'Tis the Season to be Candied (Toph Beifong)

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'Tis the Season to be Candied (Toph Beifong)
Date of Cutscene: 31 October 2014
Location: New York-199999
Synopsis: Toph and Tony go trick or treating together, and both are rather happy with their costumes.
Cast of Characters: 20, 301

The kids usually come in larger groups than this. Mr and Mrs Johnson look at the two people on their front porch, then at each other, still a bit dumbstruck. While Malibu is a place with lots and lots of celebrities and famous people, it isn't that often that said people show up on your doorstep. And certainly not on Halloween... and not wearing /that/. The usually outspoken Mrs Johnson finds herself as a loss of words as she peers up at the grinning man and tries to process the fact that /he/ is standing on her front step amidst the pumpkins and fake cobwebs.

Usually he's seen wearing a masculine business suit, not a feminine one with a pencil skirt and panty hose that don't really manage to hide those hairy legs. That styled red wig, no matter how fancy, still doesn't draw the attention away from his trademark facial hair. Still, Tony Stark grins widely and without any shame, waiting patiently while the shorter figure next to him reaches up a pumpkin styled bag, metal creaking slightly with her movements. Many kids in the city dress up as the famous alter ego of Stark, though none of them go all the way out with a full body metal suit complete with shining lights. It actually looks like the real thing, and if the suit wasn't so small Mr Johnson could have sworn it was the real deal.

"Trick or treat!" Toph's eager and cheery voice sounds tinny from inside the helmet, though it should be pretty easy to imagine those hopeful eyes and wide grin. Especially when this house too opts for handing out candy.

"You should have gone for the higher heels, dad," Toph states with a slight giggle as they head on down the driveway and towards the next house. The billionaire superhero arches a bemused eyebrow and peers down at her as she marches on, seemingly more comfortable in her costume than he is in his. Not that he lets it show, however. "You know I can't walk in those, honey." When Toph responds, he swears he can hear her grinning. "Which is why it would be even more fun!" She doesn't hesitate as she hurries down the sidewalk with a bounce in each metalclad step, eager to head on to the next house that awaits them. This is the best holiday ever!