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Die Reisenden Go Shopping
Date of Scene: 16 December 2015
Location: Alberichstadt <P:WTWM>
Synopsis: Janine calls everyone out to buy supplies for the new shack. And once again, runs into another Persona user.
Cast of Characters: Kotone Yamakawa, 165, 513, 901, 908, Janine Liberi, 915, 920, Damita Stark

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Lebkuchenhaus Mall, contrary to its name, is a beast of a building, massive and bristling with glass and steel. Only completed a couple of years ago, it's a shining example of the modernity that has recently graced Alberichstadt. Certainly, most of the older residents still prefer the mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar stores they went to growing up, but Lebkuchenhaus is /the/ place for the youth.

    At present, it's decked up for the holidays, tinsel and baubles clinging to giant plastic trees, stores mobbed for their wares to be wrapped up and put under the tree. The smell of fresh-baked gingerbread houses actually wafts through the air, several stores capitalizing on the store's name by handing out pieces with purchases.

    Here, Janine has called everyone. She's sitting on the edge of a fountain, defying the cold weather outside by eating gelato while kicking her feet and regarding the people filled with Christmas cheer with a very Grinch-like expression on her face.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Making her way over to Lebkuchenhaus, Hoshi was perhaps a little bit slower than she might normally have been, rubbing the bags underneath her eyes irritably. This is what she got for doing dumb things, clearly. A shiver comes over her when she feels a breeze pass under her skirt, and she starts to pick up her pace while clutching her pea coat around her tightly.

    Spotting the unmistakable grump of Janine, Hoshi makes her way over and bows from her waist. "Hi, Ms. Liberi. I hope I didn't make you wait long." She turned around to see if anyone else was coming, but she asides quietly to Janine as they wait. "Thank you for the chocolates, by the way. I shared them with my mom. She wasn't very amused by the card, though."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa was eager top get out here after the eariler operation she'd been concerned for Hoshi to be honest, and she would be following up Hohi's arrival she was dressec casually but yes her style of clothing did lean a bit cyberpunk really. She never deined the comment entirely.

"A curious gift the chocolate was some of the best I'd had in a while. Though the comment has given me ideas." What did she have in mind for Jaine? Who knows but she's clearly got an idea.

"Hello Hoshi."

Gudako Ordria (908) has posed:
    Gudako likes shopping malls. Japan's are her preference, for a lot of different reasons (the gachas being a huge one), so she couldn't miss a chance to go shopping in a place she hadn't before.

    Thus does the girl arrive, immediatly gravitating towards Hoshi. "Hello! Hoshi, yo! And miss The Ogre, and also Kotone. Who else was invited?"

    With her are her two Servants-- but rather than wear the robes they normally do, they are dressed NORMALLY for once. Also their fox features are gone. Caster-- the one with the twintails-- wears a striped pink and white jacket, half open, with a pink bikini top under, and a black skirt, thighhighs and black boots. Berserker-- the one with the ponytail-- wears what probably looks way too much like a maid outfit, with cuffs and white thighhighs and all. And the big red collar with a collar bell on it. At least, she isn't wearing those big cat mittens and boots. Berserker has crazier looking eyes too, like she's constantly extremely hype about something.

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
    Ira hasn't been to a mall in a while. With no money to spend and no real people to hang out with, there was no reason. If by chance she needed something, she could buy it online, right? She doesn't exactly make good company either, especially in a 'Christmas crowded' mall. She hunches a little as she walks, joining the others by the fountain, appearing to somehow radiate an anti-person aura. Maybe it's one of The Beast's special abilities?

    "...hey. I guess I should get people...gifts." It seems foreign to her to do, "...can't say I've gotten any for people outside my family before though. If I buy your gift in front of you, you'll have to just..deal. I guess."

Ren Tanaka (165) has posed:
    Ren Tanaka is dressed as Santa.

    Because of course he is. "Ho ho ho!"

    This is the first time he's met Ira and... Janine, he thinks? /And/ Gudako, for that matter. In fact Hoshi is the only person here he actually recognizes so far. He takes the beard off once he walks over. "Surprise, it's me."

