6018/Operation Dogged Pursuit

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Operation Dogged Pursuit
Date of Scene: 26 August 2018
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: A massive signature is detected heading straight for a coastal town. A group of Elites muster to infiltrate and either stop, or divert the fortress.
Cast of Characters: Shigure, 6381, Lexicon, Kotone Yamakawa, 6384, Leyanne Mace

Shigure has posed:
    Three hours ago.

    "Hey Jerry... I think you should come see this." calls one man to another on the oceanography vessel's bridge, where many monitors show sonographic displays of the ocean floor, returns from fish and other sea creatures and a large topographical map of the local sector.
    Jerry wanders over. "What's up Mac?" he asks, but the screen answers the question. A giant return, filling the entire display from west to east, moving faster than the returns can update it. "What in the 'verse...?"

    The ship begins to lean dangerously as the mass of the submerged object pushes the water upward like a blister, surface tension holding it for a moment, before it splits and sends a dangerous wash over the ship. Mac staggers to the intercom. "ALL HANDS. ABANDON SHI--." The wash strikes the oceanographer, and she is lost beneath the waves. The blister of water proceeds, rising up until a single spike emerges from beneath, breaking the tension completely and causing a tummult to cascade down the knobbled hull of a moving island of metal, madness, bone and teeth.


    Shigure, Yuudachi and Kuma keep pace with the semi-submerged thing, Yamashiro having to break off due to her engine being taxed past the redline for too long trying to keep up. The mobile fortress is slowly breaching the surface, looming ever higher out of the water and leaving a dangerous wake behind it. The surface bristles with massive cannons, barbette mounts of AA guns, and jabbering horrormouths with torpedoes for teeth. An Abyssal Base... but moving. The upper hull decorated with the mangled hulls of ships, welded, wedged or melded by abyssal flesh to the frame. It's a horrifying sight, but one that the black-haired Destroyer is determined to face head-on.

Nova Terra (6381) has posed:
    A white trail can be seen streaking through the sky. Those with zoom and enhance technology can make out the black starship at its head, still travelling at quite a speed as it finishes its entry into the atmosphere. And it's coming closer. Soon enough details of the ship become more clear as it begins to enter the operational zone over the ocean. Its large wings fold out as it approaches its cruising speed within the atmosphere. It settles into a flight path just above the water's surface, kicking up a spray as it heads towards the threatening mobile base in the distance.

    On the rear of the approaching ship a cargo bay door slides open. Inside the bay, Nova is already sitting in the seat of a Vulture bike. As the door opens and wind kicks up around her, she lowers her visor down over her eyes and leans forward to grip the controls. Pushing the throttle forward, the large rockets on the rear of the hoverbike grow hotter and the craft blasts out of the bay. It soars for a moment, before beginning to fall. The bike arrests its movement shortly before hitting the water, anti-grav kicking up a constant ripple beneath it. Nova spins the bike around to face in the direction of that rising spike in the distance, before pushing the throttle forward again and starting to rocket towards it to catch up.

    Having delivered its cargo, the starship pulls up, rising into the air once more to take up a safer observational distance.

Lexicon has posed:
    Upon hearing something big and unwanted was closing on the city of San Losha, Lexicon departed the System to see it for herself. Not only is it a situation she thinks her abilities will be useful in protecting the defenseless, but something this ludicrously large and dangerous is bound to be a great inspiration.

    Thus, a white-clad DCC stands on the deck of a charter boat, peering through binoculars as the mass surfaces. She makes a face, voicing a quiet 'Gross' under her breath. The spyglasses are lowered, flickering out into her inventory and replaced by a gem-topped staff. Fangs on this staff spread open around the crystal, which begins glowing.

    "I already paid for the trip, so just get to somewhere safe. We'll handle this," she informs the captain before she places her foot on the gunwale and hurls herself over the side. Mid-leap, she transforms, square-shaped glowing wings spreading behind her and carrying her aloft, Resource Relay trailing light as she ascends towards the construct.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone had made for the Naval base had kitted up and had launched she was suited up with her Carrier kit and had a bow ready, she'd also already drawn an arrow and let fly a scout plane to head ahead of herself to better. Hearing Orchid could get them additional intel was very welcome as she keeps to the water and honestly this was the best way for her to operate at sea. She skates across the waves heading to the location that has been indicated. She's become aware others are also deploying she's very glad she's not alone. With her loadout on the water, she's in a more supporting role than she normally is.

