Soliloquy of Reproach: Repose (Alucard Tepes)

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Soliloquy of Reproach: Repose (Alucard Tepes)
Date of Cutscene: 07 October 2017
Location: Windknight's Lot
Synopsis: After his defeat at the hands of Jonathan Joestar, Alucard retreats to his tomb to recover from the Hamon-infused beating. Unbeknownst to him, he is not alone...
Thanks to: Jonathan Joestar
Cast of Characters: 1128
Tinyplot: Soliloquy of Reproach


        Far from the lake into which the castle of the Dark Lord Dracula had sunk into after Dracula's last defeat, a small stone temple sat. At least, it appeared to be a temple. A small shrine with a statue of a kneeling woman. It looked as though it had seen better days, moss covering it almost completely.

        A clump of fog moving in an unnatural way entered the small temple, and then seemed to seep underneath the statue. Underneath it there was a staircase, which was no barrier to a clump of fog. It passed doors, heading down, into a room in which only a single object sat -- a stone coffin. It was open, the stone lid scooted sideways enough to allow one to see inside. The coffin was empty.

        At least... it was for now.

        The fog abruptly coalesced again, into the form of a pale man with long, pale hair and dark clothing. He drew in a deep breath, stumbling against the side of the stone coffin and sagging to his knees. He panted a moment, trying to regain his breath and his strength. In short order, he had crawled into the coffin, like nothing more or less than a great serpent, and with the last of his strength, pulled the lid shut atop himself.

        That man in Windknight's Lot had been even stronger than Alucard had expected him to be, even looking at him. But he had to know... the man approached him so brashly, proclaiming his intent to end the horror of the 'evil vampire'. Was he just blowing smoke? He was not, much to Alucard's relief. The man was a true hero, willing to let his life go if it meant stopping a threat.

        'An arm, or my head ... it doesn't matter if it means destroying you.'

        He remembered words much like those -- years ago, when Trevor proved his mettle. Stopping a threat was all that mattered to him, whatever the cost to his own safety. Alucard was both pleased and dismayed to hear this -- pleased, as it meant both that whoever that man was, he would stop the threat...

        ...And dismayed, that he would likely die doing so. These patchworked worlds needed MORE heroes, not less.

        However, he could not stay and claim innocence. That man would never have believed him if Alucard had merely said he hadn't attacked those girls. There was no evidence, and he had no clues as to who might be responsible. He had theories, but nothing other than theories. No proof. Alucard was a creature of the darkness; he didn't expect that man to give him the benefit of the doubt. He would have to explore the site of the castle. Perhaps there were still some clues there.

        Now, though... Alucard needed to recover from the beating. His right arm was still burnt, and the sides of his head and face were pitted and pockmarked from that strange power the man he'd fought had wielded. Whatever this 'Hamon' was, it was certainly powerful. Alucard was certain that only his halfblood nature saved him from death at the man's hands.

        It would take him some time to heal; that power seemed as though it were specifically designed to harm his vampiric nature. Perhaps that man would indeed be able to defeat the vampire that plagued his village alone...

        On this thought his eyes finally closed, and he exhaled the breath from his lungs, falling utterly still as he allowed the deep, deathlike sleep of vampiric torpor to take him into its comforting darkness at last.

*                        *                        *

        Not too far away, the gaze of a pair of purple eyes rested upon the shrine. "It will not be long now, Master Adrian," the face behind those eyes murmured. A man's voice... high, but not unpleasant to listen to. "Soon... you will go back where you belong..." An unwholesome grin bared fangs.

        "...And I...

        "...Will be waiting for you there..."