Diane's Diary June 6th (Pius Athanor)

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Diane's Diary June 6th (Pius Athanor)
Date of Cutscene: 06 June 2015
Location: Danbur
Synopsis: The Magnum Opus is in the final stages, but Diane can't stop thinking.
Cast of Characters: 741
Tinyplot: The Great Work

It is hard to believe that we made it in time. But we did. It's a good thing that Staren, Lyra and Rory could help us with it. It's just so much easier with many hands. Yet I can't help but wonder if brother really needed all of these reagents.

It's something we discussed previously, but it's a bit easier to understand when I'm actually seeing it being done. Is he just worried that making it like a homunculus body won't be enough? Perhaps he is thinking that an essence won't be able to connect properly? Would the pure mineral make up for it? Sometimes I'm not really sure what Pius is thinking, but it's always been like that. And that's why he is so good at alchemy. Where there are no roads he cleaves a path that others have trouble seeing where will lead as he steps through the dark and uncertain depths of alchemy itself.

I only hope that he will lead us to the peak so we can get a nice view from this, so to speak. I know alchemy, but I'm nowhere near his genius. Will I ever become as skilled as him? Even with so much to study, I do get discouraged at times.

It's interesting to study the progress though, and Pius says that Wednesday is the big day! It's almost like she will have a second birthday... I do hope Hiei is wrong in his worries, but I do find myself worried that perhaps somebody will be mad. And what will happen after Pius reports his findings to the State? Either alternative would have major consequences for us. In the best case he will be heralded as a new Prophytos, or Einstein as they say in the multiverse. Or will he become a Frankenstein? The forming body does not look like a monster at all. It looks just like her, or starting to...

I think I'll get some yellow flowers for the grave today.