    "We decided not to go with the outdoor market after all, then?" he asks her, not that he seems upset about it or something. Probably just as well, mulled wine is probably less accessible here. Probably.

    Someone will find it if they desire so strongly enough.

    Perhaps someone can teach Ren about how to not buy crappy gifts for everyone...

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Janine glances at Hoshi, the first arrival! All she gets as a greeting is, "Wow, you look like shit." No follow-up to ask why this might be the case or anything, of course. Looking to Kotone as the two thank her for the gifts, she adds, "'Course you liked 'em. Privilegio is the best in the world."

    As Gudako and her entourage approach, Janine stares hard at them. "A bikini in this weather? And... huh. Man, can't you live out your maid fetish at home?" She shakes her head and clucks her tongue, glancing at Ira with a slight sneer. "What's the matter, all the festive cheer getting to you? Here, I'll make it easier; don't worry about getting anything for me."

    And then Ren shows up as Santa. "Oh my god are you serious?" She has a look on her face like she wants to palm it, but her only good hand is occupied by gelato. "Yeah let's walk around a public mall with people dressed as maids and Santa. THAT won't draw attention at all."

    The last of her waffle cone is bitten into with extreme prejudice before Janine daps at her mouth with the napkin that was wrapped around it. "Right, let's get this over with. First thing is food. Packaged and canned shit only, things that will keep without refrigeration. Cheap plates, bowls and utensils too. And a can opener, can't forget that. Let's go."

    And with that, she strides off towards the supermarket the store has on the ground floor! It's a slightly upper-crust one, where things you can get elsewhere are slightly more expensive because of the locale. "Take a trolley each. Clearly some of you don't know how to shop incognito, and some of the stuff Kaz wants is already gonna get my card on a watchlist. So I'm not making multiple trips."

Gudako Ordria (908) has posed:
    "They're Servants! They don't care if it's hot or cold, unless it's like, MAGICALLY hot or cold," Gudako explains to Janine, shrugging. "They picked those clothes! To be honest, it'd have been more efficient for them to just shapeshift new clothes on, but they really wanted to go shopping. And now we're shopping again! It's like a horrible timeloop, except in a mall!" Well, she doesn't seem to mind it THAT much, given her unfazing 8D.

    Berserker looks like she's agitated by Janine's critism; for a moment she almost looks ready to jump at her throat. Caster holds her back, though. "There there! At least we hid our fox ears and tails, right? That would have been way worse! I'm sure no one will care, we're in-doors, they'll probably just think we're staff or that we know we'll be here for a while."

    "BERSERKER," Gudako says, to defuse the situation.
    "You push the trolley~."

    The ponytail'd pink-haired foxgirl in a maid outfit immediately does what can be best described as 'vibrating with glee', especially as they enter the supermarket. And she takes a trolley. And just. Pretty much runs off with it going 'WHEEEEEEE', randomly picking food off shelves. Most of it is canned fish or fish-shaped treats. Goldfish crackers.

    Gudako and Caster don't follow, and rather stay with Hoshi. It's time to pester her FAVORITE PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD. "Say, say! Tell me aaaaaall about Christmas here. Are there decorations in the Mirror Forest?"

Damita Stark has posed:
     Damita Stark is a unknown figure to all but the Drachenblatt students, as she has had no run in with anything multiversial yet so far. Heck, she's not even aware of a multiverse! She is doing her shopping at said upscale grocery store, having decided to pick up a few treats for herself. Standing in the check out lanes, she can't help but recognize her fellow classmates... after all, everyone's made a name for themselves...

     And not like that!

     She lifts an eyebrow at the people she does recognize, and the second eyebrow goes up when she sees the people she doesn't recognize. The whole grouping together is odd; Damita's been at Drachenblatt long enough to know the cliques, and who is in them, who isn't in them, who knows each other, and why, not to mention, of course, who is dating who.

     Tucking her candy into her pocket, the petite girl tugs the warm black jacket around her shoulders, her jeans tucked into a pair of heeled snow boots before she hangs back to watch the crowd curiously. What's this, then?

