The Big Broadcast of 2015 (Genghis Rex)

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The Big Broadcast of 2015 (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 27 April 2015
Location: Reptilon - Lavadome
Synopsis: Genghis Rex pries at the hearts and minds of Kakarot's Empire.
Thanks to: Serori Kakarot Yari Allo
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Quackpot reviews the main Reptilonian communications array, located atop Lavadome - the highest point on Reptilon.

"*QUACK* Power Levels are off the charts ... I think this is the best we're going to get!"

"Assertion, INCORRECT" interrupted the towering blue Decepticon, Soundwave, as he transformed and plugged into main board.

Every gauge on the board suddenly pegged to maximum.

Quackpot's beak dropped, "Amazing! *heh* This is better than anything we have in 'Tyrannotown'! Hey Soundwave, could I use your to help out with a great new reality show when we're done!? *QUACK*" the Tyranno Communications officer excitedly inquired.

"Collaboration, UNLIKELY." Soundwave hummed.

"Enough brown-snouting, Quackpot ..." Genghis Rex grumps at Quackpot, "If you are ready ... let's do this!"

Quackpot stabs a button on the console and suddenly the supervolcano, that has stood silent for a millennia, erupts in one of the most powerful broadcast signals the multiverse has ever detected in this sector of the multiverse. The signal overwhelms every satellite in orbit around Reptilon, reaching out across the universe, influencing unsecured broadcast satellites surrounding Earth and extending as far as the outer solar system. Most importantly, thanks to the concerted efforts of Yari & Dimetro's infiltration team, the broadcast infiltrates the Bardock's communications array and suddenly every display on the ship is replaced by the toothy visage of Genghis Rex.

"Did you miss me, Kakarot? I certainly hope so! Greetings Neo-Saiyans! I am Genghis Rex, the ruler Reptilon, and, at the risk of sounding cliche, the rumors of my death are /GREATLY/ exaggerated!"

He pauses, allowing his words to sink in, "By now you will have no doubt come to a bitter conclusion that the people of Reptilon will not simply roll over and die for your invasion force. I will lay it out plain and simple for all of you."

Rex straightens up, focusing a hard glare on the camera, "Your king, Kakarot, is rapidly bringing you to ruin. He has underestimated the breadth of what he's up against by attacking this world and refusing to relent in spite of the facts that have been laid out for him. We will not back down, and while Reptilon itself may not survive /THIS/ battle, the legacy Kakarot has created for you is one that will end in your own extinction."

The red tyrannosaur looks DEADLY serious, "This is not a threat, these are the facts. Reptilon is backed by an army that expands 1000 worlds spread out across just as many universes and is more than 100 billion strong. Your king is a dead man walking, but there is no reason for you and your people to be wiped out in the process. Those who are willing to forsake Kakarot's rule will be offered amnesty and sanctuary within the Confederacy. We have our own Saiyans within the Confederacy who would welcome you with open arms into their far more level headed ranks The same offer extends to anyone who rebels against and helps put an end to Kakarot's irresponsible rule."

Rex folds his arms, "This is the best offer you are going to get. Kakarot has placed you in this situation and we are interested in punishing the party responsible, not those deceived by his short sighted ambitions. If Reptilon falls, its legacy will be the destruction of ALL Neo-Saiyans ... each and every one of you will be hunted down like dogs until you are but a bad memory. It does NOT matter where you hide or how long it takes. We are EVERYWHERE and we are ETERNAL. Refuse me, and you will curse Kakarot's name for wiping your people from the face of the universe as you die cowering in darkness."

"Do not sacrifice your proud civilization to the genocidal machinations of one man. You can be so much more than the mere puppets of a madman."