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At Multiverse Crisis MUSH, most characters are part of a large organization, or faction. This file summarizes those organizations. Unaffiliated characters also exist, but are not recommended for first-time applicants.

The incoming factions are:

The Concord: "The Multiverse belongs to the truly exceptional."

The Paladins: "The Multiverse needs to be fair and balanced."

The Watch: "The liberty of the Multiverse is in our hands."

The Syndicate will still exist as a default feature rather than a distinct +group, and it is still possible to be Unaffiliated.

The rank system is also being overhauled, and all factions will have the following rank structure:

1. Commanding Officer

2. Executive Officer

3. Officer

4. Member

To be clear: There is no longer such a thing as Ally or derivative ranks. You're either a member and buying into your faction to the minimum required extent, or you're not. More distinct rank names will be used by each faction as well, this is simply the default template.