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
    "Hey Gudako." Ira grins. Given she DID get a gift from her, Ira feels at least to respond in turn. Gudako was neat, after all.

    Augh augh so many people showing up-some Ira definitely does not recognize, like that super cheerful guy in the Santa suit. "Oh god." Ira mutters under her breath, putting a hand up to her face.

    Janine provides some choice words and sneers, both of which are answered in kind by the redhead, her mood immediately worsening. "Giant crowds of idiots bother me." she grumbles unhappily, "Oh, you know, I actually /was/ going to get you a thing. But now that I've been exempted from that /by your permission/, then I'll gladly save my money."

    She turns and actually...leaves? More specifically, she seems to be moving more deeply into the mall, "I gotta go take care of something. Be back in a bit." She's actually going to get Gudako something but she's not going to say that in front of her.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna's shown up in... tight-fitting blue jeans and a white shirt. Quite plain, but also comfortable and enough to show off without drawing too much attention. One has to wonder if she actually bought those clothes or if she's mimicking them.

    Probably the latter.

    "Wow. get a load of THAT getup!" Finna finds herself snickering at Ren's outfit. Oh, she's seen Santa stuff before. But that just stands out like a sore thumb in the area.

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Hoshi rolls her eyes at Janine's response to seeing her. How nice. "Thank you, Ms. Liberi," she says with a sigh. "I didn't sleep well." Clearly.

    She held her hand up to wave to everyone she saw... though she cringed inwardly when she saw Gudako and the Servants behind her. "Hello, Ms. Ordria," she says tonelessly. "Berserker, Caster." She gives them all a bow and tries to look around for any means of escape. She's too close. She's also in just the right place to get in between Janine and Ira. "Please don't. Not today, alright?" She's just too tired to play peacekeeper.

    Then there's... a Santa Claus. Hoshi blinks and leans forward to figure out who it is--oh brother. "Tanaka... Is that really the best idea?" They did stick out REALLY badly, now. After a moment, she just gives a wry chuckle and a shrug. "Hi Tanaka. At least it's not a fish."

    When everyone starts going in, Hoshi of course follows, rubbing her eyes wearily as Gudako snaps in next to her. Crap. "I'm used to Japanese Christmas. You are too. There's nothing to really explain there. And no, the Forest isn't decorated. Who even would? It's the same as it's always been, as far as I'm aware."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa seemed to be in good spirits none the less and pauses at the clothing staring for a moment. She looks at Jaine for a moment then back to Gudako's entourage gets a heck of a look from Kotone. She may use rampant Cyberpunk like fashion but this is something else.

"I don't think a Bikini is quite suitable for something like this."

This coming from the lady who has the form fitting stealth suit. Either way she falls in and she's nod to Jaine about food supplies.

"There's a few things I need to pick up but I'll have to get those back home."

She'll get to work on the food and such otherwise.

Ren Tanaka (165) has posed:
    "One day, I'll give you something even better to make fun of me about than that very first thing," Ren insists. It seems as if he's got a lot of attention immediately, which is a nice change, honestly, so he rolls with it. Maybe he'll be able to take attention off of Gudako's servants. "Hello, everyone! I'm Tanaka, might be the first time meeting me for a lot of you."

    He puts the fake beard back in place before any children notice. "But today, I'm part of the League of Substitute Santas!" He's got a 1-day membership card and everything!

    He gives Damita a big wave. "Good day, young lady! I'm just helping some friends shop for winter provisions!"

Kazimir Volkov (920) has posed:
It's about this time that someone else arrives.

It's Kaz. He's dressed in a winter jacket, warm hat, work gloves and boots. Everything looks kind of beaten up, like he's worn them for a while and uses them regularly in situations where things get messed up. He's got a cart of stuff already, neatly packed and stacked for stability. He pulls up near the group, looking them over and arching an eyebrow. With a quick motion, he pulls out his silver watch.

Click. Click.

Open, and closed in a couple seconds. "Close enough." He says, nodding. "Everyone know what they need?" He asks, before looking specifically at Ren.