THE scout she's launched flies off ahead of her making for the last known sighting of the target. She took a deep breath and kept going.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     There are a number of reasons to not make 'mobile fortresses' this large. Among these reasons are things such as how expensive they are to move, how much they concentrate your power into a single, indivisible unit, limiting flexibility, and the general diminishing returns between size, cost, and combat power. Another reason is that their large size, giving them a local inertial reference frame, makes them easy to teleport onto. Of course, that doesn't make the math simple. Orchid is still running the numbers, and is currently in a long-range scout plane. She's got a backup plan if that won't work, but it doesn't make sense for her to be the first to set foot on the thing.

Shigure has posed:
    As the others gather, Shigure signals for a gathering, an impromptu briefing. "We have about five hours before this thing hits the town. The locals are beginning evacuation procedures, but we need to buy them some time. Our first obstacle is getting inside. Kuma's spotters have noted a few hatches spotting the outer hull, we could try to blow one of them open to get inside, but getting close will be perilous regardless of surface or aerial approach, that thing is bristling with weaponry." she says, skating along to keep pace with the hulking thing in the distance.

    As if to punctuate Shigure's statement, the entire upper hull that's above water flares to terrible life, the barbette mounted AA guns, and the smaller nests dotting the superstructure spray a terrible fusilade into the air, swatting Kotone's scout out of the sky before it can even evade. "Our best chance might be to distract the defenses with my unit, while the rest of your approach and make your way inside."

    Orchid's scans show many entrance points, but can't pierce too far into the hull, something seems to be scrambling the returns, showing a different layout of corridors and rooms each time a pulse comes back.

Lexicon has posed:
    Coming to a stop near Shigure, within earshot of the briefing, Lexicon fixates crimson eyes on the destroyer intently. The noise of gunfire is what yanks her attention away, observing the spotting aircraft's fate. Her grip on the relay she carries tightens, only loosening when the device creaks and reminds her that it's not actually a weapon.

    "Damn, so approach is gonna be a bitch no matter what we do..."

    Her head inclines, "We pick a target and hit it hard and fast. I don't want your unit taking unnecessary casualties just because we fucked around instead of getting where we need to go." She glances at the glowing relay in her hand, then lifts her other hand and flexes it, materializing her enormous energy-bladed axe. "I'll lead the charge. I can take a lot of punishment, and plow the road."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     The recon plane can get close enough for Orchid to come out and chat in the briefing, riding her signature rocket surfboard. "They never come to us for the easy ones," Orchid says, studying what images she's getting from a distance. "How do we stop something like that? Can we take out the engines, or claim the controls?" She's got some ideas for ways to sabotage that kind of thing, make it harder to operate. She also doesn't have much experience in fighting the abyssal fleet. Or any experience, to be honest. The good news is that she's sealed against shorting out the moment she takes a dip in the water.

Nova Terra (6381) has posed:
    Nova hovers along on her pointed bike, keeping up pace with Shigure as she listens to the briefing. Once the girl skating across the water (interesting tech) has finished, Nova nods in agreement, "You distract. We bust through a hatch. Works for me." As there seems to be no more to the briefing, Nova pushes the throttle again, kicking in the rear rockets as she pulls away to once more close in on the moving fortress.

    Moving into a pursuit position, Nova slows once more to maintain distance while she waits for the distraction team to make their move. Once they do, Nova leans forward and blasts off towards the floating structure. Her visor zooms in on the surface of it, letting Nova pick out one of the hatches as a target. She quickly closes the distance, aiming the Vulture's grenade launcher at the hatch and fires off several rounds of the explosives, before breaking off to try and avoid any return fire.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Well there goes her scout plane, up in a ball of fire she knows they are low on time all things consider they only have a few hours to stop this and they will need to get inside somehow that leaves her wondering just what is she going to do there? The AA fire is intense and she knows what to do. Make use of the zero's infamous agility to draw fire, she'll start launching the miniature Zeros one after another and orders them out, their orders are simple to draw the fire of the larger hostile ship to buy time for everyone else. She may also list in a bit too close her self in an attempt to draw fire.]

