An Unlikely Defender

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An Unlikely Defender
Date of Cutscene: 19 August 2016
Location: Ravinca; Namamura District
Synopsis: In the aftermath of Yunomi's attempted insurrection, Kirika takes it upon herself to take part in keeping the peace in Ravinca's Namamuran district. She embarks upon her first hunt of the night, after a brief moment alone on a rooftop.
Cast of Characters: 481

       <X-Union-Chatter> A Ryxinel, not Rhapsody says, "Namamura has not been visited recently as most of the inhabitants moved into the Namamura district of the Izzet Sector af-.ter.. ... .mm.."
       And that is precisely the brainwave that Kirika had as she watched Namamura's guardian turn rogue, attempt to wrest power from Rhapsody, and publicly attack her while her latest invention had prevented intervention.
       Ryxinel will find that Kirika is way ahead of him in protecting the Namamura district, the fox surveying the streets from a rooftop. Her eyes are keen and keep close, watching for troublemakers as night falls. The recent havoc will doubtlessly result in retaliation. After all, this is how it starts; The fever, the rage, the hopelessness that turns men cruel, leading them to lash out in anger and confusion.
       She is barefoot, and a change of clothes has left her in simple traveler's garb while she remains hunched over like a predator. The kitsune is still confused. What kind of backlash could have caused Yunomi to commit such a public act of mutiny against her own lover, the land she's come to call an adopted home?
       It makes no sense, but the answers will come in time, Kirika has faith in that. All that concerns her is whether or not she wishes to learn this truth after matters not, she has a duty to protect those in need of it, and the residents of this district are exactly that. 
       She hears the sounds of fighting and destruction of property, and she heads out to right some wrongs, her first catch of the night.
       It will be the first of many, tonight.