Procedural First Steps (Mako Mankanshoku)

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Procedural First Steps (Mako Mankanshoku)
Date of Cutscene: 11 April 2014
Location: Honnouji Academy
Synopsis: Mako sets out on the path to becoming a Club President.
Cast of Characters: 140, 191

April 11, late evening

Mako stares, bewildered, from the front door of the tiny home of the Mankanshoku family. Nestled in the alleyway in front of their home is a well-smashed crate, its contents scattered all over the street. Papers. Forms, to be precise, neatly stacked and stapled together in tidy packets, each one differently labeled, each one due the next morning.

Eyes huge and watery, Mako holds out her hand. Slipping up beside her, the young Mataro places a shovel in the outstretched hand. When Mako's other hand reaches out, Mataro occupies it with the wheelbarrow's handle.

After a few moments, Mako drops her hands to her sides and bows her head with a defeated sigh.

April 12, early morning

Mako sits at the tiny, cluttered desk in the room she shares with Ryuko. Not wanting to disturb her friend's sleep, she relies only on the light of a single tiny desk lamp. Beside her elbow, a stack of filled out forms. Beside the other elbow, a stack of forms waiting to be filled out. In front of her, a form in progress.

She drops her pen, head leaning back in a long yawn that draws out into a sort of agonized sleep-deprived sob. Realizing the noise she's making, Mako quickly shakes her head and returns to the forms in front of her, puffing out her cheeks in concentration.

April 12, morning

The Honnouji Academy Club Presidents Meeting Hall. In the darkened room, Baking Club President Hanoko Tetsuyama makes an impassioned Powerpoint presentation on what her club has been involved in for the past week. At their table, the Elite Four watch with impassive faces.

In the audience, five rows back, Mako struggles to stay awake. Nodding down for the fifth time, she passes out and starts to snore. A spiked red whip snaps out from the Elite Four table, striking her square in the face. Jolted awake, Mako quickly straightens her posture, ignoring the short-lived spray of blood from her nose.

This is what it means to be a Club President. Her expression sets, showing her resolve. If this is all it takes, then maybe...!