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Title Time Description
Abyssal Learning 2017-06-26 23:00:00 After the initial encounter with Re-Class, it's about time that the Paladins get more information on exactly what they are dealing with. (Open invite to Paladins and Hikari Fleet Members, no scene cap. Those interested by not affiliated, please tag and @mail with your interest)
Starshine Auction 2017-06-27 23:00:00 Strange flyers and postings have sprung up all over the kingdom of Chapter, as well as many surrounding worlds.
                         Thrills! Chills! Come to the                          
                              STARSHINE AUCTION                                
      hosted by the Starlight Bandits for all these sensations and more!       
                          Our prize item will be the                           
                         BOOK THAT TELLS YOUR FUTURE!                          
    Bring cash! Bring jewels! Bring your weapons and we'll fight you off!      
                                THAT'S RIGHT!                                  
                      WE'LL FIGHT ANY THEIVES OFF LIVE!                        

The auction date is clearly posted, and the location is the main square of the capital of Chapter. Needless to say, the city is in turmoil. Both the loyalist movement and the rebel government are scrambling to both build up funds to purchase the book, and armed forces to seize it by force if need be. Who will be the one to take it home?!

(OOC: A scene open to all characters. Come along with money, items, or simple force to wrench a powerful artefact from a pair of idiots!)

P:WtWM - Confessions 2017-06-28 23:00:00 Janine has realized how hard it is to lie to her family's face.

Every time she goes into the Mirror Forest, she has to come up with some story to justify her absence, and even these small fibs hurt her every time. And every time she goes, she runs the risk of dying. No reasonable explanation could ever be given for her disappearance, and the not-knowing would destroy her loved ones.

So she has decided to confess to her mother and siblings. And she would like some moral support.

(OOC: Exactly what it says on the time. Very much not a good scene to tag if you're not a close acquaintance of Janine's.)

Foodbringer - Corporate Investigation 2017-06-30 23:00:00 In the city of Everria, a masked man known as the Foodbringer is pursued by the police as he delivers mass amounts of food to the public. The Paladins have been investigating with the police, and have managed to speak with the Foodbringer himself, from who they found new information: the Foodbringer may not be the only one commiting crimes, and has in fact been sabotaged from the beginning by corporate goons.

Therefore, the Paladins have appealed to the national government, after finding a lead - Richmont Company, one of the leading food providers, whose CFO is the cousin of the mayor of Everria. Now, they undertake a stealth misson to infilitrate Richmont's corporate office in Everria and find whatever intel they can. But how far does the corruption go?

(Yeah, I'm doing away with the previous naming scheme because this turned out way too many scenes.) c+xterm106Paladinsc/ scene, cap of 8-ish. Investigation/intrigue/subterfuge mission with events and ending determinant on player actions. Part of the Foodbringer plot.

Dark Castle of the Forest 2017-06-30 23:00:00 Some weeks ago a mysterious dark castle appeared in the mountains near Port Angeles, with strange monsters on the SAO earth, however things have heated up. Monster attacks have become active and people have started to be kidnapped. Worse Tomoe has been in the region and has been missing for the last day or so. Her last call in had her heading after a missing woman into the forest near the castle and nothing since then. Also reports now circulate of a dark lady who has taken rule of the castle and plans to take the entire region under her control. Veterans of SAO may find it a bit disturbing this set up is very similar to what happened on floor thirty three.

Time 4 PM PST 7 Pm est Friday June 23 all factions welcome though GU members get priority. (date may move if the time proves unworkable.)

Money is the Root 2017-07-02 23:00:00 The cult of middle-management has struck again, in a way none expected. At several points across the city, they've hijacked money transport trucks from banks and are speeding them through the city, throwing wads of cash behind them. Obviously, this draws people like moths to flame, scrabbling for bills and slowing pursuers. It's a highly dangerous situation, and their motives remain unknown. They must be stopped, if only so that someone isn't killed in a crash.

(OOC: c+xterm106Paladinc/ focussed scene, but feel free to get in touch and ask how you might be able to get involved! Get involved in investigating the strange cult of urban druids who seek some strange end!)