Now and Forever (Fiora Laurent)

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Now and Forever (Fiora Laurent)
Date of Cutscene: 11 December 2016
Location: Kingdom of Demacia
Synopsis: Much has changed. The Union is effectively no more. But, from the ashes of this violent change, something new is about to be born.
Cast of Characters: 1083

Fiora is knelt before the throne of her king, in the Citadel of the Dawn. But, it is the king's son who sits on it. The prince, Jarvan IV, effectively rules, given the poor health of his father. And it is he who listens pensively to Fiora's report on the events of the night before. What amounts to the laying low of the Union, as a whole.

"Stand, Lady Laurent. We have much to discuss." He leans back in the large, golden throne, and sighs. "It is vexing, Fiora.. We had hoped this Union would help us to endure within the greater scheme of the Multiverse. However.. it seems where this has failed, another option has made itself known." He then gestures to a pair of men, dressed in black suits, white shirts, and ties. Not Demacians, that is for certain. "They are here to speak to you. I already have. They were actually here before you were."

Fiora is a little shocked, of course. "Not here, my prince." She stands and looks to the men. "We shall do this, within the walls of my own estate. Gentlemen? If you please, follow me."


House Laurent's estate is, like most, made of polished, white marble. Blue banners hang from the rafters of the main hall, a white rose embroidered on them. A stained glass window above the foyer and staircase bears the same, casting the image of said rose onto the marble floors. She leads the men to a smaller antechamber, that she's converted into an office of sorts, for her official duties as the head of her household.

"Well then, gentlemen. Speak."

The first man removes his hat, revealing a shaven head. "Well, my lady. We represent a group of governments, organizations, and businesses known as the Commonwealth. We actually came to the Prince, to extend membership to Demacia itself. We value highly the sense of morals and justice, that your people hold in such high regard. This, of course, brings us to why we wish to speak to you."

The second man also removes his had. Wavy, black hair is arranged in a combover on his slightly balding head. "Warriors like yourself represent those ideals. And given the chaotic state of the Multiverse, the Commonwealth has decided to act. We are creating a force of our own, with a greater focus on diplomacy, crime-fighting, and peace-keeping efforts. And while Demacia has several promising candidates, given your own history of working with the Union, we would like to first extend this offer to you. To join our ranks."

Fiora needs little time to process this. "Done. I trust my Prince has already worked out this.. agreement with your Commonwealth. I serve Demacia, now and forever. So if this is the path my leader has chosen, then I will see it to its end. Thank you, gentlemen."

With that, both men don their hats, and exit. Fiora's eldest brother then enters, "Sister? What was..?"

Her expression, one deep in thought, causes him to pause. "It seems, brother, that things will be changing for Demacia. For us. For me. Change can be violent and destructive. We must simply endure, as Demacia itself has. Now and forever."