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Title Time Description
Summer War's End 2020-09-24 19:00:00 Not especially a scene, but a visible reminder of the (current) planned end of the Gudaguda Battle Festival - Conqueror's Eternal Summer War event.

To think some mobage developers expect events like this to be done in a week!?

You Have 20 Minutes to Comply 2020-09-24 23:00:00 As the foremost galactic megacorporation in existence, Letheia corp. has sizable ventures in sector there is, and an especially dominating presence in the industry of extracting and refining the erchius fuel used for interstellar travel.

Difficult, technical, and lucrative work, Letheia corp. strives to source their erchius fuel with only the finest, ~~safest~~ most advanced methods there are, and sinks considerable capital and manpower into every sophisticated and secure erchius mining station they operate, across tens of thousands of systems.

That's why they're offering an exorbitant sum for all responders to a last second, red alert emergency call. Station S-113, freshly tapped into the resource rich heart of a fiery planetoid, is under attack from a band of notorious corporate terrorists known as the Syndicate. Chief amongst this team is an especially well-known and dangerous radical. Boldly, they've declared that Station S-113 has been chosen for their assault 20 minutes in advance, and of course, Letheia corp. has no intention to surrender it.

The Blaze of Ifrit 2020-09-25 23:00:00 In the world of Eorzea, beastmen tribes summon accursed Primals, powerful entities that they worship. The nomadic Amalj'aa of the desert have summoned their god, Ifrit, whose flames burn through the desert. He must be stopped before he causes irreparable damage, and so, the Immortal Flames have called for Multiversal assistance in slaying the Primal.

(Just a casual FF14 thing I'm doing while I have the inspiration. Capping for sanity. All factions welcome!)

PCWU Siberian Ops - Level: Dragon - 2 2020-09-26 23:00:00 The part where the fuckfest hits full tilt.
CI DkS: Forgotten City of Light-S 2020-09-27 23:00:00 The scene in which people get to apply their theories and solutions to the lock at the start of the puzzle.

As usual for this leg of the TP, Concord and people with a preexisting involvement or otherwise reason for invitation from Priscilla.

Class VII Presents Red Moon Rose 2020-09-28 23:00:00 Class VII's decided that their festival contribution is going to be a film adaptation of a local vampire novel. Now to actually film it, with the help of some multiversal allies. Will this be chaos? Will the movie turn out great? Will it be enough to get Classes I and II to get off their backs? Come and find out!
The Eggvil Dead 2020-12-24 17:00:00 Eggman is exactly the kind of person petty enough to go find the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, open it up, and generally cause trouble for Ash, a man whose classlessness repulses him to the core. He probably has some additional motives in mind, something like "experimenting with soul magic" or something like that, but let's be honest - it's like eighty percent pettiness and maybe ten percent curiosity, with five percent science and five percent boredom.
Come for an Eggman boss fight, stay for...I dunno, Evil Dead The Musical songs? Probably? 
Continuing Beta Test of 2.0, because if it messes up, I can just swap to freeform on the fly.
The New Normal 2020-12-30 12:00:00 After millenia of carefully maintained obscurity, the supernatural has reared its head to this world's public. A recently emboldened group of paranormal investigators set out on an expedition into New York City's sewers to quell an age-old urban legend, and end up getting more than they bargained for. It's up to the c+xterm34Paladinsc/ and friendly c+xterm15Independentsc/ to pacify the golden titan stirring awake in the Big Apple's sewers, one way or the other.
Antarctic Apotheosis 2020-12-31 23:00:00 Salvaging an Endling's core would be an incredible boon towards understanding the magic of Strawberry Princess's world- and, perhaps, how to exploit it. Unfortunately, these represent the heart of the beast itself: disabling an Endling without destroying its core is practically impossible. The solution lies in the ruins of McMurdo station.

There, two decades ago, an Endling emerged and grew to incredible size before any intervention could reach it. Though it was eventually bombed into a crater, the time-warping powers it developed have allowed it to cling to life between instants. There, sandwiched between frozen nuclear hellfire and Ediacaran fauna, the colossal Endling's core lies dormant and ripe for the taking.

Mostly intended for c+xterm214Concordc/ interests and c+xterm255Unaffiliatedc/ friendlies. Scheduling TBD; tag for interest and we'll work it out!

