A Well Deserved Reward (Lezard Valeth)

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A Well Deserved Reward (Lezard Valeth)
Date of Cutscene: 25 February 2019
Synopsis: Lezard beats the others back to the capital through use of teleportation and sets a plan in motion that will resolve the problem of the capital. Permanently.
Thanks to: Kalia
Cast of Characters: Lezard Valeth

The sound of boots impacting the floor echoed through the halls as Lezard walked. He had a smile on his face as he left the throne room, a gem the size of a fist in his hand. He idly rolled it in his hands as he considered the events of the last hour or so...


It was a simple matter to reach the capital. Teleporting back to a place that he had been was child's play. He estimated that he did not have long before Vala arrived, and then the hounds shortly thereafter. But there was something to handle first...

"I am afraid that your sister had done something quite untoward." Lezard stated to the armored scion, Ral. "She has brought a great deal of difficulty and shame upon your father's house... and you. She attempted to kill the other outworlders with an ambush."

"DAMN IT!" Ral yelled, smashing his fist into the table and caving it in. "Of course she would. She is always the one to fly off the handle. She wouldn't listen to me, of course. I warned her against doing this. I had nothing to do with it."

Lezard nodded and smiled. "Of course. Your integrity is, of course, famed throughout the land." A blatant falsehood, of course, but what did it matter? "I came to warn you and your father of what is to come. They are going to be here soon, and they plan to destroy your home in vengeance. As ever, I wished to serve you and your house as I said before... And I offer you a way to deal with the issue... And secure your position at the same time."

Ral's expression was stony. His hands creaked in his armor as he considered the dark man before him. "I'm listening."

Lezard gestures, and with a flourish, pulls out a pair of vials. One of them blood-crimson, the other filled with a mottled mass of greenish orbs in suspension with a dark material in the core. He hands over the vile of tiny orbs first. "This is an antidote to the poison." He hands over the crimson vial at that point. "Do not confuse them, it would not go well for you. Use the poison on your sister, and present her corpse to the outworlders when they arrive. They will be disappointed, but sated knowing you have reclaimed your family's honor. You will remain intact, your home will remain, and you will be the only heir in line to the throne at that point."

A slightly larger smile, and Lezard completes the idea. "If your father happens to have an unfortunate accident at the same time, so much the better for you."

There was a moment of unease on Ral's face as he considered the offer, and then his gauntleted hands reached out and grasped the two vials, carefully picking up the poison. "I see. I will... take your counsel under advisement." He smiled, though, and his eyes gleamed with rekindled ambition in the face of the disaster this had become.

Lezard bows, and turns. "I trust you will make good use of it."

A short time later, Vala arrived back at the city, only to find Lezard waiting there at the gates. The temperamental woman, furious, lashed out at him immediately. "YOU FOOL! I AM GOING TO MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF YOU!" Her systems whirred to life as she strikes out at him...

And Lezard helds up his hands, the deadly blades on her extended arms carving lines across his face before they came to a halt while he struggles to speak. A claw was already clamping around his throat. "I am not here to attack you. As I said, I am here to offer my services, and right now you need them more than ever." He gasped...

Vala huffed, flicking her hair as she pulled back, stopping her attack and dropping Lezard. "Tell me. Now."

Lezard staggered back to his feet, gasping, and nodded as he pulled into an alcove, Vala following him. "I'm sorry. I couldn't stop him..."

"What are you even talking about, you worm?" Vala grated, having grabbed Lezard by his tunic and pulling him in.

Lezard yelped, and with shaking hands, he pulled out two vials. "Y... Your brother. He is furious with you. He forced me to provide him with poison. He's going to use it on you in order to hand you over to the outworlders so he can take the throne for himself."

Vala emitted a sound of fury as she dropped him, the mechanical arms quickly snapping the vials up from him. "That TRAITOR! I knew he was going to fold the moment his back was up against the wall. It looks like you have plenty here. Is this the antidote?" She held up the vial with the small orbs in it and nods.

Lezard nodded. "Yes. If you take it his poison will not harm you. Then you can poison him in return..."

Vala interrupted him then. "... And I will use his corpse to buy off the outworlders. Genius. Glad I thought of it."

Lezard nodded. "Of course. Is there anything else I can do for you, Milady?"

Vala scoffed. "I will call for you once I have finished securing the throne. Father is going to be so pleased!" She tilts her head up, and rushes into the capital to the palace.

Lezard smiled as she left. "Yes. He will."


The Necromancer sits back with a mug of ale, the gem still dancing in his hand as loud screams begin within the palace. He sighs, and takes a drink. "Ah, now for the well-deserved rewards of a long day's work." He says, as chaos begins to seize the capital city...