No Patience (Toph Beifong)

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No Patience (Toph Beifong)
Date of Cutscene: 23 April 2015
Location: New York-199999
Synopsis: Toph Beifong does not suffer dunderheads. Nor silly reporters.
Thanks to: (Kudos to Tony for inspiring half of this cutscene!)
Cast of Characters: 20

The sidewalk is rough and unyielding as the man crashes down into it. For a moment he's not really sure just what has happened, though as a shadow falls over him and the ground shakes as the owner of said shadow steps forward he is quickly brought back to his senses.

As the girl's right index finger is pointed straight at his face he can't help but wonder if it's all a ruse, though her eyes are seemingly glaring into nothingness. Her expression however is certainly far angrier before, stern lines now making her seem like she might do something worse. And somehow, even if she's the same height as before, her presence is much larger as she looms above him.

"You," Toph begins, her voice far calmer than her facial expression and her body language might suggest, "Open your mudhole again, and I'll bend your microphone down your throat to shut you up." It does not sound like she is joking, and she is certainly not smiling.

Without another word the young girl turns around, her left hand clutching the paper bag with food closer to her side. And then she marches on, her pace brisk and threatening to add more cracks to the sidewalk in her wake. Only then does the cameraman step forward, holding the deformed piece of equipment in his hand before he looks down at his companion. "Uh, maybe there's a reason why E! News only did that one interview with her...?" he suggests carefully before glancing at his pretzelized camera, idly wondering how much they will cut from his next paychecks. Meanwhile the reporter pushes himself back up, still feeling a bit stressed and confused as he swallows nervously and adjusts his tie. The microphone, or what remains of it, is merely scrap metal at this point. And judging by the Channel 4 camera there might not be much to salvage for the interview he had hoped to surprise the channel with.

... just what was wrong with his questions?