5197/P:WtWM - Sasha Returns

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P:WtWM - Sasha Returns
Date of Scene: 13 April 2017
Location: Alberichstadt <P:WTWM>
Synopsis: Ira and Sanary return to the den of the Wildekinder to attempt to lure them into their scheme against Janine.
Cast of Characters: Janine Liberi, 915, Sanary Rondel

Janine Liberi has posed:
    The old warehouse district of Alberichstadt is as lively as ever. Which is to say, not very, save for one building. The local hangout for the Wildekinder has some loud bass thumping, loud enough that it is audible, even from outside. The building is as derelict as ever, with fresher graffiti covering the stuff from the previous visits. There is more broken bottles, cigarette butts and even more blood staining the ground too. Obviously up to their usual rambunctiousness still.

    Now, the trouble with all this... thanks to a certain William Pauwel, the last meeting went south. There is a very strong chance that everyone will be stonewalled the moment they walk in. Simply throwing their muscle around may not work well either, as Sasha has a Persona of her own, and that might make word spread to the ears of Die Reisende. This will no doubt cause uncomfortable questions.

    From Janine's actions in the previous encounter, they know there is a back door that was unlocked last time, if they want to employ a bit of subterfuge. How do they do this?

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
That last meeting went super south. Idiots.

    Since then, Ira had been extremely scarce. She hasn't spoken very much to the Die Reisende. She hadn't been involved in any missions. Not even the Black Court had heard much of her. So because of that, she can't just roll in the front door and try to make frenemies with Sasha. Instead, she elects to slip in the back way so she can meet less resistance.

    To anyone that's come with her, she's made it extremly clear that she would wreck anyone who messed this up a second time.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Without having to worry about maintaining appearances around Die Reisende, Sanary's actually looking much more composed and focused today. Opting to follow Ira in the back way, the healer's actually keeping some distance from the Persona user, both to act as her eyes from behind and to let her take the lead in trying to sneak in undetected.

     Also because Sanary is pretty awful at sneaking. She's dressed in a dark suit and tie, at least, so she can even look more like someone that's come for business rather than just tagging along!

     <<"How's it looking, Ira? Are we clear to move?">>

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
<<"Looks like we're clear.">> Ira's quick to answer, keeping herself alert as she watches the corners of the building as she lingers by the door, then quietly slips inside. She moves extremely silently despite her size. It's as if she's had practice doing illicit things!

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Slipping into the back, they find themselves in some kind of makeshift locker room. They're cut off from the main floor visually, but the source of the noise is immediately apparent. A party is happening, with subwoofers (likely obtained illicitly) letting off some pounding beats.

    Looking around the corner, things are quite obviously popping off. Liquor is being consumed before the glass bottles are hurled against the nearest wall. And judging from the acrid smoke that hangs in the other, other kinds of drugs are being consumed. Honestly, as things stand right now, the two could probably blend in pretty easily. Few are in a state to recognize them.

    Alternatively, they could crash the party. The plug for the speaker systems is right there... all it would take is a yank of the cord. But that would likely draw significant ire...

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
This was fortunate, though Ira's instinct is to cringe as she hears and /feels/ the loud music from the party out in the rest of the warehouse. Antisocial as she was, parties didn't interest her in the least bit. They stank of people. Of /idiocy/. Of weaknness. She motions for Sanary to follow her into the party, ignoring the speaker system. She does know she could blend in easily with this crowd and with her wits about her, she could swiftly deal with anyone that recognizes them.

    Stalking through the party, Ira looks for the familiar face of Sasha, swiftly divesting some drunk kid of their beer as they walk by, consuming it herself.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
The good thing about Sanary following Ira from so far away is that she can just follow the same path without worrying about tripping over things on the way. She pauses outside the back door to make sure they're not being followed before heading in and shutting the door behind her.

     <<"Sounds like they're having fun in there... Smells weird, though.">> Sanary wrinkles her nose a bit while following Ira more closely, pausing to peer at the speaker plug. The temptation to figure out what it's for is certainly there, but she behaves!