There is a pause.

The pause goes a little longer.

He just looks away, then, sighing. "You make a bad santa." Kaz comments.

Gudako Ordria (908) has posed:
    "I know! Our Christmas is just a big commercial gig! And then we eat KFC, I guess that's a tradition," Gudako nods to Hoshi, although she immediatly doubles back to the Mirror Forest. "Why not, though? How do you know the Huntsman or the Wolf don't celebrate Christmas? OH! What if someone who was really obsessed with it tried playing the Persona Game? Maybe their Shadow would decorate the place, huh?"

    This is a horrible subject to talk about publicly.
    "Maybe we should try finding someone?" 8D

    WELL it just got worse. Hello Hoshi, remember this is your best friend, try not to KILL her today. Or at least make sure you figure out where to hide the body.

    While Berserker runs rampant, Caster is more the sort to skid towards Damita, curious. "Hello! We haven't seen you before. You must be a new member? Are you also one of those game survivors?"

Janine Liberi has posed:
    "Servants," Janine deadpans. She meets Berserker's ferocious look with a cool expression. "You certainly don't have to dress like one for this vacant-eyed idiot." And with that, the shopping run begins! Ira's departure is mostly ignored. Janine, as someone with one hand, just busies herself by checking up on everyone, as well as dumping Privilegio sweets into their carts.

    As they move between the aisles, Janine glimpses Damita staring and frowns deeply. Oh yes, she knows that type. The girl is only given a long stare of 'what are you looking at?' though. Ren though, has his arm yanked. "Shut up, just pick out food. Go, now." Finna gets a look of familiarity. "Oh, the wild animal." Half-shrug.

    And then they run into Kaz! Who is already done it seems. "Oh wow, you're on point." She doesn't even have anything sarcastic to say about it, only a thumbs-up. "Wait for the others to finish, and I'll come along to pay for it."

    And then... words. Words that SHOULD NOT BE SAID IN PUBLIC. Janine grabs Caster's hair and yanks her away from Damita! "Forget this idiot, she's too invested in some mobile game. Sorry Merry Christmas." The intense stare she's giving the preppy girl suggests that 'Forget this' is not a request.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Did someone just call her... yes. Someone just called her something...

    Finna tromps over and POKES Janine in the nose. "Try a name next time!" OUT COMES HER TONGUE! Her answer to being called that is NOOOOOOOOOOOOPE.

    But she does flip over to Kazimir's side. Almost literally flips. Thankfully it's more of a sideways hop. Still an odd little display of acrobatics!

    And a hand's clapped on his shoulder. "Not really. So I'll hang around and pick it up as I go along!"

Damita Stark has posed:
Damita's head turns, tracking people like she's some sort of owl, which she just might be. Her head locks onto Hoshi as she says words that she wasn't expecting or didn't know of - Berserker, Caster, /forest/. She spares a tglance at Ren-Santa, her dark eyes taking him in before she's ambushed by Caster. Oh god why.

     Her long, owlish blink considers both of these 'outsiders', yet before she can speak, Janine has interrupted. Liber(at)i(on), if you will. That long stare plus the implied 'forget this' has her narrowing her eyes, before she speaks. Her voice is lyrical, soft, rolling the words. That's definitely a Spanish accent in there. "Hello, it's nice to ... meet you all." She gives her classmates a hard, long look. This one says 'nuh-UH, I'm not going anywhere.'

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    As Hoshi walks, she sets her face into a non-expressive mask and stares straight ahead while Gudako prattles on. Eventually, she holds up a hand. "We're trying to keep everything quiet, remember?" She whispers tonelessly. "So let's just stop having this conversation." She even tries to pick up her pace to get out of this, stopping by Kaz and bowing to him. "YOu... came here a lot earlier than we said, huh? That's fine. I'll help cover everything else, if need be... And we'll be removing excess junk, too." She sends a meaningful look at Gudako. She knows what her Berserker is doing. Finna's appearance next to Kaz gets another bow from Hoshi. "Hello, Ms. Finna. Thank you for joining--"

    That's... When she heard something /bad/. Hoshi flips around immediately when she hears Caster blabbing, but Janine rushes over to pull her away. Hoshi, meanwhile, goes to push Caster from the front as she hastily looks over Damita. "Ah--p-please, don't mind her. They get weird ideas in their heads, and..." Just... push away! Away! "Sorry, it was nice to meet you!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa Says "KFC is not a tradtion it's a clevery marketing ploy The company did in Japan to make people /think/ its the tradtional meal. I have to give them they were clever on that."

