Clerical Application

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MCM Clerical Update & Adjustment Form 1.0
For Use With Application 5.x Compliant Characters

A. Name
What is the character you are adjusting?

B. Adjustment
B1. Previous Item(s)
Please paste the whole of the item you are wishing to change here, in the state as it stands on-MUSH. For example, if you wish to update a Point of a Significant Advantage, paste the whole array here, including the header name and any trapping text. Please number and insert a hard line break between items.

B2. Desired Change
Please write the whole text of your new desired item(s), including other Points in the array and any trapping text. Please keep numbering consistent between B1 and B2. For example, item 3 in B1 would correspond to change 3 in B2.

C. Justification & Comments
Please place any justification (if necessary) for the change, as well any other comments you would like to here.

You're Done! Please send this to with the title "Adjustment - <Character>", and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. If using gmail, please disable the plain text feature.