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Welcome to Multiverse Crisis MUSH!

We are an application-only role playing site with broad inclusion of characters and settings from anime, video games, movies, books, sci-fi, and more. We are receptive to Alternate Universe takes on existing series, and original characters. If there's something you're interested in role playing, there is a pretty good chance that you can find it here!

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Port: 5001

Information & Registration

This wiki is a repository for MCM's in-game information, including news files, character profiles, logs, etc.

To request an account, please submit a WIKI REQUEST telling us who you are on the MUSH (sorry, non-players need not apply), what account name you'd like (please avoid using character @names unless they are names that are unlikely to be re-used if you quit), and what e-mail address you want your password sent to.

Command String: +request/wiki Wiki Account=<details here>

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Upcoming Scheduled Scenes

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SCENE TIMES APPEAR IN GMT/UTC. You can use THIS page to help find yourself.

Title Time Description
Out-fox-ing the Need of Money 2017-07-25 23:00:00 Thanks to a bit of banter, and a really bad idea, Tamamo is gonna try to solve a /slight/ money problem.... by robbing a bank! After all, the queen demands her tax, and the bank has /just enough/ to cover it! (Open scene to stop the Servant and her friend or to join her! Cap of 6)
The White Walls 2017-07-25 23:00:00 The northern city of Whitewall, far away from the fracturing but still mighty Realm, plays a delicate game of diplomacy between the ruthless powers of the frozen cardinal direction of Air. Though protected by a trio of mighty gods, the Syndics, their grand city, oh so rare in the ice and snow, is desired by many.

Dealing the local gods, the icewalkers, the beastly tribes, the Fair Folk and even the Dead, the threat that troubles them most, staunchly refusing their best advances, is the fabled Golden Bull of the North; a powerful Solar warlord, and one of the only Solars strong and bold enough to act openly in Creation. Having amassed an army that sweeps across the north, he battles the Wyld and the Underworld, but also his fellow man, conquering everything in his way under the steamroller of his seemingly invincible, divinely trained and empowered army of united tribes.

Whitewall has had enough. The Multiverse opens diplomatic options previously unavailable. Simply put, the city of three gods entreats all who will listen to deal with the Solar warlord once and for all, any way, at any cost.

And yet, they are not the only ones with designs on the venerated Chosen of the Sun.

Setup scene for a bit of a plot. Come one, come all! No knowledge of Exalted necessary! There are multiple sides to this conflict, however, and it might be that not all elect to choose the same side in scenes to come.

System Tower: Floor 73 2017-07-26 22:00:00 The Tower has returned to Locus once more, draining the Drive into a rolling blackout, Charta has put out an emergency call for assistance, as Diamond Soul has already entered the Tower, but has not come out again yet even after several hours. She has put up a standard Locus care package as a reward, plus several thousand credits on top for swift response.
Starlight Summons 2017-07-27 23:00:00 In a curious, unprecedented action, the Starlight Bandits have put out a call for assistance from the kingdom of Chapter. For what is unclear. However, it is very directed at the Watch in general. Is it simply because their two biggest fans are over there, or is it more direct than that?

(OOC: Primarily a Watch scene, but the Bandits will put out the call over +J so feel free to come along also!)

A last gift 2017-07-29 21:00:00 Same scene, just pushed back in date.
MISSION: Binary Star (1) 2017-07-29 23:00:00 The first scene of the Starbound+SAO crossover miniplot! This one will last a little longer.

The Starbound Flotilla head off to pursue a lead. And only a few hours later, an array of distress beacons activate in a region of orbit over a particular Earth best known for its VRMMOs and its VRMMO-influenced reality. And yet... Not known for any sort of space travel. So what could be going on? And what does the Flotilla have to do with it?

Exploration, light breezy combat, and chances to grab some stuff for use in the upcoming scenes.

Greyhawk Castle Ruins 2017-07-30 18:00:00 Further dungeon diving adventures into the remains of Castle Greyhawk. Find fabulous loot! Get murdered and turned into part of an exciting new skeletal army organization! Do work for an irritating mysterious quest giver! (Laer, for the last.)

All are welcome, in spite of being for Laer this one's actually for a goodish cause.

OMNIous Festival 2017-07-30 22:00:00 The survey conducted by Inspiration Trust has revealed that the majority actually take little issue with OMNI. This equates to a rich vein of support that needs to be tapped. To do this they have decided to throw a charity concert. Beyond the limits of the city, but still within earshot. A concert for OMNI, to show it what human creativity can accomplish.

But there are those on both sides of the issue who would prefer such an act not go forward, through any means necessary.

(OOC: An open scene, anyone can come. Either to help with the concert, or work against it. Feel free to get in touch if you need help figuring out a hook!)

TRUE PSYCHIC TALES: Hot August Night 2017-08-03 23:00:00 Something's wrong with August Kohler. His Persona is glitching, he's acting out of character, and he tried to kill one of his closest friends and can't even reconcile why. Finally realizing this, he books an appointment with Flamel Parsons, Psychonaut Agent, to bring in a group of Elites to see what's going on...but the truth might be far scarier than he's expecting.

Exploration/investigation/combat scene, delve into August's mindscape and see how it's changed and what's going on. Cap of 8 excluding Flamel Parsons, some priority to those who were at the involved Persona scenes (but anyone can tag as long as August doesn't outright distrust you, and you'd know who you are).