Making A Character Page

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This page will allow you to create your very own character page with only a little bit of effort on your part! These pages will appear on the Character Index. To begin, type the name of your character into the box below, which will create the page if it doesn't already exist, or allow you to edit/convert your current page if it already does.

DO NOT EDIT OTHER PEOPLE'S PAGES (without their permission)!

If you're creating your page for the first time and for whatever reason it seems one already exists, please either ensure you typed your character's @name correctly, or contact a staffer, they may need to rename the page of an old dropped character to free the namespace for you. Please try to name your page the same as your @name on the MUSH.

Not all fields are mandatory, but the more you can fill in the better.

If you need help, ask on the MUSH. Please note you may have to do some manual trimming of the fields just to ensure everything is in the correct place. Do not include (Original) in your themelist! (Original) Bluh-1 would become Bluh-1, for example!

The last section allows you to add custom fields using standard wiki formatting.


This next form is for approved NPCs. To help you, here are a few guidelines:

  • Don't make three million NPC pages. If you're a Pokemon Trainer, making one page titled "Ash's Pokemon" is more than enough! You can repeat the template infinitely in a single page.
  • Ideally, approved NPCs only. Ask staff before making an NPC page for someone who is not in your +advantages, especially if they have a combat PL or good powers. Again: approved NPCs only except with staff oversight. If it's not part of a TP or in your +advantages, don't make a page.
    • TP characters who get granted an actual character bit and scenesys ID should use the normal character template and select TP for their chartype.
  • If you include a section for your NPC's powers, skills, assets and sub-NPCs, do not include things that are not approved by staff in your own advantages or info files already. You can flesh them out, just make sure it's stuff you do have. Ditto for PL if you list it. It's okay to list an hypothetical PL if the character were apped stand-alone (NPCs tend to have lower PLs than if they were apped) but you have to be clear.
  • Make sure your NPC page is called NPC Name (Themelist-#). For example, Ivar (Tales of Xillia-1).
  • You can link to character pages or themelist pages using standard syntax in the spoofing rights section.