Fallen (Rhapsody)

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Fallen (Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 30 July 2014
Location: Thirix
Synopsis: In the Aftermath of Terek Kinslayer's Ambush...
Cast of Characters: 325

"Where is the Guildmaster now?"

                       "Does Rhapsody have any comments about leaving Ravnica last night?"
       "Is it true that she was drawn out by a Confederate opperative?"
                               "Was she hurt?"

"Is it true she couldn't defend herself?"

                               "How many Union responders came to help her?"
               "Can the Guildmaster really fight on her own?"

The flurry of questions from Azor, Orzhova, and Guildless reporters were simply unending. Ryxinel, despite all efforts, was slowly reaching his breaking point when he finally waved them off, yelling out, "No more questions at this time!" Before disappearing back into Nivix, Sidonia flanking him a moment after the great doors to the Guildhall had closed. Both of them worried, but neither of them could get into the Aerie at the top of Nivix. After returning from Terek's ambush the night before, the Izzet Guildmaster had went straight to the top of the spire, strode into the former lair of her father, had the doors closed, and locked them from the inside.

Inside, the last 12 hours had been miserable. Her hand hurt, but her heart hurt far worse. She had clocked a close ally, had walked away without a thank you to the others, her assailant escaped unscathed, and the entire city below Nivix, and beyond, seemed to know about all of it. It was as if the scouts she had rushed out to save had gone straight to the papers with their story. From their 'perch' against their sphere, they had seen everything.

Now, with the sun dipping below the horizon, her eyes locked on a single point in the sky. . . Occasionally two. The Red Star and The Blue Star over Ravnica had, usually helped her calm down. Tonight, all she could feel was shame as the two points started to become more visible in the closing day. This night, however, as the pair shined, Rhapsody felt like she understood something. She felt like she had lost her fight, that her home was going to turn against her, that maybe so many allies came running because of just how inexperienced the Guildmaster was. The World Martial Arts tournament had been one thing, but after being in real danger... what would have happened if they hadn't come?

It had to stop.

For one night, she felt as though she had fallen. The next day she would make sure she would do everything in her power to not let it happen again.

Down With The Fallen - http://youtu.be/tW_FkaXeSwc

But not forever.