4962/A New Year Comes ft Inga and Harry

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A New Year Comes ft Inga and Harry
Date of Scene: 01 January 2017
Location: Dun Realtai
Synopsis: Harry, Inga, and Arthur ring in the New Year with the villagers of the Dun
Cast of Characters: 206, Inga, 1048

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Let it never be said that Harry Dresden doesn't know how to party. Even now that he's technically a cop, that doesn't mean he's going to shove his staff entirely up his backside.

    Thus, the rather festive noise and decorations outside of Harry's office and home in the Village. Someone's gone and done up some slow cooker beef, gotten veggies, amassed beer and beverages, and pulled his couch out into the street along with some big old torches. A bonfire burns bright in the nearby town square. It is... a time of new beginnings, after all.

    Also, it's a chance to have another party in like two weeks and everyone loves parties.

    For his part, Harry is relaxing on the couch, trying to wrangle a group of youngsters who are poaching more sweets from the buffet region. "Oy! One a piece, that's the rule! Save some for everyone, you little soundrels!"

Inga has posed:
The villagers seem more than happy to participate in a party, even if it is out of doors in winter. The bonfire keeps things toasty and hot mulled wine is in good supply. Inga herself has a cup in hand, talking to one of the villagers--an obviously pregnant young woman that looks like she is due any day now. Inga hands her a generous piece of apple pie. "Now find a seat hmm? Your time will come soon. Don't worry, I will be nearby," she says with a reassuring smile, putting a hand on the girl's shoulder for a moment before she takes up her walking stick and wanders back toward Harry, looking a little silly sitting on a couch, outside. Inga takes a mental picture, chuckling to herself.

Inga is dressed festively in a green velvet dress with a fairly full skirt, about a thousand years ahead of the fashion she wore in her time, yet still incredibly old fashioned to the modern eye. Her hair is braided only in the front, pinned to look like a headband, the rest left loose. A more girlish style for the wisewoman. "You sound like an old man Harry, let them eat," she teases. "It'll be a long winter ahead."

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry grumps as he looks over at the bonfire... It's still not big enough for his tastes, but well, he's under orders not to burn the village down.

    The wizard flops into the couch next to his mate, and wraps an arm around her shoulders. "Look at you, bein' all motherly. Well. Matronly?" There's been a bit of mulled wine through Harry already, and the Wizard is feeling it. He is pleasant, despite the grumping to keep up appearances. "Mmmmh. Nice to see, really. These people, they deserve all of this."

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
There's a boy wearing a t-shirt saying 'I pulled a sword out of a stone and all I got was this lame t-shirt' and a pair of jeans that strolls in, holding in his hand a mug full of what seems to be some kind of alcohol. He's obviously too young to drink by most standards, but the blonde kid doesn't seem to care, and he grabs some of the sweets on display and takes a bite out of them, washing it down with the alcohol. "Hey wisewoman, how do you like my new wardrobe?" He asks on the approach towards Inga.

Inga has posed:
Inga turns upon hearing Arthur, smiling in greeting. She tilts her head slightly at his outfit. "Aren't you cold?" she asks.

No, she can't read the shirt. The joke is lost to illiteracy.

The drink he's holding doesn't get a look either. He's old enough to fight, he's old enough to drink. Drinking age, pah! Modern silliness!

Inga leans against Harry, giving him a look when he calls her matronly. "I am not /matronly/" she hmmphs.

Back to Arthur. "Are you enjoying the party?" she asks.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    The wizard blinks a bit as the young man approaches, and then bows a bit on the couch. "You must be the new Wart." A grin from Harry, before he stands up, and proper bows. "Harry Dresden. Nice to mee you, Arthur."
    Another moment though, as inga grumps at him. He slides that arm back around her, and kisses her temple. "Well when we get not old together, we can discuss that."

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
"I'd introduce myself, mister Dresden, but it seems you already know who I am. Nice to meet you, sir." He takes a seat and downs another gulp of that strange liquid, it looks kind of like mead but there's something off about it. "This stuff keeps me warm, an old friend of mine came around and handed it to me. You might know the type, old, likes to speak in riddles, never to be found unless he wants to show up, allegedly has ultimate magical power." He takes another gulp, "He claims he stole this from the Gods themselves."

Inga has posed:
Inga frowns slightly. Get old together? He knows that will not happen...

Luckily, Arthur is there to distract.

Inga reaches for Arthur's cup, raising a brow. "Mead?" she asks. Wonder what mischievious being would do such a thing...

"New Wart?" she asks Harry, brow rising. What in the nine worlds is he talking about?

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    "Oh uh, in a number of the stories..." Harry suppresses a burp. "Hmmm, Merlin's young ward was a young boy by the name of Wart." Actually that's just that cartoon version he watched once, but that's besides the point. Besides, Merlins are notorious assholes.

    "And mead is the nectar of the gods, yeah. Don't confuse that with ambrosia or whatever, that's not where it's at." He puffs up, and smooches Inga's hair quietly.