Canaries in the Mines 2020-12-31 23:00:00 Though Strawberry Princess was the Reignition Project's first real success, its history goes back much further. They've experienced setbacks and leaps forward; gone through countless iterations and prototypes. Now the Project wants to salvage one of their earlier designs from ther original headquarters. Unfortunately, that headquarters was in London.

In 2008, an Endling emerged in England that could replicate itself without limit. The months-long war that ensued resulted in the evacuation or extermination of all human life in the British Isles. Though the original Endling was miraculously destroyed, hundreds of its titanic clones still stalk the mists of the irradiated hellscape that once was the United Kingdom. In retrieving the prototype, you'll be the first living things in a decade to set foot in that glassed country and survive.

Mostly intended for c+xterm106Paladinsc/ interests and c+xterm255Unaffiliatedc/ friendlies. Scheduling TBD; tag for interest and we'll work it out! 
The Langley Girls 2020-12-31 23:00:00 USENDCOM is an American organization charged with overseeing the deployment of conventional, nuclear, and magical forces to secure the nation and its allies against the monsters known as Endlings. There's no denying that they're a force for stability and humanity's survival as a whole. But it's also becoming increasingly obvious that, despite their ostensibly lofty mission statement, they exploit innocent magical children as pawns in their games of international realpolitik.

Onyx Witch's meltdown was inspired, in part, by a desire to take revenge on the "Langley girls" for how they'd used and discarded her. But there's a cleaner way than her indiscriminate tantrum of mass destruction: hit the USENDCOM headquarters in Quantico, steal internal documents proving their crimes and manipulations, and ensure their corruption is bared to the light of day.

Mostly intended for c+xterm171Watchc/ interests and c+xterm255Unaffiliatedc/ friendlies. Scheduling TBD; tag for interest and we'll work it out!

Adachi and Wizzro's Ransacking Adventure 2021-01-01 00:00:00 The Great King Of Evil reminds Hyrule just what it is he's set out to do, by having other people do it for him, just like any proper villain should.
Join Adachi and Wizzro on their heartwarming journey as they learn to live, laugh, love, and most importantly probably cause a bunch of property damage to a small village. 
Csys 2.0 Boss Fight.
Captured Wings Head For the Far Sky 2021-01-01 00:00:00 Youkai shenanigans for the exorcists of Tokyo to deal with! Anyone is welcome, though Paladins or those who know Yomi might have an easier in.

Combat may or may not happen, depending on the choices made by those present.

I Want To Believe We're Not Alone 2021-01-01 00:00:00 TBA
The Living Daylights Pt. 3 2021-01-01 00:00:00 The Watch has gained a wealth of information from the Octopus agent, who turned out to be none other than General Georgi Koskov. Kara Milovy, a would-be sacrifice for the authenticity of Koskov's staged defection, is safely in Watch custody. Koskov claims to be defecting to warn the West about the Watch's contact, General Leonid Pushkin. As Koskov is a known Octopus agent, there is little reason to take what he says at face value--but there is great worth in deception. Who knows what he might reveal, if he thinks no one is onto him?

To that end, the Watch has been invited to an MI6 facility for Koskov's debrief. There, they will pose as officials within Britain's intelligence community, to learn more about Koskov's motives through the yarns he'll no doubt spin. The only unknown is how Koskov intends to get from London to Tangiers, the next stop on his plan--but the Watch can't exactly ask him without giving up the game. The only option, then, is to wait, and watch...

Horse Quest-3 2021-01-01 00:00:00 Gawain and his companions face off against Tam Lin, the Rose Knight.

Boss battle. Either freeform or CSYS 1.0, depending on day-of, presume latter. End of phase one of this plot.

Archoeotech Pt.3: Standing Guard 2021-01-01 02:17:25 After fighting their way through a Space Hulk and destroying an enomatic Umbra, the team discovered the true mission of The Halley:  To gather scientific data for storage in a hidden Emperor's Archive: A repository of scientific data and technical specifications lost to the Imperium since the Golden Age of Mankind. 

Unfortunately, upon their return, they also found an Imperial Guard ambush waiting for them. 

PVE against Imperial Guard elites!  Scene open to Watch and people who attended Scene 2.