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Multiverse Crisis MUSH - Upgrade Application 5.0

1. Who are you upgrading?

What is the name of the character you want to upgrade? If you're changing their @name, please say so here.

2. Advantages

If you are updating your Advantages, fill out the appropriate categories below with your COMPLETE UPDATED ENTRY with all the other advantages for that section included. You do not need to include entries you're not updating. So, for example, if the only thing you're updating is Defining advantages, that's all you should fill out below. For more information, please refer to http://multiversemush.com/mw/index.php?title=Advantages

For examples of already approved advantages, use +comply in-game and +advantages with the characters' names to look at their advantages. You can also view this spreadsheet for a more detailed breakdown of many common and (some uncommon) advantages.

2-1. Defining

Defining advantages central to your character go here. You may have two.

2-2. Significant

Significant advantages important to your character go here. You may have four.

2-3. Minor

Minor advantages ancillary to your character go here. You have no limit, subject to common sense.

2b. Advantages: Patch Notes

If you are updating your Advantages, tell us what you are adding, modifying, or removing here.

2c. Advantage Breakdown

Explain the breakdown of your Advantages. As a reminder, each Advantage is allowed to have, at most, three well-defined tricks in it. This section is here to clearly define what you're asking for with each advantage entry, in simple bullet-pointed terms.

(APP EXAMPLE, REMOVE WHEN FILLING OUT: Observer Models: As older observer models, they specialize in medical treatment and maintenance. They are capable of both rapidly healing allies during combat as well as maintaining and repairing damaged gear outside of combat. The two also possess the Near-Field Control System, granting them a pseudo-telekinetic control over their weapons at short range. This allows them to fight with multiple close-ranged weapons simultaneously. In this example, the applicant might put down that -> OBSERVER MODELS: This advantage provides:

  • Healing
  • Repair
  • Weapon Telekinesis <- with similar entries for each advantage.)

3. Disadvantages

If you are updating your Disadvantages, put the COMPLETE UPDATED +DISADVANTAGES here. Note that we require a minimum of three Disadvantages on every character, one Trouble, one Significant and one Minor.

3b. Disadvantages: Patch Notes

If you are updating your Disadvantages, tell us what you are adding, modifying, or removing here. Remember to tag them as <Trouble>, <Significant>, or <Minor>. Remember to tag them, too! (so "Flaw Name <Trouble>")

4. Profile Changes

If you are changing your +finger information (Function, Quote, or Profile), put the new fields here.

5. Power Level

If you want to request a power level increase, tell us your current power level, what power level you are requesting, and give us justification for the increase.

6. Justification

What are the reasons for this upgrade? What happened (or what will happen) to justify it? If this is an update application, feel free to leave this blank.

Send your completed application to mcmush@gmail.com with a subject of Upgrade Application - Character Name as PLAIN ASCII TEXT in the message's body.