A Little Trip (Allo)

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A Little Trip (Allo)
Date of Cutscene: 15 April 2015
Location: Reptilon
Synopsis: Teryx prepares to pay an old friend/enemy a much needed visit.
Cast of Characters: 724
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

If Allo knew what she was doing he would chew her out for it. Not necessary -stop- her, but definately chew her out for doing it, and doing it on her own besides. Though that wasn't the reason she had not told him, or any of the other Dinosaucers, were she was going.

It wasn't in Teryx's nature to be deceitful. But Allo had enough of a burden to bear already. Compared to the planet and the dinos that needed him to be a leader she was a small concern that he didn't need heaped on top of those loads, so she hadn't said a thing. Her skills as a former actress at least made it easy to appear as if going about her usual business... And honestly, tending to 'medical needs' wasn't technically far off from what she intended to do, just in a different and more presonal manner.

'Sometimes it was better to ask forgiveness after, than to not act before.' It had been said at the gathering with Union personal the other night. She remembered it coming up quite a few times on Earth too, usually from one of the Secret Scouts explaining why they acted before telling to help protect their 'friends from *way* out of town' as Ryan liked to call them.

Teryx found a rocky protrusion to perch upon briefly and give her wings a rest. This was as far as she dared go without announcing herself. Even with the truce between their factions right now, she wasn't going to press her luck with how stirred up the Tyranno camp was over Brachio's death.

But there was one Tyranno she knew would still keep a cool head, despite his callsign, through all this. One she had a certain amount of professional respect and courtesy with, as they often crossed paths both on and off the field as the two crews' natural flyers. Which is why he was the one she paged from her radio.

"Terrible Dactyl... Yes, its Teryx... Can you get me cleared to enter the Citadel please?"

Teryx paused a moment, and would probably be more amused at the exasperated sputter on the other end if the situation wasn't so serious.

"Please. I need to talk to Genghis Rex."