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure nods to everyone. "Aim for the closest hatch, break in, and find the command center. If you can divert its course we can take some more time systematically destroying it from the inside. First priority is stopping it from beaching on the city." she says as the others disperse and start making preparations to board. She looks to Yuudachi and Kuma, then over to Kotone before accelerating to a flank bell and opening fire. 12.7cm and 15.5cm shells won't do anything to the massive construct, but even as the shots bounce harmlessly off the armour, it wakes the listless behemoth and all the guns begin to track around onto the three girls peppering it. A weight of watchfulness seems to lift from everyone else as whatever malevolent intellect that governs such a vast thing tunnel visions onto the three active threats.

    Gunfire ripples from the many turrets, carving blast waves in the water from battleship-sized cannons discharging. Smaller caliber cannons stagger fire between the massive reports, displaying for all the sheer power this monster possesses.

    "We have it's attention, poi!" calls Yuudachi, dodging fire. "Kuma says you should go now, kuma!"

Nova Terra (6381) has posed:
    Nova darts and swerves around as the cannons rip up the water around her. One of the larger sized rounds impacts the water's surface just a few metres away, kicking up a big splash that sprays Nova. She wipes the water off the optics of her visor, muttering to herself, "Don't get hit. Don't get hit."

    Nova spins her bike around, moving to make another run on the hatch she had picked out. Another few rounds of grenade fire from her Vulture are unleashed before she is forced to break off again. This time some of the smaller cannon fire finds its mark, punching a few holes through the hover bike. It begins to make some disturbing sounds as Nova quickly zigs and zags to avoid becoming an easier target, "Not sure how much more of this I can take!"

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is going to have to go in she thinks in the end as her planes are launching even as the closes more tiny Zero's take to the skies, she has some experience that could help aboard. So she puts her bow over her back, goes to top speed to make for the hulking Abyssal. She will move to make a run on a hatch she'll take fire and even a hit as she does so, it's not good she keeps moving for that hatch hopefully she should be able to get in before she's hit again and her armour is breached.

Lexicon has posed:
    The squadron takes off, Lexicon floats up. Bunching her legs up beneath and behind herself, she produces a flat plane of light marked by a pixellated circle, then hurls herself off it like a springpad. She zeroes in on the hatch singled out by Nova's grenade launcher, swinging her axe in front of herself to use the blade's flat side as a shield. Using it one-handed is awkward, but she can't exactly put her relay down like she usually does.

    What Lexicon can do is be a shield. She places herself in front of Nova's Vulture, defending the fragile hovercycle from further fire from the front. Shots strike her axe. Those that make it through slice her body, throwing off glowing fragments of damaged red code. This is fleeting, though, as she draws closer to the hull Lexicon sweeps her axe back and up, exposing herself to oncoming fire from emplacements not distracted by the Kanmusu squadron.


    The blade of her axe flashes from an icy blue to a fierce white, tracing the under-handed arc of her swing as she slams her axe into the damaged hatch at full speed. One-handed, but with all that inertia to make up for it.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne nods "Awright lads you heard her, get me close and then help the fleet man the perimeter." The mouse grins, grabbing hold of a winch cable and hopping out into the boat's wake, holding on until she's got her balance before she reels herself back behind the boat. Her off-hand makes a series of rapid gestures, guiding her crew as the PT boat roars towards the others. "Lock the exocets on that hatch if they can't get in!" Leyanne calls up. Should all else fail to get through, she's got a pair of French-made Exocet missiles to finish knocking.

