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Welcome to Multiverse Crisis MUSH!

We are an application-only role playing site with broad inclusion of characters and settings from anime, video games, movies, books, sci-fi, and more. We are receptive to Alternate Universe takes on existing series, and original characters. If there's something you're interested in role playing, there is a pretty good chance that you can find it here!

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This wiki is a repository for MCM's in-game information, including news files, character profiles, logs, etc.

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Title Time Description
What is Lost: Space Hulk 2016-09-30 23:00:00 The hab known as Hermes station had been independent, and a place for trade. Once such transaction would be the return of CEO Debra Doyle's long missing twin sister Deidra who would be returned by the freebooters who found her cryopod. Sadly the hab has been dark for weeks and Debra hired the Daedalus Initiative to look into the matter and recover the pod. Given the apparent vanishing of those who found it. The question is? Why is the colony dark? What's now lurking in the silent space hulk? Something's watching the Daedalus Initiative as they arrive but the question is what?
Time 4 PM PST 7 EST, Interested? Contact Kotone!
Those Who Would Hunt Gods (B) 2016-09-30 23:00:00 After much demand and petitioning to the Director of Fenir's Far East Branch, Kutsuuko has successfully secured a trial run for a Fenrir project conducted in conjunction with the Multiverse; an experimental, cross-world, anti-Aragami task force.

Fenrir's hope is that assembling teams of veteran combatants on a volunteer, on-call basis will ease their increasing work load, take on operations previously shelved for being too high-risk, and importantly, allow them to deploy experienced God Eaters far away from the Branch, without risking the lives of the new recruits in their absence, in order to survey areas of the continent human eyes haven't seen in decades.

Of course, the strict conditions on the project's acceptable losses for both PR and pragmatic reasons don't allow for any redneck monster hunter to sign a waiver and drive off into the wild. Fenrir's sole Union liaison gets two shots at a training exercise meant to verify Elite capabilities and present a satisfactory case.

Fenrir hosted combat-social for people who want to go beat up Aragami sooner or later. I'm posting one on Wednesday and one on Friday since the former is short notice. These are not connected scenes; a character need only attend one of them since they'll have roughly the same content.

Contact: Hookcloaks (1) 2016-10-01 23:00:00 A new party member, liked or not, has just been abducted in an ambush of Elites in sewer-like portion of Guillotine Square, known as the Gutter Disgorge. Some may be glad to be rid of Crow, but it is doubtful than anything good will come of allowing it to be taken by these ambushers. Something should PROBABLY be done... Or should it? What's one Shadow compared to the safety of Elites?

And what consequences might there be for choosing the path of the hero in a world seemingly bent on destroying heroic aspirations, one at a time?

chwThere's a web like a spider's web, made of silk, light, and shadow, spun by the moon, in my room at night. It's a web made to catch a dream, hold it tight 'til I awaken, as if to tell me that my dreaming's all right.c/

(Continuation/part two to Exploration: Guillotine Square. Prior participants only. Let me know if this day and time don't work for you. I'd run it on September 24th, but it looks like there's a couple other big scenes then.)

Yo Ro Shi Ku 2016-10-01 23:00:00 Light and darkness co-exist; where you find good, evil usually isn't that far away. And so it is in Tokyo-52605 - while the government agency Shinra does its best to uphold law and order in the face of the supernatural, the criminal youkai syndicate called Ouma works to undermine mortal authority and governance.

They aren't usually subtle about it.

And with the knowledge that Shinra's Multiversal allies - the Union - have enemies, the leaders of Ouma have decided it's time to see how the Confederacy can help them. The invitation has been sent out; who will answer it, by stepping into the monsters' den to discuss how they can assist each other?

Social scene for Confederates, kicking off the bad guys' side of the Resurrection of the Killing Stone TP. Supernaturally-inclined characters are encouraged, but Ouma won't turn technology types away.

Digital mayhem (2) 2016-10-02 21:00:00 After some negotiations, Alden agreed to help the Sovereigns deal with a rather difficult enemy, if successful, they agree to be more open to the idea of visitors in the digital world. This will be a combat scene for the most part, handled rp style, rather than using the hardcoded system. Everyone interested, feel free to contact Alden to ask about it.
The Forest Below 2016-10-02 21:30:00 The notebooks found in Syndey lead creedence to the theory that Yunomi had multiple labs outside the purview of the Izzet League. Below the Simic Combine lands, hanging in an underworld city between sky and sea, The Underground Forest waits -- but will it have more questions raised than answers found?

