Emotionless (Rhapsody)

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Emotionless (Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 04 September 2016
Location: Ravnica - Nivix Aerie
Synopsis: Blackmailed by Ijiwaru, Rhapsody's emotions spill out to the point she can hardly feel them afterward
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: Moeru

( Celldweller - So Long Sentiment ) ( https://youtu.be/HS8RUjZdXUo )

Despite staying in Thirix for the last 2 weeks, staying close to all of her closest allies in both the Union and the League, today, Rhapsody returns to Nivix where those that have been speaking against Yunomi, within the League, have seemed to gather. Those that had been staying in Thirix had been on the tanuki's side.

Tonight that changed.

As the massive doors to the lair atop Nivix close, they are locked by the Guildmaster as she enters. A single press of a rune on the door seals the entire room. It was a rune that her father had shown her once long, long ago. No one would be able to enter. Sidonia, Ryxinel, Rizix, no one. Sidonia didn't even KNOW about the rune, but would be at a loss when she would encounter it. Quiet, alone, shattered, the red and blue coat that she wears is not simply tossed aside, but is torn to shreds as she takes her true form. The spell-blades clatter to the ground, kicked aside, and then?

Everything in the lair is subject to the raw energy breath that Rhapsody has had since she first hatched. The Dragonsforge, the Union terminal, half finished inventions, spare comms-crystals... everything. The only thing that will survive the emotional purge is the hoard because all that she had left was her father. No one else would ever see the Guildmaster the same way again. How could they? The betrayal was now two-fold. By morning, that emotionless shell would return again, and it is all anyone would ever see ever again.