Though the shole thing seems to be a bit of an annoyance to her.

"I know what I need to pick up."

She lkooks ove to Hoshi for a moment and sighs but things seem to be handled for the moment. She seems in good spirits more or less as it's time to stock up on supplies.

Ren Tanaka (165) has posed:
    Janine may find Ren's arm surprisingly difficult to yank. He gives her a brief look that's not- well, not necessarily /judging/, admonishing perhaps, but almost certainly a bit disappointed. He then, with great delicacy, picks out a singular can of edamame and puts it in Berserker's care.

    "Well, it is my first day," he says with mock-apology to Kaz.

    He shares a brief moment of wordless examination with Damita, and after a little bump in the tracks personally he's all smiles. He lifts his hat, revealing a ... 'HELLO my name is Santa' badge with 'TANAKA' written in the insert name here section.

    Hat goes back down.

    "Christmas certainly is a time for fateful meetings!" he comments broadly, "And a time for cheer and community. Don't forget to leave some room in those carts for a few cookies and presents!"

Gudako Ordria (908) has posed:
    Luckily for Janine, Gudako just doesn't care for insults. 'Vacant-eyed idiot' is actually a very fine thing to be called! It means people don't really expect her to be smart, or to do anything worthwhile or dangerous. A normal person would hate being treated so worthlessly, but not her. It's a boon in disguise.

    But it's when Janine grabs Caster by the hair and yanks that she finds-- the Servant does not budge. The feeling of having grabbed something explicitely superhuman by the hair is pretty omnipresent. Though she certainly does note the effort, especially with Hoshi now pitching in from the front. Caster blinks confusedly-- to Janine's benefit, she doesn't see this as an attack, and actually finally allows herself to get pulled away.

    "Oh! Oh. She's shopping with us but she doesn't... know? Gee, alright, don't mess my hair up," Caster says, apologizing.

    Gudako pitches in, too. "I don't think Caster likes mobile games very much, that's me. Though, honestly, I think you should just tell her the truth, because she's going to find out sooner or later and you're wasting time and her safety not telling her," the magus says, bluntly, but never changing her expression.

    Caster hms thoughtfully, but then just goes with: "It's nice to meet you too, miss! I'm Caster, my over-eager twin-sister over there is Berserker," she glances towards the trolley-armed Servant still collecting food from shelves.

    "And I'm Gudako!" the magus interrupts Caster, introducing herself.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    God in heaven, this just gets worse and worse. This girl won't back off, Gudako just makes things worse and worse. Is everyone in the Multiverse just a huge goddamn idiot?!

    "She's not with us, she's just staring because you lot stick out like sore thumbs! You goddamn idiots!" she swears at Gudako and co., slipping into Italian to properly cuss them out.

    Where's Ira when you need her? She can actually be intimidating.

    She stares hard at Damita, stepping right up close to her so she can whisper in her ear. "Listen you. If I hear any of this even being /breathed/ after this, I'm coming for you. Do you understand?"

Kazimir Volkov (920) has posed:
Kazimir watches continuing shenanigans. He sighs to himself and turns to just keep doing what needs to be done when Finna appears and claps a hand on his shoulder. "Well, feel free to come along then. We do not need to be flashy. We are just shopping."

The antics with Caster and Damita cause him to just facepalm, however. "We should stop wasting time. More people are going to show up and we will be wasting time standing in lines all day. Amakasu, have you cleared the list yet?"

