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Once, the world was but chaos. The elemental forces struggled and fought constantly in an expanding but chaotic universe, accomplishing nothing. Then came the gods of the Nether and the Arcane, who thought the world dull and in need of order. With his vast power over matter, Arcane transformed the chaotic, wild elemental forces into the other gods, those of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light and Dark. Nether shaped the ensuing void into a massive world, a single planet that spanned several times the size of Earth. These acts made the gods weaker, but brought order to the universe.

Splitting the planet into eight equal shares, the gods then created their own nations and their own races, though the human race was the most widespread one. Within the abyss of the planet, Dark created endless tunnels and underground cities. On the shores of every continent, Light erected lighthouses and proud castles, inspiring heroics and courage in all. Fire thought one kingdom was boring, and in the volcanic deserts created dozens of smaller tribes struggling for control. Water gathered all of the islands on the superplanet into one cluster, and called that his home. Wind, ambitious, had his people craft the technology to toss their continent into the sky, breaking it into four smaller floating landmasses. Earth claimed the forests at the edges of the world, some going so deep they turn back into pure chaos. Arcane chose the central landmass, wizard towers, academies and schools to welcome all everywhere in sight. And finally, Nether claimed the last spreck of land, and made his people artificers and researchers who dwelve into the forbidden arts.

Then the gods made one weapon each, imbued with their power. These weapons were handed to their respective nations, with the promise their god would bless one champion per generation with a sliver of their power as well. This way, each nation, each kingdom, had a being strong enough to handle problems. Somewhere along the line, the nation of the God of the Nether... disappeared, though. No one knows exactly what happened, save that one day, the entire area was swallowed in a dark vortex and vanished.

700 hundred years after the creation of the world was born the woman who would change the face of the entire superplanet "Realm". In 738 A.C. (After Creation), Evelynn Cordelia would become Captain Heavensorrow, slaying the God of the Sea (Water) with his own blade the Sea Warden, renamed the Azure Godslayer, and causing the entire water islant cluster to be razed by the angry God of Fire. In 750 A.C. she would resurface with her flagship the Sea Sapphire and her crew, the Azulean Raiders, and slay the God of the Wind as well. The world was plunged in darkness, knowing their gods to be as mortal as them.

The year is 815 A.C. and Heavensorrow has not been heard of in 15 years. Some pray for her death, while the gods try to rally their champions and those wielding their weapons to fight back against her inevitable return. A new chapter of the story is about to start.




Supplemental Info

The Nations of Realm

Realm itself is an incredibly large superplanet, though not even remotely of a size sufficient to rival the Multiverse, so much as a few dozen Earths or so. Maintaned entirely by the residual magic of its creation, it can thusly ignore your science and rules that state such a large planet should not exist. It is divided a immense continents, which once upon a time were one nation a piece but have since become smaller independant sections, been badly damaged by various things, or have miraculously managed to stay whole. Given its size and scope, Realm is home to almost every imaginable fantasy RPG cliché, going from magitech to mountain-sized behemoths, passing by occasional evil overlords and wandering heroes, headed towards the land having no season so much as areas locked in their climates, and floating island.


God: Water/Sea
Status: Destroyed
Info: The nation of the God of the Sea was a large group of islands, proud of their navy, the strongest in Realm. It was destroyed entirely by the God of Fire when the at-the-time admiral Evelynn killed the God of the Sea with his own sword for refusing to grant her more power to protect her land. It is now a smoking pile of volcanic, lifeless islands.
Wildlife: Mostly giant aquatic creatures warped by the magical flames of destruction. Occasional underwater cities of survivors, or city-ships.

New Azulea

God: Water/Sea
Status: Exists
Info: A single city is all that's left of Azulea, and it is located in Evelynn's flagship, the Sea Sapphire. It is ruled by Merlyn Arcana and her Council in Evelynn's absence.
Wildlife: Technically none since it's on a giant ship. You could consider the ship's crew the wildlife, in which case mostly human, beastmen and undead.

