Training (Mairead Sandilands)

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Training (Mairead Sandilands)
Date of Cutscene: 10 June 2018
Location: IS Academy, Academy Island, Tokyo, Japan
Synopsis: Mairead is busy sitting in her room at the IS Academy and is thinking about getting better with some training from friends. Just who to ask is the question...
Cast of Characters: Mairead Sandilands

Mairead was sitting in her room, thinking as she looked at the few brusies on her body from the recent fight she was involved in. "That guy hit hard," she says to herself as she ponders and turned her head ot look out the window. "I need to get better," she comments as she thinks about a way to get better and not be to easily beaten. Sighing, she stands and gets a brush as she starts to brush her hair, "I wonder...." she mutters.

Putting the brush down on the table, she picks up the phone and looks at it and dials a number as she waits for the phone to pick up.... "Hello," the voice comes across the phone. "Yes, I am wondering if Touta Konoe is available?" she asks. "I am sorry, he is busy, may I take a message?" the voice asks. "Yes please," she says. "Can you let him know that Mairead Sandilands was looking to get in contact with him. I am curious to see if he would be willing to help me with some training?." she says to the person on the phone. "I will let him know." and Mairead smiles, "Thank you." and hangs up.

Thinking, Mairead makes another call, "Yes?" comes the voice. "Yes, I am trying to contact Penelope, we meet last week. Is she available?" she asks. "Penelope is busy," the voice says. "Oh, cna I leave her a message to contact me? I have a question for her," she asks. There is silence for a few moments, "What is the message?" the voice asks. "Can you have her call me? I want to know if she would like to spar with me?" Mairead states. "I will give her the message," and the phone is hung-up. "Mairead sighs, "Thank you," she says as she puts the phone down herself.

Sighing, Mairead looks out the window, "I wonder who else I can ask?" she says to herself.