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Multiverse Crisis MUSH - Application Form 5.2


1a. Who are you? What is your name or online alias, and what is your age?

2a. Have you roleplayed before, and if so, who and where? If you're new, how'd you find us? If you play here or previously played here, please list all of your current or most recent characters. If you're requesting a 7th or 8th character slot, say so here.

3a. Do you need a wiki account? If so, give us a login name (that is not itself a character name) and an e-mail address to associate with it. If you already have one and want one to preserve a secret alt, specify as much.


Your Profile, Advantages, and Disadvantages (Flaws) are your face on the MUSH. They tell people who you are, what you can do, and what you stumble at. Please remove all examples before submitting the application form. (For example --> Name: Your character's name. 18 character limit, no special letters. <-- should simply read --> Name: Link)

1b. Profile

Name: Your character's name. 18 character limit.

Faction: See News Factions for details. Concord, Paladins, Watch, Unaffiliated.

Function: What your character does, or a title. Like 'Demon Hunter' or 'Gundam Pilot'. Can be silly or serious.

Series: Your character's series and themelisting number. For example, Pokemon-6, Star Wars-1, etc.

Quote: Something your character HAS said, or which they might say.

Profile: A general summary of your character, incorporating elements of personality, history, advantages, and disadvantages. Should be brief.

2b. Character Type: What kind of character are you applying for? Categories are FCs (Canon Characters), OFCs (AU takes on canon characters), and OCs (Original Characters).

3b. Advantages

This section is divided into three categories: DEFINING, SIGNIFICANT and MINOR. Some advantages have a minimum advantage classification. For more information, please refer to

For examples of already approved advantages, use +comply in-game and +advantages with the characters' names to look at their advantages. You can also view this spreadsheet for a more detailed breakdown of many common and (some uncommon) advantages.

3b-1. Advantages: Defining advantages are those that make your character unique; i.e., if they didn't have them, they wouldn't be who they are. They are the most often used and obvious part of your character's abilities. Your character has two of these.

(APP EXAMPLE, REMOVE WHEN FILLING OUT: Buster System <Copy1>: Megaman can copy one attack from an enemy's arsenal. This is easier to do on a defeated foe, and the target's player determines the attack received.)

3b-2. Advantages: Significant advantages are tricks, powers and skills your character uses often, but may not be a part of the character's core identity. Your character has four of these.

3b-3. Advantages: Minor advantages are things that are useful to the character, but are generally only useful occasionally and lack potency. There is no limit on these, but please keep them to a reasonable level.

3b-4. Advantage Breakdown: Explain the breakdown of your Advantages. As previously mentioned, each Advantage is allowed to have, at most, three well-defined tricks in it. This section is here to clearly define what you're asking for with each advantage entry, in simple bullet-pointed terms.

(APP EXAMPLE, REMOVE WHEN FILLING OUT: Observer Models: As older observer models, they specialize in medical treatment and maintenance. They are capable of both rapidly healing allies during combat as well as maintaining and repairing damaged gear outside of combat. The two also possess the Near-Field Control System, granting them a pseudo-telekinetic control over their weapons at short range. This allows them to fight with multiple close-ranged weapons simultaneously. In this example, the applicant might put down that -> OBSERVER MODELS: This advantage provides:

  • Healing
  • Repair
  • Weapon Telekinesis <- with similar entries for each advantage.)

4b. Disadvantages

This is split into three sections: TROUBLE, SIGNIFICANT and MINOR. You must have at least one disadvantage in every category. Keep in mind, the idea is for flaws to be used and to generate RP, rather than simply a thing that justifies your characters powers; flaws that if exploited prevent your character from roleplaying are generally not good flaws. For more information, please consult

4b-1. Disadvantages: A Trouble is a deficiency in your character's personality that can be exploited against them in almost any circumstance; rather than hindering your character in a crippling way, it should be something that other players can use to generate conflict in a scene.

(APP EXAMPLE, REMOVE WHEN FILLING OUT: Nobody Calls Me Chicken <Trouble>: Marty McFly has an issue with being accused of cowardice. Using this, he can be goaded into doing something risky or just plain stupid so long as it's framed around, 'What are ya... chicken?!' Even if he doesn't do EXACTLY what he's expected to, he can be counted on to pull some crazy stunt parallel to the accusation.)

4b-2. Disadvantages: Significant disadvantages can be anything nontrivial that can be used against your character, be it physical, mental or something else.

4b-3. Disadvantages: Minor are disadvantages that can be a little obscure, or that don't come up often, but are still an issue for your character; they can also be something that comes up often but is more inconvenient than an outright impediment.

5b. Themelisting

If a +themelisting does not already exist for your character, you will have to write one yourself. This should be a concise description of the setting from which the character comes, and if it is a modified/non-canon theme it should usually explain how it diverges from the original. Additionally, we'd be interested in knowing if there are any series -- preferably but not necessarily existing in our standing +themelists -- that you'd be interested in seeing your theme mixing with as neighbors in the Multiverse.


1c. Personality

Describe your character's personality, in 500 words or more. We want an overview of their motivations, hopes, fears, and failings. For OCs, this is meant to establish their general character but isn't set in stone. For FCs, this is to demonstrate to us that you know the character you're asking to play. If you need help, take a look at Nathan Hall's personality guide. Note that 2c and 3c count towards your word count.

2c. Factional Relations

Why is your character in the faction that they're in, or failing that, why aren't they in a faction at all? If you're in a faction, what sort of conflict might your character have with that faction's ideology, and how might it be resolved in play?

3c. In the Multiverse

How does being in the Multiverse change things for, or about your character? What would motivate them to go out and interact beyond the borders of their own world?

4c. Background

Give us a brief, concise overview of your character's background. More thorough backgrounds are expected of alternate universe takes on canon characters, high-powered original characters, and some other special cases. Otherwise, keep this shorter than your personality section.

5c. Combat

Give us an idea of how good your character is in a fight, with emphasis on relative effectiveness and importance in their source material. Specific questions to answer: Do they have room to grow, and if so how much? Where do they sit in their setting-- are they the final boss, a recurring midboss, a one-off, or something else? If this is an OC, why is your character where they are in their hierarchy? Optionally suggest a PL or range you think is appropriate, but understand it's non-binding and by default not discussed with applicants.

6c. Why? (OPTIONAL): This question must only be answered if you're applying for a Restricted concept, or if Staff prompts you to answer it. Why do you want to play this character? What do you want to do with them that you can't get out of something else, or something more simple? Can you handle it if it doesn't work out? What do you want to get out of it RP-wise, and what do you expect other people to get out of it in turn?

7c. Miscellaneous: This is just a miscellaneous field. If you have any notes or special requests (potential defection notices, for example), this is the place to put them.

Once you're done filling the application form out, submit it in the body of an e-mail to with a subject line of: Character Application - NAME - FACTION