The Clone Hunt (Tesla Armadia)

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The Clone Hunt (Tesla Armadia)
Date of Cutscene: 01 October 2015
Location: Brockton Bay
Synopsis: At Defiant's request Tesla and her forces help with the rampant clone issue in the city
Cast of Characters: 368

The PRT officers were understandably rather uneasy having the cybernetic wolfmen -- commando units of one now infamous Tesla Armadia -- parolling the streets with them. But as they were told by Defiant the mad scientist's forces were there to help and currently the 'lesser of two evils' compared to the threat Jack Slash's Slaughterhouse Clones currently posed. That and, once they realized they were being hunted, the clones had started to work together, so the help was necessary.

It also proved quite effective when a patrol had corned a clone of Nice Guy, but dared not approach him directly because of his powers to render himself harmless when seen even as he murdered those around him. But with the building surrounded by the commandos their commander had kicked in the door and walked right inside. "I am no one important," Nice Guy had started to speak in a soothing tone, even as he was circling to the approaching super soldier's side, a knife in hand. "There is nothing to see here. You should just go awa--" BLAM! And the clone keeled over with a blast into the head. Lunessa stepped out the shadows with her arm-cannon smoking, and a tactical visor down over her eyes. With her audio receptors turned off and the visor blocking the effect of seeing Nice Guy, putting a shot through his skull was just a matter of skill when he showed himself.

Back out in the streets, a Burnscar had started several trashcans, benchs and whatever else along the streets she could find on fire, trying to build up enough flame to get her powers up to fully wild. Only to have her parade rained on, literally, as several cloud covered drones downpowered on the area. As she posessed the ability to warp between fires Burnscar managed to teleport back to one burning dumpster not caught in the downpower, only to come face to face with a grinning Stratos and several of the drones still hovering around her. "What are you doing here? You're not a hero!"

"No, but I don't want my world -ruined- either, bitch." Stratos made a command gesture with one remote glove and the drones stopped raining and instead went spinning around Burnscar, turning themselves into a minature cyclone that blew out the last trash bin and produced enough wind force to keep the clone from starting any more. Long enough for Stratos to toss several of her frostbite grenades into the vortex, putting the clone on ice.

Stratos snapped her fingers and the mini-cyclone unspun itself, the frozen clone shattering like a strange movie effect as it hit the ground. "That's one freak knock-off... iced."

Unfortunately moments afterwards she's blindsided by a Chuckles, the morbidly fat clown ambushing her with super speed and then throwing her into the side of the car with a powerful arm swing, emitting no sound but the rasping, distorted laugh he was named for.

He lunged again but Stratos managed to duck and roll out of the way, though the impact of him slamming into the car still tossed her down the curbside. The psycho clown turned to her once more, but had to juke out of the way instead as something heavy slammed into the pavement behind him.

Shardcore stepped out of the small crater in the concrete made by his landing, optics flashing as they focused on the monsterous clown, numerous tactical and weapon systems coming online. "Target identified. Extermination immenant."

Chuckles used the super-speed in his legs to spin around quickly, but instead his body was super-strong and would normally pummel anything his bulk hit at that speed. Except instead Shardcore met the turn by grabbing the clown by the head and slamming his tail into the center of his obese mass. Suddenly his head was stationary, his body the other way, and his legs still trying to spin in the first direction. With his legs and head being the super-speed part of his body, the resulting conflicting forces literally tore his own body apart.

"Thanks, ya big lug." Stratos got to her feet and dusted her suit off. "Never did like friggin' clowns."

The various Slaughterhouse Clones getting taken out in brutal beatings was apparently enough to draw out Siberian, as the zebra-striped woman dropped to the ground just as Shardcore was stomping on Chuckle's head to ensure death. With her insane strength had little trouble grabbing the war machine and heaving it over her shoulder and into the ground.