     <<"Looks clear so far. Hmm... Don't recognize this area, though.">> Even if she's somewhat close by, Sanary's still making sure to speak through the radio just so she can keep whispering instead of risking being heard or seen talking right next to Ira. As she walks, though, she'll keep an eye out for a cup, a piece of food, anything she can grab to look a little more like a party-goer and less like someone sneaking around.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    As the pair wade through the bodies of pubescent punks, nothing happens. As in, no one even gives them a second look, too caught-up in their partying to recognize the two. A couple of clumsy break-out brawls have to be dodged also. Lucky, unattended food and drink is rampant, as it looks like everyone is doing what Sanary tries to do. See, she's already blending in!

    Sasha has a seat in the pride of place in the warehouse. It's slightly elevated, giving her an overview of the whole place. She's sipping at a glass of clear liquid... water, or vodka. She peers around the crowd now and again, occasionally bellowing at someone to egg them on in a fight or calling them sour things as the intoxicants finally catch up with them. Constantly panning the crowd means she might see the pair eventually, and she seems sober enough to recognize them! What to do...?

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
It doesn't take very long for Ira to spot the leader of the pack. She holds up a hand, stopping Sanary next to her. "Alright." she tells the mage, "We need to pass her the info and convince her to go make Janine's life hell. Not necessarily in that order. I'm going to make something up...like...Janine put me up to that stuff last time. It was her idea and I owed her for something. Now that she doesn't have anything holding over me, then I'm free to do what whatever. Anyway...I'll approach her after you. You...just bring her a drink, chat her up. Get her friendly for me, Sanary, and then I'll come in."

    She nods. "Do you understand?"

Sanary Rondel has posed:
The temptations grow stronger. Nudging a plug was one thing, but eating free food? Sanary's actually sweating a bit. Still, Ira's counting on her, and the healer refrains from actually consuming any of her ill-gained food and drink. She doesn't know what might be in that stuff, anyway.

     Coming to a stop by Ira, she listens closely and nods after a few moments. "Sounds like a plan. Besides, we're not the ones that shot anyone, so maybe that'll help?"

     The thought of chatting Sasha up ahead of time, though... She hesitates, then nods again. "Will do. Hell, if things go real bad? Just punch me in the face and tell her you overheard me trying to work with Janine or something." The logic might not all be there, but she still gives Ira a reassuring grin before starting towards Sasha with a drink in one hand and a (probably) edible thing in the other.

     "Wish me luck."

Janine Liberi has posed:
    The plan is set, and put into motion. Sanary approaches Sasha with a drink and some food. The gang leader turns to look at her... her eyes narrow. "Hey." In a flash, her hand comes up to try and swat the drink right out of the girl's hand! "I remember you... you were with Ira!"

    The music is still thumping, but everyone has gone dead silent now. All eyes are on the raised chair, Sanary, and Sasha. "You should have gone to the dentist if you needed some teeth extracted. But I'll be happy to oblige, bitch." She's cracking her knuckles now... oh dear.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
The drink goes flying fairly easily with Sanary not making any movement to stop it, although she does glance at the plate of foodstuff she's still holding. Maybe there's hope yet! She sighs lightly, then nods with a slightly stone-faced expression.

     Only slightly.

     "Yeah, I was. Look, we got off on the wrong foot last time.... Mostly because of certain other dumbasses that ain't around here now." There's a minor twinge of guilt at throwing William under the bus like that, but... The mission! "And I'm not here with any of 'em. Just want to make up for it." She speaks calmly, although there's the beginning of a small grin forming on her face.

     "I mean, if you really wanna go a few rounds just to let off some steam? That's fine, too. But yeah, what say we put that shit behind us?" She holds out the plate of food, although her stance is a little more prepared to actually move in case she's about to get clobbered by Sasha in front of her.

     Ira, though? She's got a clear shot at the healer if she needs it.

