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Welcome to Multiverse Crisis MUSH!

We are an application-only role playing site with broad inclusion of characters and settings from anime, video games, movies, books, sci-fi, and more. We are receptive to Alternate Universe takes on existing series, and original characters. If there's something you're interested in role playing, there is a pretty good chance that you can find it here!

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Port: 5001

Information & Registration

This wiki is a repository for MCM's in-game information, including news files, character profiles, logs, etc.

To request an account, please submit a WIKI REQUEST telling us who you are on the MUSH (sorry, non-players need not apply), what account name you'd like (please avoid using character @names unless they are names that are unlikely to be re-used if you quit), and what e-mail address you want your password sent to.

Command String: +request/wiki Wiki Account=<details here>

SceneSys Log Page

Upcoming Scheduled Scenes

For an actual calendar view (which can give you full scene briefings): CLICK HERE!

SCENE TIMES APPEAR IN GMT/UTC. You can use THIS page to help find yourself.

Title Time Description
Exit Wound-3 2024-02-23 23:00:00 What was that about psychohazards again?

OOC: Csys!

Trouble Fitting In? 2024-02-24 18:00:00 Madeleine invites Marc from Sapient Heuristics to lunch. Closed scene!
To Go Into The Pipe 2024-02-24 18:30:00 For the last few years, Director Kuran has been spending much of her time back on her own world attempting to broker the integration of human and vampire societies, presently kept separate by a masquerade, enforced by vampires and select members of human society possessing the ability to erase memories. As plans wind towards a close with a concrete plan on the horizon, a dissenting party interjects from the shadows.

In the streets of a city at the edge of the world, the group trees their quarry. cuFinale to Work For An Axec/.

c+xterm214A Concord Story.c/

Oneshot v0.FINAL 2024-02-25 23:00:00 You only had one shot.

c+yellowPrior attendance required.c/

A Moment of Shade 2024-02-26 23:00:00 After a couple rough months, Lobotomy Corp agrees with Sougo to give a day off for its employees for an expense-paid spa day.

Mildly Concord flavored but any employee of LobCorp or anyone who helped with one of the meltdowns is welcome.

Dragon The Answers Out 2024-02-27 23:00:00 Dysnomia has some questions for Angela. She will try to answer them. She may even succeed!

Closed Scene

FAITH: Act II 2024-02-29 01:00:00 Michael Davies is safe and sound. For the time being, the forest surrounding Snake Meadow Hill is, if not 'safe,' 'safer.' An investigation of an abandoned house in that same forest revealed links between Michael's possession and the possession of one Amy Martin, roughly a year ago. After an encounter with Amy in those woods, Father Berislav has called for further investigation into the mysterious cult seemingly responsible.

(OOC: Open to the Watch/previous attendees/friends of Berislav.)

The Lindorm 2024-02-29 23:00:00 Now that you're home again, could I show you what I've been--

c+xterm0!+xterm9 DELETED c/

With Rita here again, I figured--

c+xterm0!+xterm9 DELETED c/

Now that you've FINALLY come back--

c+xterm0!+xterm9 DELETED c/

--I wanted--

c+xterm0!+xterm9 DELETED c/


c+xterm0!+xterm9 DELETED c/

Rita. I've been working on retrofitting this ship for a while. Got a lot of the recreational and residential halls done. Could use some testing. You can forward this message to whoever. I'll be opening a warpgate up for the night, so people can come and go as they want. I do most of my projects here, so spread it around with some discretion.

c+xterm0!+xterm10 SENT c/

Social aboard Dysnomia's ship. Friends of Rita or Mia welcome.

PNL: A Concerto For Fools (FINALE) 2024-02-29 23:00:00 And here we go, the Attack and Dethrone God portion of the show. The Wishing Box has been cracked open, and as it turns out, the being Inside was not happy about being rebuffed from its goals.

The King of Fools, Robin Goodfellow, has challenged Stanley and his friends to one last match. Are their convictions enough to separate Neon City and the newly-restored Steelport, or will Stanley and Charlotte fade away into the Shadows?

One last hurrah folks! Thanks for being here on this ride!

Golly Gee Father Berislav, What's A Union? 2024-03-01 23:00:00 Chesed invites Berislav to Welfare where a surly ragamuffin with a heart of gold decides to learn about the power of a Union from Father Berislav himself.
Cybertron: Behind the Blast-2 2024-03-07 23:30:00 Second part of the Cybertron bridge explosion investigation. Details to follow after earlier scenes are finished.
Yes, Fox, There Is Power In A Union! 2024-03-08 23:00:00 A scene where Fox and his friends asks the Watch about to best form a Lobotomy Corp union without getting murdered by Gebura.

Open to the Watch!

Price of Progress: Gold Rush 2024-03-10 22:00:00 A warp-point previously declared inhospitable suddenly is not. Previous explorers and probes have never returned, and there are plenty more interesting places to look.

Until a small paper catalog started to appear on key people's desks. 'Hellstromme Industries, Mechanical Marvels, Terrific Tonics And Fiercesome Firearms. Powered by 100% clean burning Ghost Rock!'

A faint repeating signal travels out from the warpgate. --- ... --- --- ... --- And those who seek out the source of one of these strange events must find a world gripped by fear. Fear of the strange, fear of the dark, fear of simply making it the next day. And that the multiverse is home to TWO squirrels.

Non-combat. Open to all.

Cybertron: Behind the Blast-3 2024-03-14 22:30:00 Third part of the Cybertron bridge explosion investigation. Details to follow after earlier scenes are finished.
FIRE EMBLEM: THE BINDING BLADE 2024-03-15 22:00:00 We're running it. Roy's our boy.

The Kingdom of Bern has inexplicably declared war on all of its neighbors, breaking a near-thousand-year peace. Rumors swirl around its leader, King Zephiel, beloved by his people but whispered to be mad. A chiliastic tragedy is unfolding in Lycia as it buckles under Bern's invasion.

Surely this is something that humanitarian aid can smooth over?

Price of Progress: Dances With Wolves 2024-03-17 22:00:00 Reserved.

Probably not combat

BINDING BLADE Ch1: Sue for Peace 2024-03-22 22:00:00 Expectedly, Bern is barraged with local and multiversal diplomatic requests to stop its untenable multi-front war. Unexpectedly, its monarch decides to indulge one of them.

Find out what exactly King Zephiel's damage is. And who's his creepy new advisor?

Price of Progress: Magnificent Seven 2024-03-24 22:00:00 Reserved.

Probably combat

Bring Your Egg Daughter to Work Day 1/2 2024-03-28 22:00:00 Petra has been put in charge of an entire country.

This is an incredibly simple task that will cause her no issues. But let's delve into what some of those non-issues are, shall we? Pesky journalists, rising rebellions, and people that are just simply salivating at the mouth at the opportunity to skim a bit off the top of Eggman's custard pie. Not a problem, right?

Intended for people who Petra likes (and also Petra herself), or others at her invitation.

Cybertron: Behind the Blast-4 2024-03-28 22:30:00 Finale of the Cybertron bridge explosion investigation. Details to follow after earlier scenes are finished.


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