He pulls out his phone and checks things on it for a moment, asiding to Janine. "Relax, Liberi. You will blow a blood vessel like that." He pauses. "Besides, no one actually believes you will do it, except maybe the Ogre, who would want you to."

Damita Stark has posed:
     "I'm Stark. Damita Stark, if you please. It is a pleasure to meet all of you for the first time, and ... to see some of you outside of school." Damita doesn't shake any hands, keeping them shoved in her pocket for warmth, perhaps. Her gaze does turn to Janine. Something is off here, and if the clues she's been having have been a clue...

     She clears her throat, and responds back softly to her fellow student. "Looked in the mirror, lately?" It's a very, very idle question, by all rights.

Finna (513) has posed:
    Finna's feigning great cheer - well okay it's not ENTIRELY feigning - but Caster and Gudako have her attention. This is an opportunity for her to study them and learn a few things about them. They were trouble before. Will definitely be so again in the future!

    "It's my first time in a place like this, would you believe it? There's NOTHING like these stores where I call home. ... And if there was, the smell would be overpowering..."

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Hoshi can hardly contain how grateful she is that Caster isn't trying to resist them like she might have. She's about to try to pull everyone away from Damita so they can continue their shopping. That was, of course, when Gudako had to open her big mouth. While Janine rages, Hoshi just gives a long-suffering sigh and palms her face. Hearing Damita's statement, she turns around slowly and digs into her coat to pull out her locket. "More than I'd like," is her grumbled response.

    Looking over to Kaz, Hoshi grunts and starts moving in to pick up some items of her own. Essentials, of course. "I will as soon as I buy some stuff today. We're going to have to clean out the all of cupboards, so I'll get some of those cleaning whipe things... Maybe some bleach, too."

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
    "Every damn day!" Ira exclaims from out of sheer nowhere, having returned to catch up with the grup, slipping up from behind like some gigantic, Irish ninja. "And I have to live with it." Whatever she was up to, apparently, she is done, now lugging a giant shopping bag with her. Peering down into it reveals...wrapped packages of all kinds of sizes. There aren't names on any of them for those sneaky people that might try to peek (Berserker, Caster).

    She eyes the girl which, after a moment, she recognizes. Who /wouldn't/, really? "Oh, it's you." she seems defensive, "What's the big deal about mirrors?"

Janine Liberi has posed:
    "... are you actually kidding me?"

    Janine walks away to start banging her forehead against a shelf. Store staff stare on with concern as she mutters. "Can't... even... leave... the house... anymore..." Thud. Thud. Thud.

    After a long moment of resting her head against the shelf, she looks back at Damita. "If you're saying what I think you're saying... we'll talk later. We need to get all this stuff somewhere." She looks to the group and slaps her hand against her leg to get attention. "Line up at the checkouts! I'll cover everything."

    And indeed, should people do so, Janine comes along and swipes a very fancy-looking credit card. And each time, the payment is cleared without a hitch. Who is this girl?

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa :has been keeping out of the verb barbing and she's trying ot not make things worse and Finna thankfully gives a very good hel;ping hand in that.

"Really? With how long you been aorund I'd have thought you would have before and smell?"

Nope for all her enhancements her sense so smell is about the same as it was when she was born.

"Still I don't get to go to places this upscale too often unless it's for adventuring hardware to be honest."

Damita Stark has posed:
     Damita watches them check out. She hangs out at the door, arms crossed underneath her chest as she watches Janine pay. This answers a lot of things and confuses way more. Then, finally, she responds to Ira, a cryptic enough answer for anyone but the group as a whole here.

     "I didn't like getting pulled into one, is all." She finally responds, calmly.

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
    A number of different reactions flash through Ira as Damita says this. Surprise. Rage. Irritation. Maybe even a little despair? But this is all capped off as she smiles, laughing uproarously. "Oh yeah." claps her free hand on Damita's shoulder and squeezes. "That introspection stuff sure is rough, isn't it? You might just waste away and DIE if you stared too deeply! Ha ha ha!"

    Ira's big meaty paw slips away. "Maybe you should grab some eggnog and relax."

