A Report To The Clock Tower (Aoko Aozaki)

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A Report To The Clock Tower (Aoko Aozaki)
Date of Cutscene: 08 November 2014
Location: Clock Tower, London
Synopsis: Aoko shows her Servant off to the Association.
Cast of Characters: 591, 614

It's a late night at the Clock Tower.

Past the security checkpoint which halts mundane people from accidently wandering into the heart of the Mage's Association, there is a simple lobby, with many clerks and paths, and maps, and the occasional sounds of arguments between the divisions of the Tower, or the heavy steps of a student late for his classes. Two windows are open at both ends of the room, letting in the cool midnight air of London into the lobby.

Suddenly, fog starts rolling in. Thin at first, it thickens into a sort of stream or river, from one window to the other.

The clerks are soon with several teachers and Enforcers, as they watch.

A small wooden boat sails in, as if the fog were water.

Atop it, the Grim Reaper with his scythe, and Aozaki Aoko, grinning.

"Hiiii! Look I made a new friend! Also, here's your update!"

She tosses a stack of paperwork at one of the clerks.

"Dead Apostle's taken care of, already told the Church, you know where to mail the money, gotta go now, bye! Wheeeeeee!"

And just like that, the two sail out the other window.

Everyone is basically as dumbfounded as can be. The clerks stare at one another. "That... was a Servant?" "I think it was Charon." "And Blue was riding with it." "Yep." "And you saw the marks on her hand right?" "Yeah." "..." "Well. Who's going to tell the headmaster?" "Not me. I quit."