simply swinging his sword around like a beast. It also puts him in a state where he is more likely to maim or kill those around him. He is able to stop himself from doing this by rejecting Magia Erebeas power, but in doing so he suppresses the very source of his immortality leaving him in a temporary state where Magia Erebea is negated leaving him vulnerable to actual death.

Magic Malfunction?! <Minor>: Touta is incapable of using normal forms of magic or any sort of magical items due to White of Mars within his body. When attempting to use magical items he may even end up breaking them.

Getting My Head On Straight <Minor>: When Touta's head gets completely blown off and his head begins to reform during that time he feels out of it, and becomes momentarily unaware of his surroundings. Generally he will feign awareness of the situation but it takes him a moment or so to get his bearings back on the situation.


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