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This is an index of commands used on the MUSH. Simple code will be explained on this page without further documentation, while more complicated code will have a link to an expanded help document.

Note that, when something uses a stand-in like <text>, it is usually a placeholder for user input.

This is a work-in-progress!

Syntax Usage
+admin Lists the Administrators on the MUSH. Do not bother off-duty Admin except in an emergency!
+adv <target> Shows the target player's Advantages.
+dice <numofdice>d<numofsides> Rolls <numofdice> of <numofsides> dice and announces the results to the room. For example, +dice 1d10 rolls one ten-sided die.
+flaws <target> Displays the target's +flaws/Disadvantages.
+flip Simple coin flip that gives you a heads or tails result.
+help, +help <topic> +help/<submenu>, +help/<submenu> topic Displays the +help index, the +help file for the specific topic, the +help index for a particular submenu, and a +help file within a specific submenu respectively.
help timezones Provides instructions for setting up your timezone. Must be done for each alt in order for +scenes to display properly. Set with &tz me=<region>. See 'help timezones#' for a list of regions.
+invite <person> Sends a request to another player to either +summon you to their location, or to +join you at your own.
+join <person> If the target is in a public room, this will move you to them. If they are set unfindable or are in a protected room, they will need to +invite you first.
+ooc <message>, +ooc :pose, +ooc ;pose Allows one to make a statement or power with <OOC> prefixed, to allow those in the room to know that the statement/pose/etc. is OOC.
+oocfinger <target> Shows the +oocfinger information for <target>, i.e. '+oocfinger Ash' would show the +oocfinger info for Ash. OOC Fingers are customizable areas for information such as how you play your character or to tell a bit about yourself. To modify your OOC finger, type '&attributename me=Info'; for instance, &plan me=This is my plan!
+plot Shows the plot tracker. Used for tracking ongoing plots and their schedules.
+port <Name or Number> An easy way to get around the grid! The name does not need to be exact, but if there are multiple matches it will list them instead of porting you. Using the number (#1070 for instance) will always work. To get a list of rooms and room numbers, use +roomlist.
+radio/on, +radio/off, +radio <Target or Target List>=<Message> Turns your in character radio on or off, and lets you send +radio messages to a target player or multiple target players.