Waking Up (Reker)

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Waking Up (Reker)
Date of Cutscene: 19 November 2014
Location: Naval Hospital, Okinawa Japan
Synopsis: Blake Brooks comes back to the real world after another marathon session of Gun Gale Online
Cast of Characters: 631
Tinyplot: Phantom Bullet

The air was cold as sensation started to return to his real body. Another successful evening of punishing the wicked and protecting the innocent. Sure, it was just a game, but that didn't make what he did any less important. More sensations return as the AmuSphere slowly turns off and Blake opens his eyes. It was still very cold inside of the room where he was laying.

He looked at the time readout on the visor, still fifteen minutes to go. He wouldn't be late this time. But his mind was stuck thinking about everything that had transpired. The ambush of the rookies, him swooping in to save the day and putting down a couple of griefers. Sure, they would be back. It wasn't like he could ban them, after all. Taking the headset off, he placed it on the table next to the bed and sat up. He ran a hand through his scruffy hair and then scooted off the bed and into the wheelchair sitting next to it.

He took a moment to rub his right leg, or what was left of it. The sensation of it being there after logging out isn't ever going to go away, he thinks. He sighs faintly and begins to head for the door, heading to his physical therapy session.

The doctors made it clear, he has to make it to these or they'll take away the game. He needs the game, it's the only way he feels like he can help anybody any more. Those rookies he saved today, they'll keep playing the game instead of quitting because of him. They'll get to see everything GGO has to offer, because he stepped in to save them when nobody else would. But all this time spent hunting griefers and trolls wasn't bringing him any closer to being anywhere near good enough to win the Bullet of Bullets competition.

Last time he didn't even make it past qualifiers...This time was going to be different. He'd buckle down and give it everything he has. And part of that meant getting to his physical therapy session on time. He wheeled himself a bit faster down the hall, mind still racing with thoughts about GGO and not about his session.