A Moment of Reprieve (The Kid)

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A Moment of Reprieve (The Kid)
Date of Cutscene: 05 April 2016
Location: The Bastion
Synopsis: The night that Zia joined was one of quiet revelry, one that played host to a minor event that will have major consequence.
Cast of Characters: The Kid
Tinyplot: In Case of Trouble

There's cause for good cheer on the Bastion tonight. Another survivor found may just be a drop taken from the ocean of dead made by the Calamity, but even a drop is reason enough for a celebration. Especially when Zia proves herself to be more adept a cook than the three of them combined.

The four survivors sit around a campfire, eagerly spooning their third to fourth helpings of a stew bubbling over it. "Miss Zia, I have to say, this is a delight," Rucks says as he dabs some gravy from his moustache. The Kid only makes an affirmative sound, his bowl having been tipped up to get as much of it into his mouth as possible. "It is quite delectable," Zulf adds, stirring his own contemplatively. "I noticed a hint of silouesque in this. Did you use the spices our young hero brought back?"

Zia sat there, basking in the praise. She just felt that it was nice to have other people at all. That they're so complimentary is a bonus. To Zulf, she says, "Was I not supposed to? It was just lying around." Rucks lets out a low chuckles. "We're all in this together. Gotta learn to share." Another affirmative grunt from Kid, halfway through a new bowl. "Where did you learn to cook like this Zia?" Zulf asks politely before taking in a mouthful. "My mother passed away when I was young. My father would always work late, so it was left to me to cook everything. You know, before..."

Everyone stops their meal to look away from each other. The Calamity has such an impact, it only took a word like 'before' for everyone to know what was implied. Eventually, it's Zulf who breaks the silence. "My fiancé and I would take turns cooking. I remember, she always complained that Ura cooking was too 'bite-sized,' that you could never feel entirely full. No matter how much extra I made... I think she just enjoyed winding me up." His voice is choked, but he has a small smile. The power of memories, to make you smile about the past, in spite of how painful the present is.

Kid mutters, "Ma would cook, on her good days. I remember likin' her bad days more, because I was allowed to go out and get somethin' for me. Stuff she cooked was always kinda bland. Only realized later that is was bland 'cause even her good days weren't that good. Only way she could stomach stuff." His tone dips, and he quickly shovels the rest of his bowl away before walking away from the fire.

"He'll be fine," Rucks says to reassure Zia, who stares at the Kid's retreating back with worry. She manages a little nod, and looks to Zulf. "You know a lot about the Ura then?..." The elder Ura finishes his mouthful and smiles. "I should hope so. I was a diplomat for them." Zia gasps, her eyes lighting up. "My father didn't teach me much about the Ura. He would say there was no need, that we were Caels. But he..."

She reaches into her robe and produces a book. A hidebound journal, which she offers to Zulf. "He kept this, and wrote everything in Ura language. I can't read it, but... I'd love to know what it says. Would you mind...?" Zulf offers a smile and accepts the journal, flipping it open... and his forehead crinkles in confusion. "Goodness... it certainly is in Urani, but it must be a code of some kind, because this makes no sense at all." Rucks raises an eyebrow as he puts his empty bowl down. "Need a hand? I know a little 'bout code breakin'." Zulf laughs and shakes his head. "As a matter of fact, so do I. Not to worry, I'll figure it out Zia."

The night continues, the Kid soon returning and conversation flowing. None knowing the consequence of what just transpired.