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Welcome to Multiverse Crisis MUSH!

We are an application-only role playing site with broad inclusion of characters and settings from anime, video games, movies, books, sci-fi, and more. We are receptive to Alternate Universe takes on existing series, and original characters. If there's something you're interested in role playing, there is a pretty good chance that you can find it here!

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Port: 5001

Information & Registration

This wiki is a repository for MCM's in-game information, including news files, character profiles, logs, etc.

To request an account, please submit a WIKI REQUEST telling us who you are on the MUSH (sorry, non-players need not apply), what account name you'd like (please avoid using character @names unless they are names that are unlikely to be re-used if you quit), and what e-mail address you want your password sent to.

Command String: +request/wiki Wiki Account=<details here>

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Upcoming Scheduled Scenes

For an actual calendar view (which can give you full scene briefings): CLICK HERE!

SCENE TIMES APPEAR IN GMT/UTC. You can use THIS page to help find yourself.

Title Time Description
Knell of Ar Ciel Finale A - To The Ends of a Certain World 2017-05-27 23:00:00 The Wills of Ar Ciel have stood down from there assault. The final Will, Saki, gives Lyner and friends her blessing to proceed with Project Sotiris without any further interference.
It's time to go. 
Gathering together, they board the Phantom Cocoon and take off into the sky, then into the Sea of Death itself. They will go to the ends of the earth and find the core space. There will be no more delay.
Nova vs. Kid 2017-05-28 00:00:00 Nova questions the wisdom of placing someone called 'Kid' as leader of the Mighty. Kid is willing to prove his capabilities. Time for a showdown.

(OOC: Scheduled fight between the two! Feel free to come and gawk.)

Dorado Deadline 2017-05-28 22:00:00 The mayor of the city of Dorado has been playing both sides of the fence, working with the LumériCo corporation to build their fusion plant, but also has been working with Los Muertos and their oposition. This can't stand, the people deserve better, and Soldier: 76 is going to deliver it to them.
Knell of Ar Ciel Finale B - The End of All 2017-05-28 23:00:00 The final confrontation with the one behind everything.
The manifestation of Ar Ciel itself. 
Everything will come to an end. 
OOC: Finale A directly leads into this. Only those who attend A may attend B. Thank you for your time.
Proving Grounds: Trapper Shingle 2017-05-29 23:00:00 Kid has been given a position of authority in the Concord. He did not expect this, but he'll do his best to live up to it. First step, he reasons, is to learn to work better with everyone.

To that end, he's inviting people to Trapper Shingle, one of the surviving Proving Grounds of Caelondia. It was here that Trappers would learn the fast aim and faster footwork needed to hunt the strange creatures of the Wild. The course consists of a path that falls away under your feet, and turrets that serve as targets. You would need to run through, shooting them and avoiding the plummet to score well.

Normally, this would be done one at a time. But Kid reasons that if you threw up more targets, it could make an effective team-building exercise to encourage moving and fighting in unison. And if they fail? Well, it's just a long fall to the ground far below...

(OOC: Reposting this to the chedule because the server crash ate the last posting. Again, a c+xterm214Concordc/ scene, with a particular focus on The Mighty divison, though any from the faction can come. Expect action and tension! I'll take 6-8 participants.)

Greyhawk Continued 2017-05-30 23:00:00 Continuation from scene #5276, though I can work people in if they come in. Find the mysterious KT, enjoy a school full of asshole bards, find all the treasures!
Cultist Crackdown 2017-05-31 23:00:00 The investigation into poached animal pelts has lead somewhere no one expected.

Several cultists were arrested in the strange room below the Animist Chambers. Background checks confirm that each and every one of them is some middle-management civil servant. Standard interrogation techniques have proven less than useful. Each one only insists that they had done nothing wrong, and yet none of them are asking for lawyers.

To that end, it's time to call on some Elites willing to try and pry the truth from their lips...

(OOC: c+xterm106Paladinc/ focussed interrogation scene, but feel free to tag as a 'freelancer' if you want! There are multiple cultists, so it can be one-on-one or a group effort as players prefer. I'll take up to 6 players.)

Medical Intervention 2017-05-31 23:00:00 With Akashi prepping the room, it's time to get to work on removing the grafts of metal and sockets upon the captured converted humans, though, what surprises await when metal is separated from flesh? (Reminder scene for those involved, only tag if I've spoken to you before hand)
The Warp Iris: Confrontation 2017-06-01 23:00:00 The time has come.

Loci Iris, the sentient abortive universe, poses a quandry to all life in the Multiverse. They wish to coexist, live and learn alongside us. But its very presence is a psychohazard to sentient beings. A plan has been formulated, to have Loci Iris 'consume' the concept of love and friendship from Yuna Kagurazaka, a proven magical girl. It is hoped that this will make it more prosocial, and potentially easier to negotiate with.

And should this fail... well, efforts must be made to protect the Multiverse.

(OOC: A scene open to all. Negotiation that may devolve into combat, based on player input! I'll take up to 7 players.)