Volcanic Tribes

God: Fire
Status: Exists
Info: A group of typically barbaric nomad tribes that live in the deserts and in or around volcanoes. Though each tribe has its own leader, they obey the law of the strongest, and tribes come and go in accordance. Whoever wields the Flame Bulwark has supreme authority amongst all tribes, and could so choose to unify them.
Wildlife: Pretty much everything you could find in a giant desert. Huge worms, fire-themed monsters, barbarians, old ruins and mechanical titans, some dinosaurs, etc.


God: Wind
Status: Destroyed
Info: Once a supercontinent, it was lifted into the sky by devoted wind mages using the Hurricane Partisan's powers. Unfortunately, the process broke the single nation into four flying islands, now known as the Floating Isles. When Evelynn killed its ruling god, a powerful storm system was unleashed, and it now slowly destroys what is left of the islands.
Wildlife: Giant birds, storm elementals, winged beastmen, what's left of Windia's inhabitants.

Forest Kingdom

God: Earth
Status: Exists
Info: An endless cover of forests and woods, within which beasts and clans of beastmen are said to live. It is unknown how developed they truly are, as few people have managed to find their cities within the trees.
Wildlife: This is where the largest creatures hang out, walking mountains, immense foresty behemoths, but also beastmen, dinosaurs, the entire spectrum of Earth forest life, sapient plants, elementals...

Dark Core

God: Dark
Status: Exists
Info: The core of Realm is hollow; in the upper layers of it, there exists the Dark Core, where people who have shunned sunlight have withdrawn. There, they practice dark rituals, demon binding and necromancy, but they are not inherently evil, simply different. This nation was taken over by Nethryn Ervale and Achryn Nanako, subjecting its rules to their whims.
Wildlife: Demons, earth elementals, undead, worms, dragons, dark elves, etc.


God: Light
Status: Destroyed
Info: The coastal nation of Fendia was a large, brilliant land filled with beacons of hope and courage. The heroic nation was where most of Realm's heroes rose from in time. Its fortress walls were thought impenetrable, until Evelynn led a full contingency of Confederate Elites into the capital, and killed the God of Light. The nation is now in ruins, overrun with the dark creatures it used to keep at bay.
Wildlife: None, although now that the barriers are down creatures from everywhere else are overrunning the place. Mostly demonic stuff. Plus the remnants of the nation, so tons of paladins, holy mages, etc.

Nation of Towers

God: Arcane
Status: Exists?
Info: Wizard towers and academies as far as the eye can see; the Nation of Towers is the most advanced, but also the most reclusive, of the eight. Under the leadership of 'The Wizard', it thrives and prospers, protected by a powerful barrier that outsiders cannot see through. As a result, nobody is really sure that's going on on the other side of the shield, or if the nation still even exists. The fact it hasn't taken any steps to try and stop Evelynn is telling, though. ADELYN SHOULD PROBABLY UPDATE THIS.
Wildlife: AND THIS.


God: Nether
Status: Destroyed?
Info: Once there was a nation, ruled by the God of the Nether. Its artificers became greedy, and tried to use the Void Angel to warp space around the nation and isolate it from the rest of the world. All that is left now is a massive black hole that, slowly, very slowly, threatens to devour the rest of the superplanet. Surely it would take thousands of years, though, but it is inevitable. Not even the nation's name survived the tear, as nobody can recall it.
Wildlife: Black hole elementals. Assorted bad stuff that comes out of it.

The Nether

God: Nether
Info: The truth, of course, is that space was warped successfully. The nation fell into another dimension outright, the uncontrolled, raw energies of the universe. Magic, before it is given shape, with the potential to be anything. The horrors within drove most of everybody mad, and if they were not devoured, they killed themselves. Those few who can still use Nether magics are able to tear a hole into or out of The Nether, but few can walk through safely. Wildlife: Great Old Ones, demons, giant nasties, sapient sections of space, stuff that accidentally falls in and mutates horribly.