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1. Who are you adding to the combat system?
What is the name of the character you want to set up for the csys?

2. Archetype
Which Archetype do you think fits your character best? For a list of Archetypes, refer to: Archetypes and Quirks.

3. Role
What role does fighting play in your character’s narrative, and what role do they play in the larger context of their theme’s combat narrative? For example, is your character the flagship protagonist of a combat heavy plot? The team head who leads the heroes to save the world? The scrappy underdog who triumphs through smarts and resourcefulness? The ultimate final boss who seeks world domination? The renegade who gets in everyone’s way, hero and villain alike? Are they a supporting character who rarely fights themselves? Are they from a series where combat barely or never happens? Are they from a series that is overwhelmingly focused on combat? Furthermore, how does this role pan out in the context of MCM as a setting? Is it altered or recontextualized?

4. Style
Where would you say your character’s specialties lie if you had to evaluate them up or down? Is your character glass cannon? A big, slow, heavy hitter? Hard to hit but very fragile? A tank/turtle? Are they just balanced across the board? If they are, where would you say their biggest strength is anyways?

4b. Stats
Split 100 points between Power (how much damage your character can dish out, Precision (how accurate and consistent your character’s attacks are), Endurance (how well your character can resist damage), and Mitigation (how well your character can actively reduce exposure to attacks). The numbers you assign are to inform staff only, and do not translate directly into anything.

Power: 0
Precision: 0
Endurance: 0
Mitigation: 0

Send your completed application to mcmush@gmail.com with a subject of Csys Application - Character Name. If using gmail, please disable the plain text feature.