As soon as the hatch is open, the PT boat pulls a violent 180-degree turn, Leyanne swinging wide on the end of her tether to get that last little kick of energy; at the right moment, she lets go of the tether and continues in a relatively straight like to the hatch, slamming into the hull with a painful-sounding thud before hauling herself up and inside. "Sorry for the latness."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid's approach is much like Nova's, but with a few differences. She rockets forward, just above the water, using the wake of the fortress for cover. Critically, she has her forcefields, one from each hand, projected up to not absorb incoming fire, but to deflect it away from herself. She's got a lot of mobility on this thing, and she figures that by getting in quick she can avoid the trouble others are having. .o(Pleaseworkpleaseworkpleasework) Explosions erupt around her, but she's moving so erratically that only one of the lighter, faster tracking, guns can hit her, and moving fast enough that only hit goes home on her shields. She's going directly for the hole Leyanne's missiles have made, and will tuck into a ball to roll that last bit in.

Shigure has posed:
    Shigure and co continue the onslaught, but are getting their position flooded with incoming fire. They're having to break formation to not get hit too often, they then disengage, pulling away to break contact once they see the others getting inside of the fortress.

    Nova's grenades manage to loosen the hatch, Lexicon's axe knocks it away more, then the Exocets slam into the damaged area, and the slab of metal comes loose, slamming into the hull a few times before vanishing under the water.

    As the group moves to enter, a disembodied feminine voice intones. "The way is lit. The path is clear. You now require only the strength to follow it."

    Within the fortress, many paths lead deeper in. None are lit and it is pitch dark. Three paths are available. One to the left, one straight ahead, and one to the right.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid's answer?


     Or rather, Orchid also has scouts she can launch, a number of spiders, like sixteen. Three go down each hallway, the other seven attempt to go through any small openings they may find in walls. Particularly, they are also looking for lines of control, of any sort. Any motors, any valves, any pumps. Orchid is thinking of mass sabotage.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne unsligns her weapon - an old friend in close quarters like this, am M2 browning. According to the scrawling on the case, this one is called 'Mamma Deuce'. She sweeps it around the immediate area, activating a flashlight on her armour. "I think we should stay in teams of two at minimum, try to find the bridge and engine room, stop it from there. If that fails, a magazine to blow it to buggery." she suggets. "It's what we used to do to Cat and Plut facilities all the time in the 19th..."

Nova Terra (6381) has posed:
    Nova swings her bike around for another run on the fortress exterior, when some more cannon fire rakes across her position. Several shots rip into the lightly armored bike, the holes beginning to spark. Nova glances back as the rear-mounted rockets begin to sputter and spit out black smoke. The bike becomes more and more unstable, beginning to drop closer and closer to the water's surface. Nova frowns, "Shit."

    Nova aims her bike towards the hatch entrance, grabbing her rifle from where it's stored on the side. She quickly stands up on the seat, struggling a little as the bike weaves and dips from the damaged thrusters. Until finally she leaps, jumping just as the bike falls out from under her. The bike hits the water, bounces a couple of times before smashing into the fortress and screeching across its armor until it's not much more than a burning wreck. Nova meanwhile soars through the air, diving into the hatch and rolling to a stop.

    Nova slowly rises to her feet once more, doing a quick once over to make sure nothing is broken. Probably a bruise or two from the impact, but she'll manage. Nova loads a round in the chamber of her rifle, turning off the safety before looking up at the others, "Alright. Time to wreak some havoc."

    Nova watches as Orchid sends her scouts down each of the three paths. A good idea. Nova too does some scouting, though less obviously as she reaches out with her mind in order to try and pick up on any other minds on board the fortress. Assuming there are any.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is being very simple she's going to go right at the huge ship? If you could call it that then leap out of the water, enage a double jump and get aboard she manages to get right into the hatch coming in for a landing and rolling ont he deck before she gets back to her feet and frees herself from some of her gear which mighgt hinder her wlaking, which vanishes into her matter maniplator. She takes to start heading deeper into the vessel she has no idea what an Abyssal might have for internal defence and part of her hopes she somehow does not find out. Yet she's very likely going to.

Lexicon has posed:
    Lexicon ditches her axe, embedded in the door, and it disappears when the exocet rockets blast the hatch open. Looping around, she dives into the opening, throwing her legs forward and sliding to a halt in a shower of sparks from her armored footwear. The glowing staff in her hand closes up, and as she dismisses it her appearance changes to a less conspicuous white-dressed brunette.