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
Sanary feels her bond with Ira growing closer when she throws William under the bus.

    Tower Arcana +1!

    Meanwhile, Ira sneaks in closer, keeping out of line of sight of Sasha but edging nearer and nearer to that 'throne' of hers. With all the focus on Sanary, it may be too late once Sasha realizes she's within arm's reach. But she doesn't intervene yet, curious to see if Sanary can convince Sasha to not immediately rearrange her face.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Sascha (yes that was always her name and it was spelled like that all along shut up) glowers at Sanary, considering the offered food. "So you come crawling back and think throwing your friend under the bus will make me play nice?" She offers a side-look to her gang, with a 'Get-a-load of this girl' look on her face. But then... she takes the food.

    And then drops it on her shoe.

    "I think your crawling needs some work. Get down and eat it, and then maybe we'll talk." This draws plenty of jeers and laughter from the audience! Is Sanary's pride worth the chance at some dialogue?

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Success! Sasha's going to eat Sanary's food, and the healer grins a little more. "'Friend'? That'd mean I know what his name is."

     So far, so good. Everything looks like it's coming up Sanary when Sasha drops the bomb. Or the food, in this case, and then the figurative bomb of words. Word bombs.

     This is where it gets a little tricky for her. On one hand, she could play along and appease Sasha for the opportunity to butter her up for Ira. On the other hand, the entire setup is just degrading!

     And not even in the fun way. Sanary grin turns into a frown, and she adjusts her tie while staring down Sasha (who might actually be taller than her). "... You know what? Piss off. I didn't come here to kiss anyone's ass. If you want that, I bet there's plenty of people around here for it." She spits out, pausing for a moment before grunting lightly. It might look like she's just shifting around, or it might look like she's tensing up for no apparently reason.

     Bracing for a hit, even.

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
Ira smirks a little. Nice. Ira can appreciate a little spine. Sascha's not likely to be amused. Time for her to intervene then. Moving swiftly, she reaches out with one hand to grab Sascha by the hair, gripping a fistful of the locks. The second hand reaches out and tries to cram a crumpled piece of paper into Sascha's mouth.

    She's written the details about Janine's house and party on that paper.

    "We don't want you playing nice. We want you playing dirty against the bitch that set us up for that nonsense last time." Ira hisses. "That bitch Janine. You want to do something about it? Look at that paper." She'll let go shortly afterwards.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Boy does all that jeering go silent when Sanary refuses.

    Sascha glowers, eyes twitching. She pulls back her fist, ready to lash out when Ira grabs her by the hair. Shock and outrage actually drowns out the thumping beats as the gangsters protest. But, as is the case when you get a bunch like this together, none actually step forward. They all egg on the atmosphere, waiting for someone to take the first step.

    Sascha, for her part, does her best to talk coherently around the paper. "Hahnine Ehberi?!" she manages to mumble around the paper, before pulling it from her mouth. "MacNally, you got three fucking seconds to explain yourself before I sic my dogs on you!"

    The crowd goes into a chant of angry barking. A pack that howls together, stays together it seems.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
That didn't go quite as expected. Instead of getting an Ira to the face, it was Sasha that got Ira instead and Sanary that... Saw it happen! She blinks slowly a few times, but does take note of the gangsters' lack of doing-anything while Sasha tries to sort out what had just happened.

     Of course, Sanary's not going to just let that opportunity to shoot down the possibility of having to fight off the entire gang go to waste. "Yeah, your dogs. The ones that ain't gonna do shit? Where's that big guy from last time?" The healer scoffs lightly while looking towards the gangsters themselves, scanning the crowd for a certain familiar face.

     "At least he could actually hit worth a damn."

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
"You heard me. All that nonsense last time? All me just bringing people in? Hoping to join? And that one guy fucking up? Yeah. Janine's fault. She stuck that guy and a bunch of the others with us. She would have narcced this place out too if she had her whole way." Ira rumbles, taking a step back. She motions for Sanary to come her way. If they had to go back to back to fight each other out of this party, she'd gladly do so.

