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This is an index of Multiverse Crisis MUSH's policy, rules, and setting information. Everything you need to know to get started on the game can be found here. Players are expected to have read and agreed to the contents of our Disclaimer and Policy files prior to submitting their applications. Files with italicized titles are pending implementation or works in progress.


Sample Applications Character Group Plot Upgrade

How long until I can submit another application after getting one approved? 14 days for characters, 7 for upgrades, variable for plots because we mostly just don't want somebody taking on the burden of running more than they can handle. Can be waived at request. You MAY have multiple types of application in simultaneously.

When can I bug you about how long my application is taking?: At 7 days for players with standing characters, and 4 days for guests.

MUSH Policy & Information

Audit Combat Consent Disclaimer FAQ
Groups Lexicon Plots Policy
Rating Rulings Spoilers Staff

Setting & Character Rules

Advantages Banned Characters Disadvantages Factions
Gods Integration Language Power Copy Power Levels
Theme Tone Warpgates