    Without a second thought, that staff is dispersed back into her inventory.

    Her eyes wander upward to the ceiling, then sidelong, "Sounds like an invitation. But come on," There's a flicker of digitized code, a bulky flashlight appearing. With a click, she turns it on, "You can't say the path is lit when it's this dark and expect to be taken seriously."

Shigure has posed:
    As the group decides what to do, the shaking of the guns firing begins to subside, and the fortress goes eeriely quiet. The open hatch, and the whine of the wind passing the breach in the hull are the only source of light and sound in this dreary place. Orchid's drones find the paths branch after a few feet, the forward appears to be a dead end. The left branches off into three other pathways, while the right side appears to be a long single corridor. Drones finding their way into nooks and crevices would find... meat. Bone and sinew, horror mouths full of teeth jabbering away at nothing, but also pump valves, wire conduits and circuit panels, all amalgamated together. Nothing seems to make much sense.

    Nova senses minds, many minds, and one more complex one from the right-hand pathway.

    The dismissal of the voice earns an eerie, girlish chuckle. "Light can mean many things, little one. Come. Soon you shall know the extent of our failings, and yours." Someone's watching the group. Some amused outside force, or the mastermind of this whole thing?

    Lexicon's and Leyanne's flashlights show dingy, rusted metal, and stark patches of white flesh. Some have growths coming from it, like formless fingers.

Nova Terra (6381) has posed:
    Nova shifts her rifle into one hand for a moment as she uses the other to tap a few commands into the controls on her wrist. The display inside her visor switches modes, helping Nova to see in the darkness using its nightvision.

    Considering their lack of information, Nova decides to go with the path that they do know leads somewhere. Probably. The right path specifically, where Nova is picking up one of the greater minds on this 'ship'. She begins to step down the passageway, cautiously checking corners and ceilings. The organic nature of the ship brings back famliar feelings of trapsing through Zerg infested buildings. It's never pleasant.

    The voice gets a brief derisive laugh from Nova, "Someone's having fun." In her head she's already connecting the voice to one of the minds she sensed.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa makes note of the voice and takes a deep breath as she moves foward with the rest of the group she'll check for any wireless signals but doubts it given the abyssal's nature. Now if it was one from her world? It be a differnet story. She preses on ahead down the light she response to the voice this time.

"Very well."

An old horror movie quote come sback to her, don't go into the light. Whelp she has little choice in the matter so ahead Kotone goes and she's also keeping alert as she can for any movment or signs of traps.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne looks around with a frown. "Fucking lovely it's watching us." She comments, taking her beret off, rolling it up, and stuffing it somewhere. She hooks her helmet off her belt and jams it on her head, leaving the faceplate up for the moment. She looks at Nova a moment. "I vote we find the minds. Could be prisoners, could be... someone in charge of this thing." She says, shining her light around to look at some of the formless growths. "Oh, that's not right." she mutter, scanning around as she follows Nova.

Like Nova, the mouse scans all surfaces - not just the walls, but the ceilings and floors too. It's a tunnel-fighter's instinct, from fighting in three dimensions - at least in her case. "Into the belly of the beast." she mutters.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     "Ewwwwww." Orchid makes a face. "I mean, the mavericks, who wanted to kill all humans, didn't have this much meat around the place." Yeah, she's got some objections to the decorations. "I mean, at least Sigma talked about an AFTER. Anyway. Forward dead-ends, right has a narrow hallway, but long, and left seems to provide the most room to maneuver." If the group splits, she'll go left, if not, she'll follow the others to the right.

     Orchid's spiders will attack the wires and circuit panels, destroying the base's nerves, rather than the muscles or blood. She wants to blind the thing, to keep their progress more hidden.

Lexicon has posed:
    "Great," Lexicon responds dryly when the voice directly answers her comment. She plays the beam of her light across the walls, eyebrows forming a straight line, "Come out here and call me little again--" She cuts herself off from the expletive. But the Silver DCC's temper is already bubbling close to the surface from that jab.

