It Is Purpose That Defines Us (Xiaomu)

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It Is Purpose That Defines Us (Xiaomu)
Date of Cutscene: 15 November 2015
Location: Tokyo-52605
Synopsis: Xiaomu reflects on her past while compiling a report on the museum incident.
Cast of Characters: 707

'They go through life, begging of the world: What is my purpose?'

Xiaomu gives the security footage a baleful look, moving the cursor to click the Pause button on the playback. She'd missed Vega throwing that question out in the midst of his taunts the other night, being too deeply engaged in struggling with the masked and clawed creep to pay much attention to his dictatorial superpowered creep of a boss, but even at what should be a comfortable remove, the question slides sideways through her psyche and leaves a trail of thin slime behind it.

Purpose. She spent centuries without worrying about having one; 'purpose' was something for mortals to worry about, humans who needed to know their place in the social order. But when descendants of the priests and priestesses she'd once supported in passing sought her out a couple of decades ago, she found a purpose that suited her pretty quickly.

And she's never looked back since then. Creating a buffer to protect both humans and youkai from each other, working and sometimes fighting to ensure that mortal civilization would keep its footing in balance with the supernatural world ... it's a purpose that satisfies her, at least for now. She loves the fruits of human society, and always has, even if she doesn't fully belong to it.

Xiaomu shakes her head, expression darkening, and her gaze shifts to her phone, displaying an e-mail from the curator of the Hokusai exhibit. She's read it half a dozen times already, and a couple of words still catch her eye without a close look. She'd been CERTAIN the Shadowlaw jerk crew didn't have a chance to pick anything up before they fled ...

Shaking her head, Xiaomu turns her phone's screen off and slides the device back into her vest. A two-key combination toggles the monitor back to her word processor, and the sage fox resumes typing up her report.