Kazimir Volkov (920) has posed:
"Smells better than a lot of places." Kaz responds to Finna. "Workplace does not have, how you say, 'morning fresh' smell." He lets Finna follow around and spy on Gudako. It's none of his business, and she seems like she can handle it. He also doesn't seem to particularly react to Damita' oblique comments, but he does nod. "You should come check out our place sometime." He replies to Damita. "Has a nice mirror. Probably will not fall in." He nods to Hoshi, of course, and comments, "Make sure to leave windows open when using bleach. Vapors are terrible."

At that point Janine ushes them throug hthe checkouts and she pays. Kaz doesn't seem to care.

Reflexively, he opens his watch again, checking the time. Click. Click. "Going to be behind schedule." He mutters.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Needless to say, all those shopping results in a lot of bags to carry. Janine does not offer to help. This, at least, is somewhat understandable.

    She looks to Damita and Ira and rolls her eyes. "You two are not Cold War spies, stop with the code talking. She probably did what we think she did." To Damita, she adds, "We're probably going back to... 'our place' now, if you want to tag along."

    She glances at Kaz before looking around. With a slight smirk, she nabs one of the shopping carts. "Put the heavy stuff in here. We'll take it with us."

Damita Stark has posed:
     "I don't really like eggnog, but if you insist." Damita remarks, that sort of surprising meek obedience leaking through. She finally rolls her eyes at Janine as she waits in the doorway, before pitching her voice just high enough for the group to hear, a touch waspish, "I'm going to feel glass in my palms for weeks from the bloody chase!"

     Oh, yes, /now/ they're going to think you're insane.

Finna (513) has posed:
    "Something kinda like it!" Finna clarifies for Kotone. "This is much bigger!" She is, in fact, rather mystified by the stores. The idea of having THIS MUCH OF ANYTHING just AVAILABLE... ever since rummaging through the Multiverse this has just not ceased amazing her. That any place would have so much FOOD simply AVAILABLE...

    And it LASTS for MONTHS without getting too yucky...

    WITHOUT a lot of hassle?!

    "You've not smelled Icehome on a bad day. Leatherworking, fishery stuff, all kinds of little industries that make nasty smells.... yeeeeeugh."

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
    Ira is in for further shock as Janine actually invites this girl along. She smoothes her reaction through that one too. "Sounds like someone isn't getting into the holiday cheer." Ira taunts a little, half-turniing away. She doesn't put her own bag in the cart that Janine grabs, suggesting that she probably really /did/ buy people gifts. Strange since she never really seems to have enough cash on her for herself, nevermind other people.

    She snickers at Damita as she keeps talking but doesn't needle her further. "We done here yet?"

Hoshi Amakasu (901) has posed:
    Eventually, Hoshi returned from wandering around the mall, carrying the various products that she'd said she would get. That being said... it seems she's carrying a couple of extra bags that she'd purchased herself. One of them is a jewelry store bag, and anyone that brings it up only gets a fierce stare and silence from her until she finally looks away.

    "Sorry that took me awhile," she says when she makes her way to the line. Damita gets an uncertain look and a nod while Hoshi steps down her items on the register. She's about to pull out her card, only for Janine to get in the way. At first the kendo girl huffs irritably, but there's not much they can do about it. "Do we have everything that we need?"

Janine Liberi has posed:
    "Joke's on you, I never had any. Hard to be cheerful when your bones hurt," Janine shoots back at Ira. Indeed, she does seem to be clenching her bandaged fingers a little to work out the kinks.

    She stares long at the bags of groceries... and reaches into one, pulling out a chocolate bar and ripping it open with her teeth. Chewing on a mouthful, she then nods. "Weh dom 'ere," is muttered around a mouthful of nougat and caramel. Pushing that pilfered trolley with one hand, she leads the way out of the mall!

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa says "Mass production I guess, we kept finding ways to feed more and more people on my world."

She's busy getting things that are not tuna and gold fish crackers. She also gives Finna a look.

"Leatherworkings more of an artform than something for mass production these days but I could get how the smells I was born in costal town there some people sitll fished commerically."