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There is another world out there. A secret world, that hides just out of sight of the normal people. If they are lucky, they never see it But these days, that becomes harder and harder. The dark days are here. The signs are all around us. Signs of the End Times, where all that exists will be judged. If found wanting, it will, perhaps, be worse than simple death.

There are those who stand to manipulate these events, either to save the world, doom it, or attempt to reign as king over what the world might become. Four great conspiracies rooted in ancient history are the greatest of these, trying to make use of agents empowered by Gaia itself in a reaction to that which threatens it. These agents rapidly find themselves exploring ancient legends and confronting horrors long thought to be the fever dreams of the mad. Everything is true. Every legend lies out there waiting to be your salvation or destruction.

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The Buzzing sees much and records more. As their chosen many spread far and wide, they begin to learn that there is a great deal more to hear than just the honeyed words originating from their own world.

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Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.
TRANSMIT - initiate the idealism signal - RECEIVE - initiate the aquatic frequency - IS A MAN NOT ENTITLED TO THE SWEAT OF HIS BROW? - initiate the fatherly syntax - IT CAME FROM THE DEEP - initiate the harvest cadence - A SLAVE OBEYS - initiate splicing protocols - WITNESS - Rapture.


Dark Souls-1



Man looks to man as he looks to refuse, and banishes kin from his presence as he would his own filth. Out of sight and out of mind, and yet the rot which spills from human bodies disappears sooner than the rot that spills from human minds. Instincts recoil to look to one's own filth just as they shrink from looking to one's own sins, and so it would only be natural that the unpleasant reminders of both would swirl together in this loathesome kingdom of unwanted dredges.

The kingdom is disease and its rulers are its carriers, and the tax levied upon entry is to bear its blight in one's body so that all are made equal under its ravages. Where once there were seven, now there are two, but both of them halves.