    "Check the paper. I'm trying to help you out, especially if you want some kind of revenge."

Janine Liberi has posed:
    If it's possible to aggressively read a piece of paper, Sascha accomplishes it. Listening to MacNally, she frowns and says, "Why? Even when I was at Alberichstadt, I never even interacted with that snooty Italian bitch. What's her aim? Unless you're bullshitting me..."

    Meanwhile, the crowd jeers at Sanary! The big guy from before saunters up to the front, pounding his fist into an open palm. "You want round two, you cow? Let's do this!" But he makes no move of his own. Sascha keeps her crew in line, it seems.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
"... A cow. Really? That's it?" Sanary narrows her eye at the big guy, steping right up to him and stroking her chin slowly. "That's almost as bad as mine. Could go for a burger, though..." She continues with a somewhat dismissive tone, eventually shaking her head with a tired sigh and heading over to where Ira's standing. "Meh. It just wouldn't be the same as the first time..."

     Upon reaching Ira, though, she turns abruptly to point at the big guy with a sudden fire in her eyes and the vague smell of hotdog on her hand. "Get stronger first, and then we'll talk. Got it?!"

     A beat, and then she turns towards Sascha and Ira. "Nah, she's just got a stick up her ass. Just needs a little breaking from someone who doesn't owe her... Ass. Wait." Where was she going with that again?

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
"The hell I know why that snot has it out for you. It's probably because of her money. She's got all this money and we've got /nothin'/ so it makes it okay for her to push 'lessers' like us around. She's just like any of those other rich, stuck-up pricks at Alberichstadt." Ira spits. "She thinks she can boss /me/ around well enough. Well she's wrong and here we are."

    Ira snorts. "Why would I bullshit you? We've got a lot in common, you and I. You've known that for a real long time."

    She makes a motion for Sanary. The sort of 'we're gonna need a quick getaway for this if this goes south' motion. Somehow a single head gesture can convey this. Yes.

Janine Liberi has posed:
    Sascha looks from Ira to the paper back to Ira again. She's chewing on the inside of her cheek as she mulls all this over. "She does look a lot more bitchy since she became a useless cripple from what I've seen of her around town," she eventually concedes. Crumpling the paper, she shoves it into her jean pocket before glowering at the Irish girl.

    "I don't know what your fucking game is MacNally. But let me be clear; if this bitch is trying to fuck with us, we're not gonna stand for it. And if you're setting us up for something? Well... we're here to mess up those posh Alberichstadt kids anyway. But after we're done with her? We're coming for you, and you won't see us until it's too late."

    She spits at Ira's feet, and then goes to shove Sanary off the raised area. "Now both of you get the fuck out, you're harshing our buzz." The crowd parts to let them all out the door. The front one this time.

Sanary Rondel has posed:
Somehow, Sanary gets the message, and she starts pacing around slowly while looking all nonchalant-like. She's definitely not seeking out the scrawniest looking people to plow through on the way back from where her and Ira came from or anything! Luckily, that doesn't seem necessary when Sascha actually takes the info and shows a willingness not to let this escalate into unnecessary violence.

     What a shame.

     "Tch. Yeah, yeah, we're going. Smells like piss here, anyway." She gestures vaguely at Sascha with her head in a sort of 'I'm talking about you it's you that smells' way, then heads for... THE DOOR.

Ira MacNally (915) has posed:
That was enough of a seed, Ira figures. Sascha was proving difficult to use as a pawn. Though that could easily be chalked up to the personalities they chose to submit to the process. It did take a certain level of cunning to get through the Mirror Forest and come out with a persona.

    Still. This treatment only enraged her more. Sascha deserved what was coming. So did Janine. So did all of Die Reisende.

    "Sure. If you're not satisfied, feel free to come for me. You know where to find me." She won't acknowledge the spit and turns her back on Sascha, giving Sanary one of those nods. They'll both head for the front door.