Or will it lead to Yunomi Stadler being a traitor to the guild she loved?

+Tag for Interest, Social/Combat

Forward Unto Capella 2016-10-02 22:00:00 Noemi Laporte survived her mental voyage through time and space and has some idea of where to go from here. But the path will be long, hard and dangerous. It'll be a race against time to try and stop Admiral Steele before he can mount a final offensive that dooms the chances of the Federation to end the war.

But Noemi has a plan, and that plan is going to require everything she and her allies can bring to bear. An armada.


Social/planning sort of scene to set the stage for a forth coming TP app, to see what people might like to explore or do. Feel free to come along even if you've not attended any so fa, part of the scene will be bringing people up to speed!

Worlds Beyond Pt.2 2016-10-03 22:00:00 "I've got a new dimension for you to investigate. Strictly recon. No one's laid eyes on it yet, but the scientists have been getting abnormally high readings for super-powered activity. That means a hero goes in first. Guess you're nominated. We're calling it Sigma Psi 20-7 for now. Come up with something catchier, and we'll put it in the database."

Another reconnaisance mission to an unexplored dimension... Hazardous work, but necessary to better understand the "local" multiverse and the threats it poses.

chwCity of Heroes Issue #1: Through The Looking Glass (Worlds Beyond)c/

(+schedule/tag for interest)

Stone Devils Cometh 2016-10-05 23:00:00 The Gutter Disgorge is a nasty place. But there may be another way to their destination. The tower seen from the base of Escher, the spire that leads up to the plane above, has its own base somewhere in Guillotine Square. There appears to be another way there in City Limits, some kind of abandoned subway... But there's no guarantee it's any safer.

Though it's likely cleaner.

chwStone and blood. Blade and bone. Allies where one might not expect to find them. Enemies around every corner.c/

(+scenes/tag for interest.)

Building A Better Deathtrap 2016-10-07 23:00:00 Making the Urban Decay near the Church of Bleak Mercy a bit more livable (or habitable, at least, given the residents that will be occupying such) seems doable now. Civilian Lanterns, long given up hope on rescue, mindlessly seeking only safety and meager comfort, are beginning to believe that there is a possibility of an existence better than misery, repeated dying, and eventual madness.

Also, somehow, they've caught wind of certain prophecies. Who started the rumors is unclear. But when the Living come to Lumiere to help the powerless, they will meet with a response unexpected... And actions unconscionable.

chwSome people want to watch the world die. Some want to engineer the slaughter.c/

(+scenes/tag for interest.)

The Nature of Darkness 2016-10-08 23:00:00 Much has been hinted at and some little spoken of regarding 'the Darkness'. Some force that threatens Lumiere... Or at least influences its future. What it is exactly remains unclear. Many from the Multiverse have heard whispers and promises of power from some deathly force. Those who have listened will receive their first taste as a decision is made about whether or not to assault the strong hold of the murderous Order known as the Stone Devils.

chxBlade or bond?c/

(+scenes/tag for interest)

NOTE: While all Lumiere scenes I run have repercussions and consequences further down the line that may not be immediately obvious, large or small, because I shape the story based on the actions of the people who participate... Some have bigger influences than others.

This scene is one of those. chrWhat is done here will have lasting and long-term repercussions.c/ There will be similar disclaimers for future scenes with these plot attachments.

P:WTWM - Training Excursion 2016-10-08 23:00:00 Die Reisenden has challenged the Woodsman to a duel. They are nowhere near ready, have horrible teamwork, and not enough experience with their powers. So, they're going into the Forest to fix all of these things, even if they can't remotely get up to his level in that short of time!

Light-medium combat, training scene. Limit of 8, priority goes to attendees of A Lesson on Courage.

System Tower, Floor 31 2016-10-20 23:00:00 The System Tower returns to Britannica after several floors have been cleared in other Drives. True to its nature, this is a hidden progressive-floor dungeon that disappears and reappears as each dungeon-floor is solved.

This will be a super spooky Halloween scene, but as I intend to run System Towers for Britannica, will be less combat and more dungeoneering and puzzles. Bring your brain caps and your bat-utility belts! And the spooks. Always the spooks.

P:WtWM - To Face Courage 2016-10-21 23:00:00 The gauntlet has been thrown down.

On this day, Die Reisenden will face the Red Woodsman in combat.

Victory will go to the most couragous.

(OOC: A brutal fight scene. Priority goes to attendees of 'A Lesson on Bravery.' I'll cap it at 7-8 or so.)