A blast of lightning struck her from the back as Stratos opened fire, but did nothing but piss her off more. Siberian turned, snatching a truck with one hand to fling it at the weather villainess, but had a couple of the cybernetic raptors jump her and knocking the truck aside. But even those monsters were unable to harm her it seemed, and Siberian easily ripped them apart, though the distraction was long enough for Shardcore to get up and slam into her. It was unstoppable force versus indestructable object, and even without damaging her the impact slammed both through the side of a building.

The war machine was thrown out with several new dents moments later, and Siberian stepped out afterwards. The superwoman launched into the air to deliver a crushing blow, but a high velocity blast from Shardcore's railcannon smashed her into the building again, once more doing no damage but delivering enough kinetic force to pound her out of the air. She hit the pavement, only to get up yet again, seemingly unharmed.

But Shardcore was also back on his feet, weapon systems to max capacity despite the ineffectiveness so far, and even the cyberzombie raptors were pulling themselves back together by intergrating less damaged parts into one unit. Needless to say, the fighting renewed between the two unrelenting forces.

Shardcore was built to combat super robots, superpowers and even gods walking the earth. But even for him Siberian seemed insurmountable as the two clashed up and down the street. The raptors were tore apart again, this time into too many pieces to pull together. Stratos had wisely backed out of the clash, knowing she was unmatched, and getting too close would cancel out her Tinker abilities. But as insurmountable as Siberian was, Shardcore was as unrelenting as one would expect the pinnacle of a killing machine to be, taking beating after beating and still attacking her, ineffective as it was. Or was defeating her really the purpose at all?

Elsewhere, a lone man sat in a single forgotten room of an old building. He was far enough for the fighting to not be threatened by it, but close enough to be in range for what he does. Yet his focus was so much elsewhere that he barely heard the thump at the floor beneath him, until a metal-clad hand smashed through it, grabbed his ankle and yanked him down through it, slamming into the floor below. He started to get up, but an armored boot to the side sent him sprawling. "Tsk tsk, sloppy sloppy," a voice now familiar to the city spoke through the partial darkness of the room.

"How did you find me?!" Milton stammered in surprise and tried to get his focus, only for another kick to send him tumbling backwards again. That probably broke a rib or two, by the way he was huffing in pain, but clearly meant to not be a lethal blow. Yet.

"You are hardly the first to cower in shadows while sending a creation to do your dirty work, although your method is unusual." A mocking chuckle followed. "But your mistake was making her -too- good. Siberian is exceptional, even by parahuman standards. Someone had to be behind her. Someone that, or the original at least, had known much about parahumans to counter them... Deducing that, it was not hard to find the most likely, unassuming place for a projector to hide once she appeared. You were so focused on dealing on the multiple threats of my minions you never heard me coming."

Milton tried to run, but he was hardly physical enough to avoid the heavy gauntlet grabbing him around the neck and slamming him up against the wall, fingers already digging into flesh. "What kind of hero are you suppose to be?!" It brought another wicked chuckle from the limb's owner, just out of clear view in the shadows. "Tsk. I am hardly a hero. I am just removing another obstacle to an ulterior motive." Weakening fingers fumbled at prying at the metal clad grasp. "Then what -are- you?!" His answer was the glow of energy building in the gauntlet, casting a devilish glow across Tesla's armadillo features as she leaned close enough for him to see her grinning.

"I am the nightmare that even monsters have."

The electropulse discharge, much the same as the one she had used to fry Alexandria's brain, arced from her gauntlet and through the man, sending him into spasms briefly before collapsing. At the same moment his brain ceased to function the Siberian disappeared, just before smashing her fist through Shardcore's head unit.

The corpse was tossed aside, and a couple of explosive rounds from her bracer-mounted bolter guns ensured there was nothing left to recover and make another clone from. Then Tesla tapped the comm control at the side of her helmet. "Contact Defiant, let him know a Siberian has been disposed of. And a tally of the others, of course."

One less Siberian was definately the victory of the night, though.