Delver (Lexicon)

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Delver (Lexicon)
Date of Cutscene: 21 January 2018
Location: The System
Synopsis: The cave-exploring Delver encounters a familiar face
Cast of Characters: Lexicon

Darkness. A dungeon with no natural lighting at all isn't unheard of, and an experienced Delver always comes prepared.

Faintly glowing with healthy code, Delver smacks the side of his flashlight a few times. The beam flickers dimly against checkerboard tile floors and rotting gypsum wallboard. He grunts in frustration when the light finally gives up the ghost, leaving him faintly visible in the dark.

The silence is broken by heavy, metal sounds. Repeating. Footsteps, stalking these decayed halls. Delver freezes, scanning the shadows in front of him. Slowly, he pushes up his pith helmet and tucks the useless torch into is Inventory, then goes for the rope on his belt, just when an intersection begins to grow brighter with sickly white light.

Something steps into that intersection, projecting the light from its eyes. Delver squints, barely making out the shape of an oversized cat made out of red plastic. As it turns away, he makes the outline of a battered shell in the shape of a dress. It turns to look back whence it came, and Delver makes his move.

He tosses the rope up, catching the ceiling. Just as Patty Cat turns in his direction, the spelunker hauls himself upwards. He pauses when the robot lets out an earsplitting metal-on-metal screech, staring into the bright lamps of its eyes, and then hurries his way to the top of his rope and just out of reach wen the animatronic strides over.

And it refuses to move, staring up with those flashlight eyes. Another series of lights attracts Delver's attention to that same intersection. A decidedly smaller, human shape, eyes shining with the sigil of a Drive Core Controller, wreathed in the glowing lines of mounted, powered Processors.

"I've finally found you," the newcomer states. Beside her, a blade draws free, light shining along its edge, "Now I just need your worthless friends."