    Her head tilts as Orchid rattles off the findings of her scoutbots, and she considers the exterior layout for a moment. Eyes narrowing, she states, "Our priority is the engines. And that's probably down and near the back." She takes the right corridor, thustly, a bulky two-handed hammer appearing in her free hand as she walks, "Once we disable this junker, we can take our time with the rest of it."

Shigure has posed:
    "All in due course." comes the voice once more, before the presencen seems to diminish.

    The group venture down the right path, encountering nothing, save for a few easily evaded 'traps' of a weakened deck plate that opens into a dark chasm should someone step on it, though it's easy enough to bypass. Nova will be able to lead the group to their destination when the path splits. The path begins to gain light, a dull red comiing from the room ahead.

    "As light gains purchase. Spirits are lifted and purpose is made clear." comes the voice, distant, judging.

    The room opens up into a large command suite. Consoles, panels, buttons and dangling pull switches. At the center of which is a tall, stately looking woman, alabaster skin and gleaming yellow eyes, she turns, the hat she wears turning out to be a symbiotic creature with a huge, gaping mouth the drips a black ichor as it silently roars at the group. A Wo-class Fleet Carrier. She taps her staff on the floor, and gives a dour smile. "Ah, you are the ones Mistress told me to expect. Welcome." Her greeting is punctuated by the whine of jet turbines as they spin up, and as the hat roars again, it ejects a flight of miniature Abyssal Aircraft, that circle and start to strafe the group, using machine guns.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     "Little insects," Orchid says, dismissively as the carrier releases the aircraft. She does nothing, just watching, as they approach her.

     Her SPIDERS, on the other hand, are built much like real jumping spiders, and will be leaping into the air from her body to take down the drones, wrapping them up in silk for later examination.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
The Megamouse stands firm, ignoring the rounds the fighters even as they strike sparks from her armour and knock her back a step or two. When you're eight feet tall and more machine than mouse, an M2 Browning suddenly becomes a light machine gun, rather than the heavy weapon it is for most people. She braces herself to better resist the storm of incomig Abyssal firepower and starts to rake over the fighters with the old Ma Deuce, attempting to swat the abyssal fighters from the sky before they can do much damage...

...although of course there's no way she'll get them all. She attempts to bring down those threatening her friends first, trusting in her armour and the other anti-air specialists (and the spiders) to help her weather the storm of firepower, and thin their numbers further.

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa is careful as she keeps with the group the sounds of her footfalls echoing as she goes through this massive ship and soon she will reach the command room. She stares down the Wo-Class for a moment watching her.

"I see so what is it ..."

she hears the sounds of jet engines? Wait those fighters are not world war two jets were pretty much experimental near the end of it. Who this Wo is? She'll have no idea given how vast the multiverse is and she starts atking some hits, she'll draw her bow and let fly some of the last of her Zeros which will start to mix it up with the attacking fighters.

"So who are you?! What do you and your commander want?!"

Nova Terra (6381) has posed:
    Nova raises her rifle to aim at the somewhat disturbing looking woman (the creature on her head in particular) the moment the group enters the control room. She doesn't fire right away though, interested to see what the woman has to say for herself. That proves to be a mistake as the mini fighters are quickly launched.

    Nova abandons her firing position, quickly going into a run as the guns on the strange machines come to life. She quickly drops, skidding behind a console as bullets pepper the ground around her. Pressing her back up against the cover, Nova chuckles in response to the carrier, "Funny, I don't feel welcome."

    As Kotone attempts to question the enemy leader, Nova simply says, "Whatever they want, it's probably not good. So, we deal with them!"

    While the others are busy dealing with the fighters, Nova takes the opportunity to attack the source. She rises from behind her cover, swinging her large rifle around to rest on the edge of the console as she lines up a shot on Wo carrier. Specifically, the creature on her had that appears to be the source of the drones. A pull of the trigger sends the 25mm round flying. It's a single shot, but well aimed.

Lexicon has posed:
    "Not even facing us directly?" Lexicon mutters when the pathway taken results in someone that self-identifies as a minion. She drops her flashlight back into her digital inventory, producing that staff again. This time, she thrusts it into one of the fleshier parts of the fortress as the gemstone starts to glow, rather than carry it. She steps away from it, then, shifting her hammer to hold it in both hands.

