Perchance To Dream - Dorian Pavus (Carna)

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Perchance To Dream - Dorian Pavus (Carna)
Date of Cutscene: 01 February 2018
Location: Fearful Symmetry
Synopsis: A wizard has a dream.
Cast of Characters: {{{Cast of Characters}}}
Tinyplot: Return To Escher

Dorian Pavus is in a seat in a huge gallery, listening to a woman at a podium give a speech.

The speech seems terribly important, but he can't seem to focus on it.

All around him are his fellow scholars. Together, they wear the blue robes of their Order.

The robes that mark them as the keepers of knowledge, and those who find it for others when needs be. Knowledge is meant to be shared, not hoarded, after all.

Next to Dorian, Enark leans over to him and says, "I have something to show you when we are done here. A project I have been working on, in my study. Would you like to see?"

Before Dorian can answer, screams can be heard. A great clamour out in the halls beyond the gallery.

Worried murmuring follows as the woman at the podium tries to reinstate order. But when the doors burst open and a flood of black shapes begin to pour into the room, pandemonium ensues.

Everyone stands, stumbles, runs, crawls, or is trampled in the chaos as people try to escape whatever those things are.

Enark grabs Dorian's hand tightly, pulling the other mage to his feet and tries to yell over all the other voices, "Come on! This way!" But they are pulled apart by the crowd as they try to reach one of the exits.

All around, incomplete, shadowy forms pounce upon the other scholars, eating these souls, or slaying them and then absorbing something from within them.

Slaying them! Impossible! They are already Dead!

But they look doubly-so after those lightless things lay their claws and teeth into them.

Doing in moments what the Crimson King himself failed to accomplish over a much longer period of time.

Dorian flees, finding his way into a cramped passage, pushed along on a tide of so many others, until he finds himself in a dark room with many other huddled bodies.

The doors were sealed, locking many others trying to escape outside.

The sound of their screams and begging to be let in gradually fading amidst the sounds of their slaughter.

And so they all waited there, suffocatingly cramped, drowning in fear.

Crushed by dread, and guilt.

Waiting... Waiting...

And then Dorian wakes up.