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
"Never met any guy called Wart, I should ask next time I see him." Arthur shrugs and takes another sip, "Merlin claims this stuff will make me healthier and stronger. It sure helps me keep warm so I can wear this shirt for its silly joke." He eats another one of the sweets he grabbed, "So the two of you are an item, huh? Engaged or married?" It doesn't even seem to cross his mind that there might be no intent to marry.

Inga has posed:
Inga smirks slightly. Harry isn't a fan of the Merlin they know, probably because he's an intolerable flirt to Inga--and well, every other female and maybe some of the pretty men.

Inga smiles and takes Harry's hand, intertwining her fingers with his comfortably, justing holding his hand for the pleasure of it. "The mead of inspiration. In the stories of my people, it is the mead of inspiration that inspires the tongues of all skalds," Inga explains, holding up her cup in a toast to the gods before she takes a sip. It's rather difficult for Inga to get drunk. She could probably drink mead all day.

"I ah...what does it say?" she asks in regards to the shirt. Also, she wants a sip of that drink.

Then Arthur has to go and say /that/. Harry's probably going to choke. Shes probably going to let him.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    A blink at the shirt, and Harry leans over to Inga. "It's making fun of him pulling the Sword from the Stone." A sage nod, before Harry sits up straighter. "I've got a friend who wields the Excalibur from my world. He's a very Good Man." And Inga's met Mr. Carpenter, so she'd know. Even if he's Catholic.

    Though that last question... doesn't get a choke from Harry. He instead slides the hand around Inga's shoulder to her cheek, lifts her chin, and kisses her.
    But, uh, not like a chaste little peck. It's a very much honest to goodness /kiss/.

    There's your answer, Arthur.

Inga has posed:
"Ooh," she replies to the explaination of the shirt. Really, she should resume her reading lessons. Everyone is so busy though, and while Harry is around they generally just get...distracted.

As Harry then demonstrates. Inga blinks, then sighs through her nose, giving in to it and returning the kiss. Inga isn't one to be embarrassed by public displays of affection.

She's pleased with this answer.

When she pulls back her cheeks are flushed. She laughs and slaps Harry playfully. "You're drunk," she informs him, then looks to Arthur--to see if he's even still there.

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
Arthur laughs at that answer, "Married, then. Don't you hurt her, Dresden, she's a good woman and I'd hate to lop your head off." Though he's in good spirits, there's an edge at the last, an edge Dresden may very well recognize from mister Carpenter. Arthur means that threat one hundred percent, even though he's not letting it affect his cheerful tone. "I try to be a good king, don't know if that makes me a good man."

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry huffs through his nose, and then hands hook at Inga's hips to slide her astride his lap side-saddle. "Mmmmrfh. I'd rather that happen if I did." A smile, and a wobble of Harry's eyes at Inga's swat. "I'm not drunk, you're drunk."

    There may or may not be a pinch somewhere on Inga for good measure, before the Wizard smiles at Arthur. "How are you settling in, after the Multiverse burped?"

Inga has posed:
"As good as," she laughs, looking sidelong to Harry with a grin.

Arthur's profession earns him a curious quirk of her brow. She's a good woman? He's worried about him hurting /her/? Must be the chivalry talking. Inga can't help but laugh lightly, though she's touched by the protectiveness. "I do not think you need to worry about that," she says. She'd flatten him herself if he hurts her :|

Inga lets out a small 'eep!' as she's pinched, then glares at Harry. There will be payback for that late. She rests her arm around his shoulders and takes another sip of her drink. "Burped? That was more of a vomit...or...well, honestly this metaphor is going nowhere. Insufficient. I wonder with Eithne is..." she says, then pins Arthur with her gaze. Speaking of Eithne... "I do hope you will respect Eithne in further interactions with her Arthur," she says. Oh yes, she heard all about it. Inga is quite protective of Eithne. Motherly, indeed.

Young Arthur (1048) has posed:
"I was just trying to test how she'd respond to unorthodox tactics." Arthur immediately defends himself concerning Eithne, then he buries his face in his mead. When he's done taking that sip and somewhat recovered, "I'm doing well, I've joined forces with miss Priscilla because I believe that the best way to serve my people is to reunite Britain swiftly. To do so, I believe the Concord is most suited to assist me."

Inga has posed:
Inga nods. "Mmmhmm.. Well, I know she is capable of defending herself," she says.

But just in case, Inga is teaching her all about poison!

"Aah..I see. Give Priscilla my regards if you do see her," she says. She has nothing of joining up with anyone.

"OHH!" comes a distressed call from the very pregnant woman Inga had been talking with earlier. Inga straightens and looks over. "Oh...well, it's going to be a long night it seems," she says, then leans in to kiss Harry before she goes off to assist with a birth on the new year.

Harry Dresden (206) has posed:
    Harry grins a bit... and then has to relinquish his lapInga as the TIME HAS COME and so is a baby. Welcome in the New Year indeed.

    And so, Harry nods Arthur to the empty spot on that couch, and settles in for a long night of fire keeping.