    "It's gonna be a long-ass time wasted in here, and I'm already fed up with your bullshit." Machine gun fire from strafing attacks pecks at her, throwing off wisps of damaged code, which are soon joined by more benign silver pixels. Mid-step, she transitions from Lexicon to Silver Soul, now holding her energy-bladed axe, "I'll beat your boss' name outta you, and then use YOU to beat HER ass!"

    Kicking off, Lexicon surges right for the primary carrier, sweeping her axe back in preparation for an overhead strike, "TIME TO BEAT A MOTHERFUCKER! TODLICHE SCHLAG!"

Shigure has posed:
    Many things happen in the short span of time from engagement to now. Orchid manges to bring down several fighters, their turbines clogging with silk. They fall from the sky, thudding impotently like toy planes dropped by a child. Leyanne and Kotone manage to tie up or beat down the rest, allowing Nova and Lexicon to bring the source down.

    Nova's shot streaks out, richocheting off a tooth in that gaping maw, and vanishing inside, where smoke and soon flames begin to erupt from the open mouth. Distress showing clearly both on the woman, and on her symbiote. "Emergency teams, suppress sympathetic detonati--" she can't finish the panic induced memory, as Lexicon's axe comes crashing down atop her, neatly slicing the carrier in two.

    The entire fortress begins to tilt slightly. About four degrees of angle, and motion indicates it's beginning to turn... could that really have been it? "A trifling victory." comes that maddening voice, a smile playing in its tone. "But a victory none-the-less."

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     Orchid moves to the control console. Her spiders follow, their prizes proudly carried on their backs. "Well then, time to do what you brought me along for," she says with a bit of a smirk. She studies the controls. "And you, unless you tell us who you are, you're not really making much of an impression," she says to the voice. "Now, do we want to destroy or capture this thing?" she asks, finding the throttle and direction controls.

Lexicon has posed:
    With a grunt, Lexicon wrenches her axe from the floor, then swings it aside to cast off anything stuck to it. The axe is dispersed into pixels after this motion, and she stares down at the bisected Abyssal ship with a scowl on her face. She glances at Orchid and Nova, then turns back to recover the staff she'd discarded earlier, wrenching it loose. "I'm for wrecking this entire bridge so it can't be used anymore, but recon is more important."

    At least she's calming down a bit.

Nova Terra (6381) has posed:
    Nova watches as the strange woman is split in two. Then standing casually, with the battle over, Nova says, "Would have been nice to have someone to interrogate. Ah well." She walks up to join Orchid by the controls, trying to get a look to see if they make any sense.

    However it seems for the moment that they will be getting out before trying to go further with the destruction of the fortress. It makes some sense as taking down something this big probably won't be easy and will require more information and planning.

    So, gripping her rifle once more Nova turns and begins to head back towards where they boarded, "Try not to get left behind then. From what I've sensed, this place is not lacking in trouble."

Kotone Yamakawa has posed:
Kotone Yamakawa rise one arm to let the planes land on the carrier deck on it, with that done she'll leave Orchid to plant her bugs she's moving to get the heck out she looks Lexicon for a moment "Damn remind me to never get on your bad side Lexicon." It's intended mostly in good humour but she's going to get off the boat and back in the water herself.

Orchid (6384) has posed:
     After some radio discussions, Orchid sighs, pulling away from the control panel. More spiders crawl out of her armor, and find their ways into the walls. "Now find places to hide, and wait for my ping, okay?" she instructs them as they go. She collects the little fighter jets, intending to take at least one apart. Hopefully she'll be able to scavenge some weapon energy on the way out.

Leyanne Mace has posed:
Leyanne is about to swing down to take aim at the carrier when Lexicon and Nova take care of her. She follows, nodding in agreement with Nova and Lexicon. "We can do both. Fifty-cal trashes stuff pretty nicely, we can at least make this a pain in the arse for them to rebuild, right?" She grins, laying about the room for a few seconds with her M2's trigger held down, just randomly firing into anything that looks important while the rest of the team evacuates. For good measure, she just rakes the room over for a few seconds, once that's done, she sets off after the others.