PMMM Rebellion TP1 - Monday Morning

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PMMM Rebellion TP1 - Monday Morning
Date of Cutscene: 17 February 2014
Synopsis: A closer look at the four girls.
Cast of Characters: 2
Tinyplot: PMMM Rebellion


"And that's what happened!" RIKA MICHIKO cheerfully says. To her sides, SUZU UME and KAORI REN walk with her to school. Kaori is pushing AYUMU ASAMI's wheelchair, which makes her all kinds of uncomfortable right now.

"That's kind of scary..." Kaori whimpers.

"Yeah, I guess so. We just have to stick together though, right?" Suzu asks.

"Well, I can't really help Kaori fight if we get attacked..." Ayumu says.

"That's okay. As long as it's in broad daylight, sticking in pairs is fine. We don't have to fight, we just have to call the Union or scream or something," Rika suggests, taking out her phone to press the point.

"And if we have to go out during the night then we hunt all three of us together. Ayumu, you'll be fine, people at the hospital are watching you basically 24/7, right? So it's not like you'll get attacked in your room," Suzu adds, though this doesn't seem to reassure Kaori in the slightest.

"S-Still, um... the Union sounds big, this kinda goes over our heads... maybe we should move out of town for a bit..." Kaori whines.

Ayumu shakes her head; she's starting to look annoyed. "They'd just target someone else, right? If we stay here we can draw their fire. Also stop pushing me, I told you a thousand times I can handle myself..."

Kaori whimpers some more. "S-Sorry."

Rika sighs. "Well, anyway. They want to meet you two next weekend. Is that going to be fine? I told them it would be."

Ayumu shrugs. Kaori looks put on the spot. "I-It's fine," Kaori says, while Ayumu gives a blunter: "Don't have much of a choice right?"

The four have reached school by now. Their topic changes to homework.